Mobile Recruiting is a Complete Sham & Waste of Your Time


The argument is that real numbers just don’t support that recruiting teams should adopt mobile, and the statistics like the ones bulleted in the list below are purely a marketing play to drive perceived awareness and white paper downloads making mobile recruiting mainstream.

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The Social Conundrum for HR: Is There One?


Perhaps it’s in the subtle shift of job boards and HR technology to add social capabilities to their offerings. and just not applying the old school method of “post and pray” All of these things play into the hiring and job search changes we have seen.

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HR LunchBreak: Affecting the VALUE of Your Workforce


Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. HCX Jobs. Search. Surveys & White Papers. As a result, HR can also lead the way toward defining key results or performance indicators for every job description- hard and fast metrics by which the strength of your workforce can be analayzed. Blais began blogging in 2004, as he researched the value of social networks and new media for employers and job seekers.?e Recruiting / HR Jobs.

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