What Are Your Business Goals?

Water Cooler Wisdom

Not counting seasonal variations, 55 percent of owners have recently hired or are planning to hire new staff, 23 percent are raising worker compensation, and 11 percent plan to create new jobs. Small-business activity is on the rise, according to the  National Federation of Independent Business’ s chief economist William Dunkelberg.

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Seven Short Q & A’s on Sunday

Sklover Working Wisdom

When resigning should I say where I am going to my co-workers? Jacksonville, Florida. Question 7: Can a Workers Comp insurance carrier demand that, as part of a settlement of a Workers Comp case, that I give my employer a Resignation Letter, and can they dictate that my Resignation Letter does not use the word “involuntary” in it? From my limited knowledge of Workers Comp law, I rather doubt you can be forced to give a resignation; I may be wrong.

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