6 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

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Being a successful Project Manager requires a wide range of skills, talents and experience. Great writing skills, a deep knowledge of technology and an aptitude to manage budgets are all key to Project Management. In order to help you out, we created a list of 6 must-have personal relationship skills every project manager needs. Personal relationship skills are the most important for project manager as he/she is the one to control, navigate and inspire the entire team.

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Knowing Your Legal Rights as an Intern

Ms. Career Girl

The post Knowing Your Legal Rights as an Intern appeared first on Ms. Because the majority of interns are not paid or viewed as traditional employees, internships can lead to some gray areas in the office. The line between the rights of an intern and the rights of an employee can be a bit blurred. However, if you’re thinking about taking an internship or hiring interns of your own, you need to understand what rights an individual has as an intern.


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5 Steps to End Negative Internal Dialogue


We’re not gonna tell you what your internal dialogue should be – but if it’s any of the above statements – you need an attitude adjustment. The tips below should get you on the right track to ending negative internal dialogue. Are you projecting? Negative internal dialogue must end! Goodbye, negative internal dialogue. The post 5 Steps to End Negative Internal Dialogue appeared first on Jobacle.com.

Using A Project Management Degree To Boost Your Career

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If you are a project management consultant or project manager, going back to school for a project management degree can make a huge difference in your career. Advantages of Earning a Project Management Degree for Beginners. A new project manager may have a hard time especially now that he or she belongs to a respected group of professionals. A project management degree can help in achieving career goals and enhancing skills.

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Invest in Internal Mobility #recruittrends


One company provided enterprise-wide training on a change management methodology, but then did not require leaders to deploy it on projects. It’s a commitment to re-designing the way employees seek out new career opportunities within a company vs. just directing them to review internal job postings. Developing a Business Culture that Supports Internal Mobility. It’s like an internal Linked In!). Setting goals for internal hires and publishing metrics.

Top Interns Every Organization Must Have

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Interns Every Organization Needs. A lot of organizations are perfectly capable of hiring an intern within their area of expertise: accounting firms hire accounting interns, legal firms offer internships to the next round of “would be” attorneys, and TV and film companies are always ready to hire their next round of interns. The kind that when the intern is finished, they’ve contributed to the growth of the organization, and had a rewarding and fulfilling experience?

Getting Released From a Work Project

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Getting Released from a Work Project. Getting released from a work project or task can be a tough situation. While seemingly straightforward, you will only want to do so after careful consideration and internal deliberations. I have listed those projects below.

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Looking Internal at Mobile’s & HR Technology’s Engagement Methods


Internal Workplace Engagement Methods. Since the adoption of computers and the Internet at work, e-mail has been the preferred method of internal communication for employers and organizations updating their employees on company announcements, acquisitions, policy, or organizational changes. Bosses quickly e-mail their teams for updates on project changes and reports and statistics used to analyze their span of control’s success, progress, or failure.

5 Mistakes to AVOID when Implementing Internal Collaboration Tool


based employers by Gagen MacDonald revealed that companies are leveraging internal social media (ISM) to communicate and drive business. Companies realize that they need to provide tools that support internal collaboration and connect people across functions. Interdepartmental engagement on ideas and projects leverages the power of the company and produces financial growth. Pitfalls of An Employee Collaboration Tool. The workplace is evolving to embrace social media.

Why Intern Benefits that Are Better than Real Money


Certainly no one is opposed to getting paid and an hourly wage is an important part of any i ntern compensation , but it is worth noting that there are other forms of benefits that you can offer that are far more valuable than money in most interns’ eyes. Intern Benefits Offered by Every Fortune 500 Company. except in the music/entertainment/news industries–every competitive internship program pays their interns). 1. Allow interns to impact culture.

