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More popular spots where job seekers and recruiters are meeting up on LinkedIn. Not sure how or why to use LinkedIn Groups on your job search? Then read this first: Everything You Need to Know About Finding Jobs with LinkedIn Groups ). LinkedIn lets you join a maximum of 50 groups. What many people don’t know is that LinkedIn also lets you join a maximum 50 subgroups. 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Your Job Search. Join the JobMob LinkedIn Group Today.

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My name is John Doe and I am looking for a Sales Manager/Director position in “Some” County, Idaho. I am a career strategist, producing compelling, interview-landing resumes. My niche was the lighting industry).

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A technical writing major graduated from the University of Idaho. Join Industry groups on LinkedIn and Google +. Announce your job search with a link to your resume on Twitter, Google +, or Facebook.

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am I not getting hired because I'm gay?

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Reply Hannah February 17, 2011 at 7:28 pm I doubt the OP is listing his sexual orientation on his resume, which means the huge majority of jobs were uninterested for reasons having nothing to do with his being gay. Then he says that if you are not gay in Idaho, you have no clue how he feels.

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