I miss my toxic old job, living with a coworker, and more

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I had a high opinion of my direct manager as a person, though she often contributed unknowingly to the toxic environment at times. It’s not that different than knowing you were right to break up with an ex but still missing the good parts of your relationship.

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when can you use someone’s first name, when to disclose salary, and more

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you can start out with the person’s first name. She did not and I received a detailed list of directions from one of her colleagues as a follow up to the discussion I was excluded from. Depending on her response and the context around your project, the next step could be any of the following: “Could you be sure I’m part of any future meetings on this?” I think a key indicator of a toxic workplace is when people leave frequently.

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a bomb scare made me late to an interview, agenda for meeting with a new boss, and more

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Congressperson’s office and because it was also around at least two other government buildings (including one that got a different bomb scare about two years ago), that backed up traffic because of all the detours, since both the police and FBI had to do an on-site investigation. I don’t want these people to think that I’m a chronically late person and I’ve been out of work for a while. Should I just leave well enough alone?

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wee answer Wednesday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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How to follow up on a networking introduction. Now that he’s done that, what is the most professional way for me to follow up, not knowing these individuals’ level of interest in meeting with me? From following the company newsletter, I gather there will be openings in the training department (in a different state) since people in the current positions are being promoted. My questions are: do I need to bring this up when I talk to these companies?

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manager blocked internal move, salary when moving to part-time, and more

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I recently made a request at my job to move from a full-time schedule to a part-time one, due to some personal and medical issues that need more of my attention. My employer (a large company) advertised a post (to internal and external candidates) for a secondment to cover someone’s maternity leave. This person’s line manager has refused to release them from their current position. Many companies do indeed require a person’s current manager to sign off on a transfer.

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we’re supposed to share emotional baggage at meetings, managers calls to me whenever I pass his door, and more

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My supervisor has recently adopted a “baggage-drop” activity, where we all go around the room and share what is on our minds, mostly personal stuff, supposedly to clear our heads and make the meeting more productive. (I Do they really want to know what’s on my mind, what personal things are weighing heavy on me? you’re worried about a deadline) or bland personal stuff (e.g., Would it work to call or email when you need me to stop by, or to set up a standing meeting time?”.

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my interviewers didn’t hang up the phone after my interview, my boss can’t move past a mistake I made, and more

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My interviewers didn’t hang up the phone after my interview. Yeah, ideally you would have either disconnected as soon as you realized you were hearing what was supposed to be a private conversation or spoken up right away so they knew you could still hear them, although I can certainly understand how you ended up sitting there frozen. The problem is that my manager still comments on and brings up my mistake, even months later. It’s five answers to five questions.

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answering questions from your old employer after you've moved on

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or “do you know where we can find the contract for Y?&# These should be a small number of things that don’t take up significant amounts of your time. (Of Now, if the requests for help you’re getting would take up a significant amount of your time (either individually or cumulatively), at that point you can draw a boundary, by explaining that you can answer the occasional quick question but don’t have time for more than that.

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