Sustaining Enthusiasm for a Long-Term Project

Water Cooler Wisdom

Less than a year later, the International Astronomical Union  demoted Pluto  to the status of “dwarf planet,” but that didn’t mean anything as far as the epic New Horizons mission was concerned. Although the Fast Company piece didn’t directly address it, Stern and Chris Hersman, the lead engineer on the New Horizons project, had another intimidating task. How could they bolster their team’s excitement about a project where no immediate payoff was an understatement?

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Celebrating 50 Years of Project Management

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Last year in  the International Journal of Project Management , Julien Pollack and Daniel Adler reported on 50 years of PM research trends to distill where the industry has come from, and where it’s going. When Pollack and Adler set out to examine the  evolution of project management , they knew that a standard literature review wouldn’t do.

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Note to College Students: Intern Early

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I hope the majority of America still doesn’t directly equate interning as fetching coffee and being an office slave. . It’s important to intern early, to give yourself the competitive advantage when you enter the job market as a college graduate. One summer, I worked as an intern for a baseball team at night, and worked another two jobs for my university during the day. The overall goal of interning early is to open up doors professionally down the road.

The Top Interns Every Organization Must Have

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A lot of organizations are perfectly capable of hiring an intern within their area of expertise: accounting firms hire accounting interns, legal firms offer internships to the next round of “would be” attorneys, and TV and film companies are always ready to hire their next round of interns. How do they know what interns they should be hiring ? The type of internship that lets the intern walk away with a portfolio of work that they can be proud of?

How to Become a Better Project Manager

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One aspect of that change is “Everyone must develop some basic project management skills.” Here are some other ways the non-professional Project Manager can become a better manager of projects. Just because your title doesn’t involve the phrase “project manager” doesn’t mean you can’t become one. Develop a realistic plan to solve your team’s most pressing problems and gather influential people and internal resources around you to make things happen.

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Project Managers: Will Your Job Be Outsourced?

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Depending on your industry, type or size of business, and the specifics of your organization, your CIO might consider outsourcing the project management function to be a sensible move. Alexander says that many businesses do not have adequate staffing levels for one or more employees to solely focus on  managing projects. We all know that project management is not an easy skill set to hire.

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7 Traits of Stellar Project Managers

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Many of us manage large projects on a regular basis.  The best PMs understand who they need to go to to get things done, and they develop strong relationships with those individuals so that cross-functional projects run more smoothly.    Also, should the project run into a snag, great PMs can rely on their network to find and implement a workaround.

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The Two Sides of Setting Up an International Remote Team

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The post The Two Sides of Setting Up an International Remote Team appeared first on Ms. Since remote workers are usually competitive for projects, they can bring down their rates. Check for great security and affordable international transfer fees. The post The Two Sides of Setting Up an International Remote Team appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Separate Internal Job Titles from External Titles

Hiring Technical People

→ Separate Internal Job Titles from External Titles Posted on July 16, 2008 by johanna I recently met a lead whose business card read “Lead Phoenix Developer.&# I asked what that meant, and he explained that he was a technical lead for an project code-named Phoenix. Internally, I think that position is called “program director&# –but I’m not selecting any part of the actual conference. If you have internal names for jobs, that’s fine.

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The Rise of the Chief Project Officer Role

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The Project Management Institute recently commented that organizations are, in increasing numbers, seeing added value from appointing chief project officers. According to Rebecca Langdon’s piece on Morgan International’s supply chain blog , the chief project officer (CPO) is responsible for providing governance over an organization’s internal projects. Specifically, he/she: Ensures every project supports the right business goals.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Internal Networking Skills


During my 20 years with a large Connecticut company, I learned that internal and external networks are both worth your investment. 7 Ways to Boost Your Internal Networking Skills. Lead a company project. You may start out by being a team member the first year, but be ready to take a leadership role in a company project. My internal company relationships are still a great source of continuing friendship and inspiration.

