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How To Prepare for Your Salary Negotiation [6 Clever Ideas]

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By that I mean doing some simple salary calculations so you go into an interview with a range in mind. Negotiating salary during the interview process can be very overwhelming. Sure, negotiating a salary can be uncomfortable, however, if you take less than you think you’re worth, you’ll be unfulfilled financially won’t stick with your new job for the long-term. I once made this mistake myself, when I took a job in Denver for a really low salary.

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A reader writes: I wrote to you previously and you were kind enough to quickly and accurately answer my question about salary negotiation in the event of a merger ; I was offered a modest increase and received a smaller raise at my next performance review as well. This organization means a great deal to me, and the available position would be the perfect combination of “dream job&# and “attainable at this point in my career.&# job searching

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I’ve been working at an organization whose mission I really love for 3 years. I’d been casually job searching since my area is highly in demand right now, but my colleagues encouraged me to advocate for myself and ask for more compensation.

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I’m a manager trying to protect my employees from this as I completely disagree. It’s true that there can be times when a manager truly does need to mandate “all hands on deck” for a certain period of time — for instance, during a product launch or leading up to the election if you’re working on a political campaign. I just started working from home for a company based in a different state than me.

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