Budgeting for Health Care: 4 Tips for Success

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Budget season is upon us, and one of the top concerns of any business is budgeting for health care. With health care costs expected to increase by 6.5 How can you still provide quality health care for your employees without breaking your own budget? Remember, the Affordable Care Act limits the amount you can charge employees, but it doesn’t prohibit you from taking on additional burden.

Managing Health Care Costs: 5 Best Practices

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Skyrocketing health care costs are in the news every night, and for business owners below the enterprise level, it might seem impossible to keep your costs reasonable while juggling all the other tasks on your plate.

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Interested In A Career In Health Care?

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The post Interested In A Career In Health Care? This week our columnist Kelly Christiansen invites guest writer Dr. Ryan Baker to offer inside insights on careers within the health care industry. . A (very) basic breakdown could like: Allied Health.

Keep Health Care Costs Down Regardless of Looming Legislation

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More than half of small business owners identified health care costs as a “critical issue,” according to a report from the NFIB Research Foundation. And business owners are in an uneasy state because health laws could change at any time. Is there anything you can do to help keep health care costs under control, regardless of what goes down in Washington, D.C.? The post Keep Health Care Costs Down Regardless of Looming Legislation appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

How Nurses Can Change Careers (Without Leaving Health Care Entirely)

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Nursing is a hard job. It requires working long, hard hours, seeing tragedy and pain, and standing and walking for uncomfortable lengths of time. Perhaps worst of all, nurses do an alarming amount of work for their patients for remarkably little appreciation.

Employee Engagement: 10 Ways You Can Flourish with Nourishing Work

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I don’t care for the term positive psychology, it sounds too much like saccharine and pop psychology. Perhaps you work because you care about patients. Work can make you well – Really! The reading time for this post is 5 minutes and 30 seconds).

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Is Your Next Role In Health?

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Career Opportunities Health CareWhether you’re stuck for choices, need a change in your life, or want a role, job or career that can fulfill you, you might want to look into a career in the field of healthcare. The world of healthcare offers an abundance of fulfilling and satisfying roles and opportunities, so your background might not matter […].

This Is What The Ideal Health Professional Looks Like

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Are you thinking of moving into the health profession? Perhaps you’re already in the health profession but you want to be sure you’re doing all you can to be the best. Here are a few characteristics you can expect to find in the ideal health professional: Healthy Attitude And Mindset The ideal health professional will […]. Medical Industry Health Care

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Changes in Health Care: The Nurse Practitioners is the New Doctor

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The post Changes in Health Care: The Nurse Practitioners is the New Doctor appeared first on Ms. NP’s can either be granted more autonomy while working with a health professional team or be granted the ability to start and head their own private practice.

Breaking Into the Health Care Industry

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& Dale: After many years in the corporate world, I decided to go back to school and get an associate’s degree in health-care administration. Health care is going to be a huge industry, so you’d think they’d be willing to take people who have studied for this field.

Quote Of The Day: Change Some Words In This Article So It Applies To Schools & You Have Good Guidance For Teachers

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” You’ll then have some good guidance for teachers: You might also be interested in The Best Articles Highlighting Parallel Critiques Of Increasing School & Health Care “Efficiency.”.

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Avoiding Fault & Dodging Blame: It’s nothing new…


Seems to be a disgusting part of a normal business workflow these days and it runs rampant, sadly and in particular , in health care. But it is not exclusive to health care. or Woman Up!

Transactional vs. Relational: A Conundrum


Do you care? Are you caring in your approach? I used to recruiter every single day for health care manager/director/executive positions. “The Candidate Experience” hmmm.

Female Buying Power

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Career Girl Marketing to Gen Y Women. Home About Archives Write for Us! Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Female Buying Power by Nicole Crimaldi on June 13, 2010 The 90 second video below by she-conomy.com shows that female consumers make a majority of purchasing decisions in comparison to men.

