5 Powerful Human Resource Trends in 2016


This simple fact, is the reason that human resources and recruiting are forever linked in that HR is responsible for the entire employee life cycle and not just focused on recruiting or hiring new employees. 1 – Focus on Holistic Human Resources.

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How Recruitainment Is Changing the Recruiting Industry


” The recruitment industry as a whole is an ocean of bias, personal opinion, connections, and let’s faces it, a whole lot of luck. . Subjective reviews of over-inflated CVs by HR personnel takes up a lot of resources, and rarely result in good ROI.

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14 Job Search Resources for 2015

Career Alley

There are four basic categories of job search resources – Recruiters, Job Search Sites, Social Networks and Company Career Sites. You should be allocating your the time you spend on job search across these resource types.

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The Biggest Challenges in Human Resources


The Human Resources profession has seen many shifts in how work is conducted and how companies interact with potential candidates. Far from perfection, the Human Resources profession has a long way to go to increase productivity and increase the quality of their department.

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ResumeBear: 10 Industries Most in Need of Skilled Workers

Resume Bear

Yet not all industries have been hit hard by the recession. For those just graduating from high school or considering potential college majors, a career in one of these 10 industries may give you some job security where other fields cannot.

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Staffing Industry Reaches Record Levels: What HR Needs to Know


Yet, at the same time, the staffing and recruiting industry has been growing faster than GDP and overall employment at rates unlike any prior economic recovery. Another barometer of staffing industry vitality is revenue. Industry analysts predict that U.S.

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Will Human Resources Become Robot Resources?


That is, what will human resources be like when robots are a ubiquitous part of the workplace, or when the robots are people too? Meanwhile, non-industrial, domestic and personal robots and machine learned are less bleeding edge technology these days, and more everyday technology.

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12 Resources for College Grad Job Search- Majoring in Employment

Career Alley

Use your college years to research companies, connect with industry groups and start to build the network you will need when you graduate. “ By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be a boss and work twelve hours a day.

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry: The Power of Social Media

Resume Bear

It is an amazing prospect when you consider that everyday members of society are considered just as and sometimes even more inspirational than magnates of any industry. Social Media has become one of the most powerful influences on the global society to-date.

10 Helpful Job Search Resources For Veterans

Career Realism

Many of them shared helpful job search resources for veterans. So, we decided to compile this awesome list of resources for you! Helpful Job Search Resources For Veterans. Here are a few helpful resources people shared with us: 1.

10 Great Job Search Resources for College Grads

Career Alley

You should also take a look at The Four Legs of Job Search because you need to balance your search and ensure you don’t focus on a narrow set of resources. This resource, from Collegegrad.com, provides a list of links to help you get started (or to improve on what you already have).

Interview Questions When Transitioning From Academia To Industry

Career Realism

Interview Questions When Transitioning From Academia To Industry. If you’re a teacher, a professor, a scientist, or a lab tech, employers can see a move to business or industry as a pretty big leap. CAREEREALISM.

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8 Ways Video Conferencing Boosts HR Industry

Career Alley

Video conferencing solutions offer the human resource and staffing industry a tone of benefits. This has made it possible for staffing companies all the world over to revolutionize and improve the way they run their business. Video Conferencing Employees

The Desperate Need for Women in the Tech Industry

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Desperate Need for Women in the Tech Industry appeared first on Ms. The stereotypical image of someone in the tech field is an unkempt young man with thick glasses, bad posture, and a flippant attitude ― and there is nothing the industry wants more than to change that.

Why People Analytics Has Transformed the HR Industry

The Undercover Recruiter

People analytics is transforming the HR industry, and recruiters need to pay close attention. Why People Analytics Has Transformed the HR Industry. Employer algorithm data employees human resources People Analytics Technology

From Back Office to Boardroom: Why the Recruitment Industry is Finally Getting a Promotion

The Undercover Recruiter

For decades, HR and recruitment has traditionally not had a seat at the boardroom table, too often remaining a back-office function whose resourcing and role in the company usually came as an afterthought. LinkedIn Recruitment industry Promotion

Working and Living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


The theme for this year’s World Economic Forum gathering in Davos was the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is poised to disrupt and potentially de-center manufacturing, transportation and even service, and therefore eliminate or transform millions of jobs.

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If You Have Humans, You Need Human Resources


” It’s become common in the tech industry to hail the death or dearth of HR at startups because “everyone hates recruiters.” When the whole idea of human resources is jettisoned, those core HR functions are likewise absent from the business’ core priorities.

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Career Profile: Human Resources Manager

Careers Done Write

Have you considered a career as a human resource manager? Human resource managers oversee activities involving the selection, training, and retention of qualified employees. The outlook for human resource managers is good according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Job Path: Working in the Transportation Industry

Career Realism

Ever thought of working in the transportation industry? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at CAREEREALISM.com. Choosing a Career Path advice career industry interview job path search tip transportationCheck out this career interview with a safety director for a long-distance trucking company.

