Have the Handbill in Tow Going to Job Fairs and Networking Events

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I talk to job seekers regularly who only depend on a few methods to find jobs. You should know more about using a handbill to put in the hands of people you meet at networking events and job fairs. Standing out is critical in the job search today.

Do Job Fairs Still Work?

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With all kinds of action happening online these days, many job seekers decide that the local job fairs are a waste of time. But, really, attending the local job fairs is one of the most effective things you could do if you do it right.

How Will You Stand Out at Your Next Job Fair? Use a Handbill

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Everyone usually has one goal attending a networking event or a job fair: To meet the right person to get the next step. How do you stand out at job fairs and networking events? How do you stand out at job fairs and networking events?

5 Tips for Job Fair Success

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There are many job opportunities out there, and if you are looking for a job, sometimes the best way to do so is by attending a job fair or convention. Job Fair Careers hire Job Search

Job Fairs Offer Opportunities

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With all of the new ways people are looking for jobs (online job boards, social networking sites, etc.), many people forget that job fairs are just as popular as ever in today’s employment market. Better yet, some job fairs offer on-site interviews during the job fair.

Tips for Leveraging Job Fairs for Your Job Search

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Many job seekers do not consider job fairs as part of their job search. However, if you are out of work, job fairs can be an excellent way to get a job. While it’s doubtful that the job fairs you visit will look like the picture to the right, there are a number of things […]. Career advice Careers Job Fairs Job Search

Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Next Executive Job Fair

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Executive resume services can help you stand out at a job fair. Job fairs used to be designed for entry-level positions and students looking for their first job. If you need to hire executive resume services prior to the job fair, do it.

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Are Job Fairs Worth the Time?

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We are in one of the high seasons for job fairs. Generally, we see a rise in job fairs in September and October, and again in January through April. It can be, but you need to choose the job or career fair that’s right for you. Recently a client called to provide feedback regarding his time spent at a job fair. Within 10 minutes, he knew it was not the fair for him. Avoid this nightmare by selecting your fair wisely.

Should You Attend A Job Fair To Find A Job?

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Should You Attend A Job Fair To Find A Job? If you’re in a job search, you may be wondering if attending a career fair or job fair is a good move, or a waste of time. You may find it hard to stand out among so many other job seekers.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward at Campus Job Fairs

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Now you feel ready to play a vital role programming, troubleshooting or engineering for a high-profile company or organization — but have you prepared for the campus job fairs that might actually open those doors for you? Agile Job Search job fairs new grads

Benefits of Job Fairs

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Are you searching for a job or a new career? If so, you may have searched for jobs online or in your newspaper’s employment section. Although these are great resources, you may want to think about attending a job fair, as they are a great way to find available job positions.

Create a Handbill if You Want to Stand Out at Networking Events and Job Fairs

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He wrote about this in his 2011 book, The 7 Rules for Getting Hired in Any Economy: Cracking the New Job Market. Jessica offers this to her clients for them to use at networking events and job fairs. Me: So, this is more valuable to a job fair vendor or employer than a biz ?

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???? 25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Ridiculous Waste of Time


Are career fairs a waste of time or are you wasting time at career fairs? In 2002, I was on the job search in Israel a few months after leaving my job at Amazon.com in France. Free bonus: Download JobMob's Job Fair Success Guide with over 60 job fair tips.

10 Tips for Success at Job Fairs

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Recently, I attended a local job fair and spoke to several of the employers to solicit their response to the following question: “If you were to offer one tip for job seekers attending a job fair, what would it be?”

Making the Most out of Job Fairs


When I first started out in HR ten years ago, I attended job fairs that were packed with employers. Job fairs were so big that it would have been nearly impossible for a job seeker to visit every table. Is attendance at job fairs worth the effort?

7 Tips for a Job Fair

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First impressions are everything at a Job Fair. We bring you some tips to make the most of a Job Fair. It is important that you attend the career fair with a resume, and it should be printed on actual resume paper.

6 Tips To Finding Success At Job Fairs


There are many different types of job and career fairs, including informational fairs about graduate programs and post-graduate service programs. This is an easy step that can help you make the most of your time at the job fair and find the companies that interest you.

Having a Strategy is Key to Job Fair Success


Seniors — hungry for their dream jobs — and juniors — hoping to land internships — will be armed with resumes and dressed in suits. To many job seekers (entry-level or not), attending career fairs is a daunting but necessary task.

Techeads Israeli Hitech Job Fair on March 6th 2012


People & Computers’ latest edition of its annual hitech (IT) job fair is next week. If you know anyone else looking for a job in Israel in one of the below industries, please share this article with them. Discover job openings you aren’t aware of.

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25 Reasons Job Fairs Are Not a Waste of Time


Have you been to a job fair recently? In 2002, I was on the job search in Israel a few months after leaving my job at Amazon.com in France. Living in Jerusalem at the time, I later had to commute for over 90 minutes just to get to the fair.

COMIC – Julian and Larry go to a job fair

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5 Things You MUST Do Before Attending A Job Fair

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Most job fairs run between January and May. When Spring rolls around, things usually ramp up because most employers want job openings filled before Summer kicks off. Related: 3 Tips On Using Direct Mail In Your Job Search. Things You MUST Do Before Attending A Job Fair.