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8 Tips for Managing Summer Interns

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Bright, energetic interns want a chance to do something meaningful. Don’t expect a writing intern to win a Pulitzer, a science intern to develop the next great patent, a sales intern to land your company’s biggest client, or a tech-savvy intern to build the next Facebook. Setting goals outside the capabilities of your intern may lead to frustration, while goals that are too easy will bring on boredom. Interns should be mentored, not watched like a hawk. 

The One Thing Every Boss Should Say to Her Summer Intern

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We’re midway through the summer intern season. Frequently, the people managing interns are low-level supervisors and sometimes it’s their very first time managing another person. Every boss of a summer intern should make an appointment with her her intern to do a mid-internship check up and it should begin with the following question: “What did you expect to do or learn at this internship that hasn’t happened?”

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How to Launch Your International Career: A Review of Stacie Berdan’s GoGlobal!

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If you’ve ever dreamed of building an international career, you must read Stacie Berdan’s Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad. This is her second book about international careers. Consider it a cocktail with Stacie Berdan and her network of international professionals.). You can launch an international career at home. As you prepare to apply for international jobs, begin by defining your global brand.

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5 Steps To Becoming An Unforgettable Intern

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What you are about to read is a 5-step guideline for sticking out among your peers and for being seen as the best intern in the entire company. Follow these steps to becoming an unforgettable intern: 1. No project is too big! By Wednesday, I was completely done with the list and asking my boss for another project. Don’t be afraid to take on a big project! The post 5 Steps To Becoming An Unforgettable Intern appeared first on CAREEREALISM.

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How International Headhunters Can Open Up New Markets

The Undercover Recruiter

The essence of any headhunting project is to take on a challenging assignment and find difficult to locate people. How International Headhunters Can Open Up New Markets. If it was easy the client would be able to source perfect candidates without outside assistance. Often Headhunters are brought in to locate specific individuals to open up new markets or territories abroad. In some cases […]. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

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5 Leadership Tips From An International VP

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Try This : Take on a small project that no one is expecting you to. Do it well, then take on a larger project and repeat the process. The post 5 Leadership Tips From An International VP appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Leading a team is a challenging thing, especially if it’s your first time as a manager. It’s no longer just about your ability to do great work. Inspiring other people to perform at a high level takes a completely different skill set, but it’s not complicated.

The Top 3 Interns Every Organization Must Have

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A lot of organizations are perfectly capable of hiring an intern within their area of expertise: accounting firms hire accounting interns, legal firms offer internships to the next round of “would be” attorneys, and TV and film companies are always ready to hire their next round of interns. How do they know what interns they should be hiring ? The type of internship that lets the intern walk away with a portfolio of work that they can be proud of?

How Interns Can Make Their Own Positions in the Workplace (and Succeed)

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An internship was often regarded as a peon position… a person on whom to dump your unwanted tedious projects and your errands. Now, I say “of the past” because in recent years interns have made strides into becoming recognized as valuable contributors and resources well above and beyond their photocopying skills. An Intern is “Just an Intern”? There are still some old-school types out there who think interns are merely at an entry level… of the entry level.

can I flat-out refuse to do a project?

Ask a Manager

I finally told my supervisor that I can’t work on this project again, period. Can I just look my boss in the eye and say, “No, I’m not doing that project anymore”?

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The Importance of Networking for Interns

Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe The Importance of Networking for Interns by Rich DeMatteo on November 16, 2009 Last week I read a post from one of my favorite bloggers, Ryan Stephens , who wrote a piece called “How to be an Awesome Intern&#. My long ass response to his post suggested that networking is critical for the intern. So, how does an intern use networking to effectively boost their career?

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Should Students Eschew Intern Opportunities to Be Digital Nomads?


In fact, studies show that the majority of interns (paid and unpaid) will not receive a job offer.” I know from experience that many companies view interns as cheap, if not free labor. International Perspective. He has worked on projects around the world. How does this statement make you feel? “ The next generation workforce will be far more prepared to deal with the realities of future employment if they start working remotely now. ”.