Flourishing Careers in Healthcare Industry

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With age come health problems and with health problems comes a growing need for professionals who can alleviate these problems. Recession-proof industry: Sickness or injury doesn’t care where we are on the whole economic cycle. Rewarding career: The truth is that not all healthcare jobs are involved in direct patient care. Careers Job Hunting Advice Career advice Career Advisor Health Care Jobs Targeted Job Search Targeted Search

How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

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Health coverage is a difficult and expensive part of any business. You can’t attract good employees without good health care, and the evolving legal landscape means that the required coverage may change. Right now, you’re not required under federal law to pay an employer part of health insurance until you reach 50 full-time equivalent employees, according to the IRS. To keep reading, click here: How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows.

Job Trends For 2012

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The top three industries are Health Care, Technology and Science. Health care will always be top because The year 2012 will have a diverse mix of jobs available as the year progresses. Of course, things don’t always go according to plan. However, there should be something for every one on the job market this year.

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5 Tips for a Stronger Sick Leave Policy

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Talk about lost productivity and increased health care costs! According to United Press International , 37 percent of Americans say they would go to work sick because they lack a sick leave policy that allows them to take time off to recover. At least 25 percent actually do show up sick. Sure, you might think it’s great to have employees that want to work so hard they’ll work while sick, but one sick employee can wreak havoc on your workplace.

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How to Prepare Employees for Moving Off Their Parents’ Health Plan

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Additionally, when they turn 26 years old, their reward is moving off their parents’ health plan. It’s not exactly the most welcome birthday present, but before the Affordable Care Act was enacted, they would have been on their own much earlier. Once a year, usually in October or November, there’s an open enrollment period in which employees select their health care plan s for the next year. When a person turns 16 years old, they get to drive.

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Juggling Priorities as a Management Challenge


A major challenge for first line managers (FLMs) in health care is managing competing demands.

How Volunteering Can Help You Get A Job In Healthcare

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Working in the health care industry can be highly competitive. The leading elderly care facilities may have hundreds of applications coming in for a single position. This is why it can be advantageous to volunteer in care first.

How Advances in Health Technologies Are Building Careers

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The health information management (HIM) profession is recognized as one of the fastest growing occupations in the US health industry, with a growth of almost 50 percent over the last 10 years. Health Information Infrastructure. Health Information Management Professionals.

Did You Know That. ?

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If you work for Macy’s, effective July 1, 2011, if you admit to smoking cigarettes on your own time, you must pay an additional $35 per month (that’s $420 per year) for health insurance. At Pepsico, employee-smokers pay an annual $600 health insurance surcharge.

Benefits Enrollment: How Young Professionals Can Enroll With Confidence

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As a young professional, are you confident that you can identify the right health care benefits for your lifestyle? However, only 19% of the young adults surveyed said they felt confident when it came to selecting health care benefits, and only 31% said they felt prepared.*.

Manager Burnout The Erosive Power of Insincerity


Our surveys of health care managers show a difference between people who are exhausted and those who are experiencing the full burnout syndrome of exhaustion, cynicism, and discouragement.

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Engage in Monthly Health Plan Monitoring to Improve Engagement, Costs

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When you change your health plan, make sure to engage in health plan monitoring so you learn what works and what doesn’t. Because most health plans run January to January, your employees will sign up at the end of the year. Here’s a calendar of things to look for every month so you’re on top of your health care plans at all times: November. To keep reading, click here: Engage in Monthly Health Plan Monitoring to Improve Engagement, Costs.

Championing Unfortunate Policies


When wrapping up her presentation to the management council, Marjorie, the Director of a continuing care facility, knew that the event had not gone well. Her facility was required to participate in the restructuring of the continuing care system across … Continue reading → Leadership Work Engagement Change leadership Change management Communication Engagement Health Care Resilience

4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During Open Enrollment

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How can you get your employees engaged in the process of choosing their health care benefits for the next year, and do so on time? You’ve emailed your employees 37 times and put a sign up in the break room, but they still seem to miss open enrollment deadlines. It could be that they don’t understand why it’s so important. The result is that employees can end up with a plan that isn’t the best for them and their families. In fact, many people do, according to The New York Times.