Achieving the best ROI Possible at a Job Fair or Convention

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There is a world of talent out there, and if your company is looking to hire some of that talent sometimes the best way to do so is by attending a job fair or convention. Also go over all the information you’ll want to get from each person you meet at the fair.

Top 8 Tips for Job Fair Success

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Walking into a job fair may seem like a daunting task. You may be one of hundreds of candidates vying for a recruiter’s attention, but you can earn an advantage over the competition by following these top tips for job fair success. Job fair tips image from Shutterstock.

Job Fairs: Useful or Useless?

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A friend of our Unemployment Intervention show shared her excitement about attending an upcoming job fair. Career Reality Episodes | CAREEREALISM TV Job Search advice career congressman help job job fair searchBut, are they useful or useless? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at CAREEREALISM.com.

How To Prepare For A Job Fair

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& Dale: A large wholesale company recently moved into my area and is having a job fair. Most employer job fairs are impromptu interview sessions. The post How To Prepare For A Job Fair appeared first on CAREEREALISM. Job Search careerDear J.T. &

Job Fair for Israeli High Tech Professionals on July 7th 2011


People & Computers’ latest edition of its annual hitech (IT) job fair is rolling in this week. It’s been a while since any national job fairs took place here, but this one keeps going strong early every summer. Network with other job seekers.

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Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair?

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager Have you ever gotten a job from a job fair? March 14, 2011 In response to the previous post on job fairs , a commenter asked: I have attended my alma mater’s industry-specific career fair the past few years.

Bringing Your “A” Game: 5 Tips For Acing A Job Fair

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Job fairs are a great opportunity to interact with representatives from multiple companies in a short period of time. However, job seekers should prepare in advance. Here are five tips for acing a job fair and bringing your “A” game: 1.

How To Choose A Career Or Job Fair

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Blog Free Downloads Sponsor Resources FAQ [05.28.10] View Comments How To Choose A Career Or Job Fair Career fairs (or job fairs as they are sometimes called) are not created equal. A few weeks ago I wrote about the pros and cons of going to a career or job fair.

Job Fair Tip: Consider It An Interview

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™ This blog contains resume and interview tips for professionals and students by the founder of Resume Boutique, Randi Lewis, a recruitment professional and former practicing lawyer who knows what your resume needs and how you should present by telephone and in person to land that job.

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erhaps you have participated in a job fair, or maybe you have just seen the images on TV. The lines are long as job seekers wait for a chance to speak to a recruiter about a job. Most people will tell you that it is unlikely that you will walk out of a job fair with a job. So is it worth it to go?

3 updates from letter-writers (the text tantrum, the reverse job fair, and returning to the old job)

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Shortly after the unprofessional text message where one of my bosses failed to appreciate her baby goat texts and never got all the way to the ER, my coworker sat down with her husband (our other boss) and told him she was unhappy with the situation, his wife was incredibly unprofessional, and she would be looking for another job. She found another job within a few weeks and left. I’m participating in a reverse job fair — where my job fair booth will advertise me (#5 at the link).

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Working a Job Fair – Part One

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The Good, The Bad Given that the average employee will hold down many different jobs during his or her career, you can almost bet that you’re going to attend a job fair at some point, if you haven’t already had the pleasure. You see job fairs are a mixed blessing, with good and bad points.

Working a Job Fair – Part Two

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The key to making the most out of a job fair is planning. There are steps you can and should take before, during and after your trip to the fair. Prepare for Success Do Some Research Start by doing some research and information gathering. Obtain a list of company attendees. Out of the 60 or 70 businesses with

how to stand out at a job fair

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager how to stand out at a job fair March 14, 2011 A few months ago, I attended a bunch of job fairs to search for candidates for some jobs I was hiring for. This was my first foray into job fairs, and it was pretty fascinating to watch how different job-seekers navigated the situation differently. I attend the fair because it’s better than just sitting at home but leave wondering why I even bothered.

Are attending job fairs still useful for employers and job seekers in.


Working a Job Fair – Part Three

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Follow Up for Success Record the Day When you finally get home after a long day, take a few moments to jot down some notes. To whom did you speak – name, title and company. What were your impressions of the company, the interviewer and the prospects for gainful employment? Even though you’re beat and suffering brain fade,

Now Hiring! The Value of Virtual Job Fairs

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It would be pretty irresponsible to up and move across the country without a job already in place…but it’s not exactly easy to interview and search out positions from the opposite coast. About 10 years ago, a new phenomenon, the virtual job fair , began popping up. Unlike the traditional job fair, the virtual job fair allows for interactions between employers and job seekers to take place “online,” thus saving both sides time and money.

Are Job Fairs a Good Use of Your Job Search Time?

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CareerAlley Career advice, job search advice and job search site reviews Comments By Email Posts Jobs powered by Simply Hired « Job Search – Everyone has a Story to Tell Job Hunting – What Have You Been Doing Lately? » Are Job Fairs a Good Use of Your Job Search Time? Therefore, you have to be strategic in how you use your time during your job search. 2) Are the companies at the job fair actually hiring?

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