Reference Checks Remove One in Five Job Candidates From.

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Jun, 2010 16 Comments A strong resume and interview may place job seekers in the running for a position, but a new survey from OfficeTeam finds the results of a reference check can be the real deal maker — or breaker.

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Employers: Ignoring Job Candidates Impacts Your Brand

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A recent survey reveals the impact that frustrated job candidates can have on a company’s recruitment brand when they don’t receive any notification after submitting their hiring materials. 72 percent said they would be less likely to recommend companies’ products or services.

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Business on the Fly With Mobile Tech


Fifty-four percent of Twitter users surveyed as part of a May 2011 Pew Research study rely on their mobile device to provide real-time updates and information to their social network. Mobile not social media in my opinion is the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution.

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Corporate Voices Begins National Workplace Flexibility Campaign

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Workplace Flexibility and Telecommuting - Topic Research, Trends and Surveys - 18. Read More RECOMMENDED BOOKS REVIEWS AND OPINIONS Telecommuting is Not Just an HR Perk [.]

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