A Look at Health Care Professions


One of the strongest areas of job growth in our economy is in health professions. The many different careers associated with taking care of our sick and injured, as well as working in preventive care, present many opportunities to someone who is thinking about a new career. Generally speaking, a therapist does some type of patient care that either manages a chronic condition or helps the patient recover from an injury or illness.

Interested In A Career In Health Care?

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The post Interested In A Career In Health Care? This week our columnist Kelly Christiansen invites guest writer Dr. Ryan Baker to offer inside insights on careers within the health care industry. . For a long time, I thought I wanted a career in health care, and I was completely right. A (very) basic breakdown could like: Allied Health. These degrees tend to be offered at Health Care colleges, community colleges, or graduate programs.


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5 Jobs In Health Care That Don’t Require A Medical Degree

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That doesn’t mean a career in health care is out of reach, though. There are hundreds of different jobs available in care that don’t require […]. Many of us would love an opportunity to work as a doctor, surgeon or nurse. The trouble is, medical school requires and exemplary academic record and a huge financial investment! Medical Industry Medical Careers Medical Field

Keep Health Care Costs Down Regardless of Looming Legislation

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More than half of small business owners identified health care costs as a “critical issue,” according to a report from the NFIB Research Foundation. And business owners are in an uneasy state because health laws could change at any time. Is there anything you can do to help keep health care costs under control, regardless of what goes down in Washington, D.C.? The post Keep Health Care Costs Down Regardless of Looming Legislation appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

3 Ways to Monitor Your Health Care Costs

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However, you didn’t realize how much of your time would be spent dealing with health care costs. With an uncertain future of health care, what can you do to keep your costs under control and have a great team? Here are three ideas: To keep reading, click here: 3 Ways to Monitor Your Health Care Costs. The post 3 Ways to Monitor Your Health Care Costs appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Managing Health Care Costs: 5 Best Practices

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Skyrocketing health care costs are in the news every night, and for business owners below the enterprise level, it might seem impossible to keep your costs reasonable while juggling all the other tasks on your plate. In fact, the right workplace exercise programs can save you up to 20 percent in health care costs and reduce your sick leave by up to 6 percent, some research has shown. To keep reading, click here: Managing Health Care Costs: 5 Best Practices

Budgeting for Health Care: 4 Tips for Success

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Budget season is upon us, and one of the top concerns of any business is budgeting for health care. With health care costs expected to increase by 6.5 How can you still provide quality health care for your employees without breaking your own budget? Remember, the Affordable Care Act limits the amount you can charge employees, but it doesn’t prohibit you from taking on additional burden.

4 Great Health Care Careers for Single Mothers

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However, health technologists and technicians can earn nearly $40,000 per year. The post 4 Great Health Care Careers for Single Mothers appeared first on Resumebear Online Resume. Employment rates for U.S. single mothers was 73 percent during the mid-to late-2000s, according to researchers from the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the Graduate Center City University of New York. Despite this relatively high employment rate, 87 percent of employed U.S.

Changes in Health Care: The Nurse Practitioners is the New Doctor

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The post Changes in Health Care: The Nurse Practitioners is the New Doctor appeared first on Ms. NP’s can either be granted more autonomy while working with a health professional team or be granted the ability to start and head their own private practice. The post Changes in Health Care: The Nurse Practitioners is the New Doctor appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Doctors have long been the rock stars of the medical world.

Increasing Your Qualifications And Opportunites As A Healthcare Professional

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Discover Career Opportunities Health Care Healthcare CareersSometimes in the world of business and trade, all you need is a few years of experience to go from a junior role to a middle management position.

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This Is What The Ideal Health Professional Looks Like

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Are you thinking of moving into the health profession? Perhaps you’re already in the health profession but you want to be sure you’re doing all you can to be the best. Here are a few characteristics you can expect to find in the ideal health professional: Healthy Attitude And Mindset The ideal health professional will […]. Medical Industry Health Care

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The Affordable Health Care Act And Small Business

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The focus of society today as it relates to business is affordable health care. Small businesses and small business owners need to be able to offer health care to their employees in order to keep valuable employees on staff with them. The Affordable Care Act. The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, was devised with the congress and presidential administration before Bush. Business is the gasoline of the world. It always has been.

Is Your Next Role In Health?

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Career Opportunities Health CareWhether you’re stuck for choices, need a change in your life, or want a role, job or career that can fulfill you, you might want to look into a career in the field of healthcare. The world of healthcare offers an abundance of fulfilling and satisfying roles and opportunities, so your background might not matter […].