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5 Different Jobs With An International Business Degree

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You’re in college and decide that you want to pursue international business. There are many segments to international business, so there are several questions you need to ask yourself: What part of business are you interested in? 5 Jobs With An International Business Degree. Here are five different jobs available for someone with an international business degree. International Accountant. International Economist. International Banking.

am I the annoying intern?

Ask a Manager

This week on the Ask a Manager podcast, I talked to an intern who’s worried that she might be the annoying intern in her office. Here’s the letter: I have been an intern with a small government agency for a month. My bosses have given me great feedback, and I am working on a number of projects that really excite me. I personally love the mission and work of this agency beyond words, and have contributed ideas and help wherever I can.

Resume-Writing Advice for Prospective Interns

Career Rocketeer

Being an intern is such an exciting prospect! As a prospective intern, there’s no doubt that other students are pushing for the same opportunities you want: the chance to gain experience, networking opportunities and (cross your fingers) some money. You want to make sure the friends you choose to help are reliable and will be able to help you handle any projects you delegate to them. And then enjoy living the life of an intern.

5 Reasons To Launch An International Career

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Interested in an international career ? 5 Reasons To Launch An International Career Here are five reasons why you should launch an extraordinary international career right now. Adventure Your international career launch will be an adventure. Build Global Leadership Skills A globalized economy calls for globalized leaders – an international job placement will immerse you in exciting projects that will forge you into a highly adaptable professional.

Worried About Your Best Employees Starting Their Own Businesses? Trap Them With An Internal Incubator.

The HR Capitalist

Dubbed “Area 120,” the incubator will be overseen by long-time Google executives Don Harrison and Bradley Horowitz, according to people familiar with the project. If you're like a lot of companies, one of the biggest threats to losing your top talent - the best of the best - is those individuals leaving to start their own companies. It's a 1% problem. Only the most talented people have the means and the courage to leave to do this.

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updates: too much money on cupcakes, the awful summer intern, and more


We also had one project completed, so those contracts were terminated. I got in touch with a staffing agency that was able to place me in a contract position for a wonderful company who seem to have liked me enough to keep me on projects through now, with more in the future, and I’m hoping that it will turn into full-time employment with them soon. I have an awful summer intern , and I can’t fire him (first update here ).

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I’m not a recent grad — can I still intern?

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I’ve worked on small, often unpaid or student projects over the years just to keep my portfolio relevant. One of the factors they look at is “the extent to which the internship is tied to the intern’s formal education program by integrated coursework or the receipt of academic credit.”.

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Befriend the intern to fire up your career | Penelope Trunk's.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Befriend the intern to fire up your career Posted to: Networking | Promoting Yourself July 30th, 2010 Del.icio.us Ryan Paugh , who was basically my intern when I met him , and now he's almost my boss and definitely my social-skills mentor , tells me that I am popular because I'm interesting but that I suck at self-promotion. (He Recognize interns are gatekeepers to the good stuff.

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dealing with the self-appointed alpha-intern

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: It is, of course, summer intern season — which naturally means lots of poorly paid or unpaid 20-somethings trying to make a good impression for the sake of their future careers, myself included. Where I’m working this summer, there is a fellow intern intent on creating for herself an unspoken “captain of the interns” role.

Navigating Unpaid Internships under the FLSA


Interns are given an opportunity to experience company culture, learn what it’s like to actually perform in a particular field, see career opportunities and learn outside the classroom. Companies are provided with an opportunity to bring in students who show promise, prove that the company is a good place to work and essentially audition the intern for an entire summer. As a result, if your unpaid intern is “employed” under the FLSA, they’re entitled to at least minimum wage.

Finding Internships that Lead to Permanent Placement

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Every year, fresh-faced college students venture out into the world of work, completing assignments as interns at major firms. The majority of students will not find jobs with their intern companies. By understanding the factors that determine which students get hired, aspiring interns can maximize their chances for placement after graduation. The first place to start looking for companies that hire interns is with the internship search. Companies that Hire Interns.