In 2015, HR Technology Will Be a $8.1 Billion Industry


It’s the hotbed of human resources technology which is important especially since it’s expected to be an $8.1 billion industry in 2015. Aside from that, there are a lot of advances happening in recruiting, human resources and technology.

8 Resources to Help Find the Right Company for Your Next Job

Career Alley

You can search by name, industry, state, country, number of employees, rankings, etc. (or “ It’s far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price.

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5 Great Resources for Finding and Leveraging a Recruiter

Career Alley

Finding a Recruiter: The first step in using a recruiting firm is finding one that is reputable, respected in your industry and fairly well known to hiring managers. A coworker of mine is a “starving” musician.

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Who Owns #HRTech? Is it Human Resources or IT?


As the industry progresses and develops, it changes the way we do things and how we are perceived by our employees, candidates, business leaders and organizational peers. HR Social Media HR tech hr technology human resources

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The Project Management Industry Just Got a Facelift

Water Cooler Wisdom

Featuring insights from nearly 2,500 project managers, nearly 200 senior executives, and nearly 300 Project Management Office (PMO) directors from a range of industries, Pulse of the Profession was one of the only studies to look at project management trends globally. Best Practices Handy Resources Management Productivity Project ManagementIn a 2016 Fast Track piece , I covered a disconcerting study conducted by The Project Management Institute (PMI).

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Top 25 List of Twitter Hashtags for Human Resources & HR


This is why I wanted to share with you today the top 25 Twitter hashtags in HR and Human Resources as determined by Social Ears. Twitter Hashtags List for Human Resources 11-25.

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


They normally have their own individual bureau which is why I choose to generate a list of links and resources for all 50 states as well as the Virgin Islands, Guam and Puerto Rico. List of Bureau of Workers Compensation Resources by State. Idaho – Idaho Industrial Commission.

The ‘HRCI v. SHRM’ HR Certification Recap Resource #SHRM14 #HRCI


The HR certification process as we know it changed forever on May 12, 2014 when the Society of Human Resources announced it’s new certification program which is set to begin January 1, 2015. Practitioners flocked to the Twitterverse and started bombarding industry leaders with questions on what this meant for their PHR, SPHR, GPHR, etc. Updates from Bloggers & Industry Media. HRCI – Human Resources Will Win by Chris Fields .


Hot Careers – Human Resource Management – What Beginners Need to Know

Career Alley

One of the fastest developing fields in business right now is human resource management. What It Takes To Work In Human Resource Management. As the popularity of human resource management continues to grow, it now takes a lot more to enter into the field than it did a decade or two ago.

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4 Keys to The Future of Human Resources Technologies & #HRTech


HR technology is a niche industry overshadowed by the likes of LinkedIn and Workday. With the recent $50 million Series C funding of Glassdoor, the industry is posed for the $8.1 Billion spend of human resources and business leaders by 2015.

Top 4 Most In-Demand Skills in Finance, Healthcare, Legal Services & Human Resources

Career Solvers

Human Resources. Relevant Industry Background. career management Execu-Search Group finance healthcare hiring human resources legal services recruiting staffing

10 Resources for Intelligent Job Search

Career Alley

Another idea might be to setup several consistent searches in each of your job search engines and company career sites using keywords that describe your ideal job or that specify different industries or locations. ==>> more - Read How to Use Indeed.com for Your Job Search – Part 1.

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Office Romance Survey Results: Publishing Industry Is Easy.


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Immigration Is an Economic Resource, Not a Threat


By in large this explains the wage differences between immigrant-focused industries and native-born-focused industries, which require different levels of education and skills.

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Microsoft announces expanded resources through YouthSpark initiative

Resume Bear

In addition, these jobs pay 75 percent more than the national median annual salary and span a breadth of industries, with two-thirds of computing jobs in sectors other than information technology, including manufacturing, defense, heath care, finance and government. Microsoft Corp.

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Market Research In The Recruitment Industry


Recruitment is a sector that can benefit from investing in survey sampling to help build insight into search habits, industry-specific preferences and employee behaviours.

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6 Resources for Your Transgender and Transitioning Employees


Resources and Support for Transgender Employees. What I am asking is that we provide resources, support and communication not just for our organizational leaders, the company, team members and employees but also for the employee who is transitioning or comes out as transgender.

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Service Industry is Fastest Growing US Job Market


The economy is improving and jobs are being created except not in the places and industries you might expect. Job & Hiring Growth in Service & Manufacturing Industries. These same industries likely already experience hiring challenges even when they are not growing.


Free Recruiting Model Changes Industry Fuels Economy


While the human capital management industry has been abuzz by the recent acquisitions of Rypple to Salesforce, SuccessFactors to ADP, Jobs2Web to SuccessFactors and most recently VisualCV by Talent Technology, there is a visible shift happening in the world of human resources technology and HCM.

How Following Industry News Can Boost Your Career

The Undercover Recruiter

But seriously, following current and industry news can give you a huge career boost if you keep your focus. But if you haven’t been following industry news and trends, you might be unaware of a new federal policy, game-changing software, or latest trend.