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Breaking Into the Health Care Industry

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& Dale: After many years in the corporate world, I decided to go back to school and get an associate’s degree in health-care administration. Health care is going to be a huge industry, so you’d think they’d be willing to take people who have studied for this field. Sometimes yes, but the good news for you, Julie, is that you are correct about the growth of the health-care industry. Dear J.T. &

How Advances in Health Technologies Are Building Careers

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The health information management (HIM) profession is recognized as one of the fastest growing occupations in the US health industry, with a growth of almost 50 percent over the last 10 years. The reasons for this phenomenal growth in the health information management field lie mainly in the changes that have taken place in health care systems over the past couple of decades. Health Information Infrastructure. Health Information Management Professionals.

Championing Unfortunate Policies


When wrapping up her presentation to the management council, Marjorie, the Director of a continuing care facility, knew that the event had not gone well. Her facility was required to participate in the restructuring of the continuing care system across … Continue reading → Leadership Work Engagement Change leadership Change management Communication Engagement Health Care Resilience

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Flourishing Careers in Healthcare Industry

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With age come health problems and with health problems comes a growing need for professionals who can alleviate these problems. Recession-proof industry: Sickness or injury doesn’t care where we are on the whole economic cycle. Rewarding career: The truth is that not all healthcare jobs are involved in direct patient care. Careers Job Hunting Advice Career advice Career Advisor Health Care Jobs Targeted Job Search Targeted Search

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Female Buying Power

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70% of new businesses are started by women 85% of all brand purchases are made by women 91% of new homes 80% of health care 93% food 65% new cars 93% over-the-counter meds Yet 91% of women feel advertisers don’t understand them… Perhaps this is because only 3% of creative directors are women. Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us!

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Employee Engagement: 10 Ways You Can Flourish with Nourishing Work

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I don’t care for the term positive psychology, it sounds too much like saccharine and pop psychology. Perhaps you work because you care about patients. Employee Engagement #employeeengagement Canada David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker Flourish health care Manitoba nourish nurse's week nursing ways to wellness well-being wellbeing Winnipeg workWork can make you well – Really! The reading time for this post is 5 minutes and 30 seconds).

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Avoiding Fault & Dodging Blame: It’s nothing new…


Seems to be a disgusting part of a normal business workflow these days and it runs rampant, sadly and in particular , in health care. But it is not exclusive to health care. Bonus Track Business Life "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne blogging4jobs changes clients focus health care human issues man up problems solve truth woman upor Woman Up! Sitting in the waiting room, my friend’s wife heard the footsteps coming down the hall.

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Transactional vs. Relational: A Conundrum


Do you care? Are you caring in your approach? I used to recruiter every single day for health care manager/director/executive positions. Bonus Track Business HR "Rayanne Thorn" @Ray_anne better late than never blogging4jobs candidate chicago client conundrum Fresno health care recruiting Nurse Manager recruiting recruitment relational transactional“The Candidate Experience” hmmm.

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The ACA Exchanges Delays


If the employee purchases a qualified health plan through an Exchange, the employee may lose the employer contribution (if any) to any health benefits plan offered by the employer and that all or a portion of such contribution may be excludable from income for Federal income tax purposes. The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) is designed to help you find health insurance that fits your small business with less hassle.

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Career and Job Outlook for the Investigative Personality Type

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In this economy, growth jobs with “liveable&# wages are in technology, health care, and computer science - fields with many jobs matching the Investigative personality. Health Sciences 2.04 Who Cares What a College Degree is Really Worth? skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test.

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Job Outlook for Careers Matching the Social Holland Personality Type

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Monday, November 2, 2009 Job Outlook for Careers Matching the Social Holland Personality Type It’s no surprise that careers matching the Social personality type are growing quickly with our aging population needing health care and our expanding community, education, and family needs. Nursing, Therapy, & Health Promotion 4.04 Who Cares What a College Degree is Really Worth?

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5 Promising Medical Careers You Should Consider Pursuing

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As long as people have a need for health care products and services, the industry will always remain a relevant and constantly growing industry. In fact, the health care industry remained strong despite the major crisis that happened during the mid-2000s. Are you looking to start a career in the medical industry? If you are, then you're not alone.

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Using iPads in Your Industry

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Health Care. Climbing the Ladder educationt health care industry ipad online restaurant technology transportationSince the iPad first launched in April 2010, it is estimated that Apple has sold well over 50 million units. With over 200,000 apps, mobile Internet and office software, businesses across a variety of industries are now utilizing the tablet. Here are just a few examples of how particular industries are using the iPad: Transportation.

