Why A Miami Business Administration Degree Can Advance Your Career

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The economy is on an upswing, but the job market is still a tough nut to crack. People displaced by job loss find themselves facing months of endless job searching with no offers. With unemployment rates in the Miami area at 8.7% Job Search career

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5 Ways to Use Twitter in Your Job Search


EDT to learn best pratices in finding your next dream job using social media. Have you already graduated and are still looking for that dream job? Did you know that you might be able to tweet your way to a job? 5 WAYS USE TWITTER IN YOUR JOB SEARCH.

Social media transforms the job search, recruitment landscape

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Recently I read an interesting article about whether Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can really help people find a job. The article noted how nowadays, a college degree and even years of experience do not necessarily translate into a good job. By Pedram Tabibi.

Job Search Journey – The Trip Always Seems Quicker on the way Home

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When you are 19 years old and ready to take on the world, a 1,200+ mile trip (each way) from NY to Miami with some of my friends seemed like a reasonable first trip. So what does this have to do with job search? So what do you need to create a great job search plan?

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Job Search Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

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As soon as I heard it, I thought of all the job seekers out there who are slowly dying inside. Job Search Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone. The majority of job search techniques today are useless. This is what today’s job seeker must do.

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers

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Email a Professor Today

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Blog Directory Contact Subscribe Email a Professor Today by Nicole Crimaldi on September 13, 2010 I’m made the 5 hour trek back to my Alma mater, Miami University, Thursday after work to lead a few Entrepreneurial Marketing classes taught by my favorite college professor.

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3 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Social Media for a Job Interview

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When I started to job search in college I knew I needed to have my resume and portfolio in perfect condition. What I didn’t realize is that it’s not uncommon for an employer to do a Google search of a candidate before they even look at the applicant’s resume.

What Industry and Where You Live Helps in Finding a Job!

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economy out of a deep recession, your chances of finding job depend a lot on where you live and what industry you’re hoping to work for. The patchy pace of job creation is reflected in the latest jobs data. Some occupations have been all but immune to the job downturn.

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The Best Cities for Young Professionals to Move to For Jobs

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Thanks to the University of Texas, an influx of immigrants & lots of space, there are always jobs to be found. 4) Miami, Florida. Miami is not normally at the top of great places to live for the professional. Good luck in your search.

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A Résumé for Every Generation: Part 1 of 3

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Let’s examine résumés for job seekers age 40+, age 30-40, and age 20-30. In this article, we’ll start with résumés for the age 40+ job seeker. Now, you may be fearful that a job loss could impact your ability to retire in your 60s. Imagine walking into an interview with pushed-up jacket sleeves á la Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice. Be careful to only show technologies relevant to your future job. Job Search Strategies Resume

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Alternate Unconventional Careers for Those Different from the Rest…Are You a Dedicated Niche Person?

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A well known artist charges nothing less than quite a few thousand dollars for a permanent Miami ink impression of any part of the body. Good luck in your search. Related posts: Explore Different Careers With Job Shadowing. Interesting people choose unconventional careers.

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Kickstart Your Career In The New Year

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Resumes are no longer about objectives or daily job functions. A resume must properly brand the candidate within his/her areas of focus and be targeted towards the actual job position. Many job seekers, millennials in particular, are frustrated with job searching and the job market.

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20 Big Ways the Recession is Changing Young Adults

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If the job market stays as it is, experts believe there could be a major shift in the typical American household, and a return to the multi-generational home. Driven out of the job market, young adults are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs. Fewer jobs means less job flexibility.

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Job Seekers Can Learn Resilience From NBA Champ Dirk Nowitzki

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It is an inspirational story for many if all of the cliches mean something to you, but to mature Job seekers can take unique lessons from this player. What if you found a job like Dirk Nowitzki earned a championship ring, would there be common attributes? Job seekers still face possibilities of long-term unemployment. Dirk's team, the Dallas Mavericks, lost to the Miami Heat in 2006 in the Finals. Job seekers need many job search strategies, not just one.

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BLOG.COMPETITIVERESUMES.NET: Job Seekers Can Learn Resilience From.

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The Voice Of Job Seekers.from the page of an empathetic resume writer. The Voice of The Job Seeker Blog. Today’s job seeker must manage more than his or her résumé, cover letter, references on web job boards. People search a lifetime to find the perfect career.

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Like to Take Pics? Become an EveryScape Ambassador.

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Here’s what I found to be available today: Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Boston, MA Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH Columbus, OH Detroit, MI Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN Kansas City, KS Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles, CA Memphis, TN Miami, FL Milwaukee, WI Minneapolis, St.

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Like to Take Pics? Become an EveryScape Ambassador.

Telecommuting Journal

Here’s what I found to be available today: Atlanta, GA Austin, TX Boston, MA Chicago, IL Cincinnati, OH Cleveland, OH Columbus, OH Detroit, MI Houston, TX Indianapolis, IN Kansas City, KS Las Vegas, NV Los Angeles, CA Memphis, TN Miami, FL Milwaukee, WI Minneapolis, St.

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Spills & Stains - Share Your Work Story and Win - Jobacle.com BLOG.


While on the set of CSI-Miami, I was cast as a pedestrian at the harbor. Just last week I was heading to a job interview when I noticed that my tie had a very small spot on the edge.

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Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


More popular spots where job seekers and recruiters are meeting up on LinkedIn. Not sure how or why to use LinkedIn Groups on your job search? Then read this first: Everything You Need to Know About Finding Jobs with LinkedIn Groups ). 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Your Job Search. This is THE group where Engineers have the best chance of finding job opportunities on LinkedIn. Open access group for any member of CallCentre Search. JOBS 2.0

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: GM Will Stop Paying for Ads on.


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Culture Shock—Without Ever Leaving Your Home Country

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DFA’s Foster said, “While intra-regional moves may not affect lifestyle issues to the degree that these issues may be affected in some international moves, they certainly affect work-style issues, which, if not managed successfully, can profoundly affect job and project performance.”. 3 Helpful Tips For Your Relocation Job Search. 5 Job Relocation Tips For Changing Cities. How To Find An Out-Of-State Job.

The Chocolate Roses & Hot Pink Paper Fail

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Every now and then, the media latches on to a story about some creative job seeker and his or her strategy for getting attention. Usually these stories end well – the job seeker in question quickly gets interviews and lands a new job.

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office security guard won't leave me alone — Ask a Manager

Ask A Manager

I like to maintain a friendly demeanor (it’s part of my job) and I don’t mind the occasional chat. It’s uncomfortable but it gets the job done. I traveled through South America and then worked in Miami and had a taste of what everyday life is like for beautiful women.

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