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5 ACA Compliance Issues for HR Teams to Watch Out For


Whatever your thoughts are about the Affordable Care Act, you can’t deny its tremendous impact on the health care industry and Americans in general. Since its implementation in 2010, 16.9 million people have gained coverage. Despite the 191 amendments presented this year to change the law, the employer mandate is still in place, and it’s […] Source. HR aca compliance

The Benefits Guide: 2016’s Top 10

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This New Health Care Pricing Model Saves Your Company Money Without Distancing Workers. Every good business needs good benefits, and the Benefits Guide is the place to learn about them. If you haven’t had the time to read every issue this year, here are the best articles that can’t be missed: 10. This article describes “reference-based pricing,” which encourages your employees to shop around for the best deal. It’s not appropriate for every company, but it’s suitable for many.

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The ACA Exchanges Delays


If the employee purchases a qualified health plan through an Exchange, the employee may lose the employer contribution (if any) to any health benefits plan offered by the employer and that all or a portion of such contribution may be excludable from income for Federal income tax purposes.

Bringing a Health Insurance Broker to Your Office: Is It Worth It?

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Being a health insurance broker is all about plans and numbers and sales calls, so you might not think about inviting your broker to explain benefits to your employees. billion hours on health care issues, which is a tremendous burden. Understanding what insurance you need and how your insurance works can cut down the amount of time you have to take away from work to handle health care. Bringing in a health insurance broker can help you help your employees.

Job Outlook for Careers Matching the Social Holland Personality Type

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Monday, November 2, 2009 Job Outlook for Careers Matching the Social Holland Personality Type It’s no surprise that careers matching the Social personality type are growing quickly with our aging population needing health care and our expanding community, education, and family needs.

Career and Job Outlook for the Investigative Personality Type

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In this economy, growth jobs with “liveable&# wages are in technology, health care, and computer science - fields with many jobs matching the Investigative personality. Health Sciences 2.04 Who Cares What a College Degree is Really Worth?

Employment changes by industry, April 2011

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Health care (part of education and health services) continued to add jobs in April (+37,000). Within health care, job gains continued in ambulatory health care (+22,000) and hospitals (+10,000). Employment in retail trade rose by 57,000 in April.

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Best Jobs for 2013: Learn These Skills Now


There is also the booming area of alternative health care (massage therapist, acupuncturist, reflexologist etc.) which is now becoming more and more mainstream and often offered within the traditional health care strands too.

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Read the Inspiring Story of Real Career Girl, Danielle Wilson, CEO of Aero Jet Medical & United Medivac Solutions

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She saw the driver staggering down the street asking for help, which she tried to offer but did not know how to without any knowledge of health care. Having free time to spend with loved ones and taking care of myself has been a challenge that I have not been able to completely conquer.

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Bringing Together Talent


Health care has a never-ending flow of complex problems. In response, health care teams include distinct talent from diverse specialties in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, psychology, … Continue reading → Areas of Worklife Civility Dysfunctional Groups Psychological Resilience Respect Workgroups Worklife Communication Cooperation Interdisciplinary Team resilience Trust

Things “Not” to include in your online bio

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Her innovative and unique leadership in the field has revolutionized the world of health care communications. In other words, she is just the most amazing, most talented, perfect health care communicator in the western hemisphere (if not the world).

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Who’s Hiring – Top employers week of 1-31-11


The hospitality, business service, retail, health care, telecommunications and banking verticals. Who's Hiring is a weekly survey of companies showing the highest hiring activity for the week of 1/31/11. Continued at [link]. Employment Economy Featured reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment hiring Job Job board job search who's hiring