Bringing Together Talent


Health care has a never-ending flow of complex problems. In response, health care teams include distinct talent from diverse specialties in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Civility Dysfunctional Groups Psychological Resilience Respect Workgroups Worklife Communication Cooperation Interdisciplinary Team resilience Trust

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4 Tiers of Nursing Credentials


Still, nursing assistants work on the frontline of health care, often providing the first point of contact between patients and other medical staff. For this reason, most CNAs are employed in nursing homes and residential care facilities.

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Job Trends For 2012

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The top three industries are Health Care, Technology and Science. Health care will always be top because The year 2012 will have a diverse mix of jobs available as the year progresses. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan. However, there should be something for every one on the job market this year.

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Quote Of The Day: Change Some Words In This Article So It Applies To Schools & You Have Good Guidance For Teachers

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” You’ll then have some good guidance for teachers: You might also be interested in The Best Articles Highlighting Parallel Critiques Of Increasing School & Health Care “Efficiency.”. How to Counter the Circus of Pseudoscience is an article in today’s New York Times. Change some of the words to “teachers,” “schools,” and “students.”

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7 healthcare careers that can grow with you

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Many people assume that careers in health care are rigid and unable to accommodate their growing levels of talent, however, many careers in the health care industry are quite flexible and can grow with you as you acquire more training and expertise.

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Building a Resilient Team: Respecting Recovery


Our current research is developing and testing strategies to help first line managers in health care to support the social environments of their workgroups more effectively. Our assessments of civility and respect at work found that although many managers are … Continue reading →

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Insurance for Newborns and Growing Families

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Even how employees use health insurance. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as employees recalibrate their health care plan. Maternity Care. Newborns are certainly demanding, but health care plans also need to look out for mom. Private health care plans must cover pregnancy. Having a baby changes everything. No, really it does. Your organization can take steps to help new parents navigate insurance for newborns.

How to Make a Nurse Leader

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Most people outside the health care industry believe that doctors are the leaders of medical staff, that doctors run health care facilities thanks to their extensive schooling and respected status. However, those devoted to working in hospitals, clinics, and other medical centers know that doctors do precious little to keep the industry running. Instead, the system needs leaders ― particularly nurse leaders ― to stay organized and efficient

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Why Promoting Vaccinations Is Still Relevant

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Unless your business is in health care, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about vaccinations. If that were your employee on your health care plan, you wouldn’t doubt why your rates were going up. Still, they’re an important part of any employee wellness program. Vaccination rates are down, and that can mean bad things for your business.

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5 Ways to Manage a Human Resources Crisis During COVID-19

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People working in health care or grocery stores have secure jobs, but tremendous stress and a high exposure to the coronavirus. Your employees are not okay. In this COVID-19 world, this is a fact for every single one of your employees. They may act like they are okay.

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The Top Obstacles Your Small Business Will Face in the Next Year

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Even the long-term health care industry faces a shortage of workers. Recent statistics indicate a lack of about 151,000 paid direct-care workers by 2030, with the number nearly doubling by 2040. The issue isn’t just in health care.

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How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

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Health coverage is a difficult and expensive part of any business. You can’t attract good employees without good health care, and the evolving legal landscape means that the required coverage may change. Right now, you’re not required under federal law to pay an employer part of health insurance until you reach 50 full-time equivalent employees, according to the IRS. To keep reading, click here: How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows.

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Audiologist Job Description Template


An audiologist can be found working within a private health-care facility, assessing and treating patients with various hearing problems. Free audiologist job description template. An audiologist is sometimes referred to as an ear specialist.

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Juggling Priorities as a Management Challenge


A major challenge for first line managers (FLMs) in health care is managing competing demands. They face requests and demands from distinct healthcare stakeholders: patients, patients’ families, their bosses, their employees, managers of other units, physicians, community members, and health … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Burnout Charity Civility Heatlh Leadership Workgroups resiliency Resilience Workplace resilience

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Leading Change You Don’t Believe In


The problem in health care is that much of change management boils down to doing more with less. Change management has a better image than it deserves. The mandate to do more with less does not arise from evidence of … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Civility Dysfunctional Groups Leadership Uncategorized Work Engagement Workgroups Teamwork

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Manager Burnout The Erosive Power of Insincerity


Our surveys of health care managers show a difference between people who are exhausted and those who are experiencing the full burnout syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism, and discouragement. The demands of health care work can exhaust people, but it takes a more thorough mismatch on the meaningful dimensions of work to aggravate burnout.

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What to Do If Employees Refuse to Wear a Mask

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HIPAA relates only to health care providers and insurance companies–and most companies are not subject to it. “I want to come back to work, but I won’t wear a mask.” ” Some of you may have heard this from your employees.

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