International Relations In New York City

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Home to Broadway, Wall Street, a strong economy, and an impressive population to boot, New York City is the place where everything happens. According to the New York City Department of City Planning, the median age in 2011 was 35.5 Job Search career

International Relations In New York City

Career Realism

Home to Broadway, Wall Street, a strong economy, and an impressive population to boot, New York City is the place where everything happens. The Numbers According to the New York City Department of City Planning, the median age in 2011 was 35.5

Job Search Experience in New York City’s Arts Community

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Although technology didn't play a huge role in my recent job search, I did use a few programs to help get my foot in New York City's art community. Choosing a Career Path advice art career job path searchTo get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers: Spring Cleaning for Your Resume.

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Wednesday, March 9th, 2011 Wake Up and Smell the Flowers: Spring Cleaning Your Resume This month’s Career Collective topic is Spring Cleaning Your Job Search. It’s been a rough winter here in New York City.

How to Use Facebook as a Job Search Tool

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Many people use Facebook on a regular basis to stay in touch with friends and family, but few recognize the value Facebook can play in a job search. Use Graph Search to find people who may be able to help you with your search. Search profiles of users based on keywords.

10 Links to Finding Your Job Search Recruiter

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I don’t know if this happens to you, but sometimes I get calls from recruiters asking if I know someone with specific job experience. On the main page, click “find” and the recruiter search screen comes up. Three steps – select your category (industry), job type (temp, perm, etc.)

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The Job Search, College Student Perspective: Today Vs. 10 Years Ago

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The job search has changed so much over the past 10 years. Although I was not actively searching for a job 10 years ago, I can’t imagine my job search today without many tools that have only been around for the past few years.

Searching for My One True Job: Why Job Searches Should Mirror Online Dating Expectations

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But according to the numerous job sites I’ve signed up for, this is who I am. Well I’ve got something to say job sites: you don’t know me ! Job searching is important – it is your future after all. First – job boards: By: Miss Treats House of Delights.

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The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

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The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. But these seven cities in particular are where you could have a very successful career as a marketing professional. New York City.

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Ten Tips for Using Technology in Your Job Search to Land Faster

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Last week I led a presentation at the World of Working Women Employment Conference & Job Fair in New York City and discussed methods for leveraging technology to improve the quality of your job search. Job Board Tips. Online Job Search Tips.

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Meet Anna…Overwhelmed With Worry About Her Job Search

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She is overwhelmed with worry that she will never find a job. Harnessing the power of the micro-fundraising site, , we launched a campaign to raise $10,000 that will give 100 long-term unemployed people a full scholarship to our Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP).

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Active vs. Passive Candidates: Recruiting on Baseless Merit

The Undercover Recruiter

Here’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart: recruiters’ and employers’ preference of sourcing and hiring passive (non-job-seeking) candidates over active (job-seeking) candidates, and discrimination against the unemployed or anyone seeking employment.

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Looking For Job in 2017? Find Companies With These Hot Employee Perks

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The post Looking For Job in 2017? Whether you’re in a rut with your current job or just starting out, look for companies that offer a few perks in addition to a great salary and traditional benefits such as health insurance, dental care and a 401(k) match.

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The New C-suite Jobs

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The digital age, the new economy and the new world of work are ushering in a new wave of c-suite roles. New York City — Chief Digital Officer. Related posts: 7 Things Successful Executive Job Seekers Know.

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Job Search Strategy # 1 – Targeted Research

Guerrilla Job Hunting

  One quick way to discover new opportunities is by doing structured search engine queries.   That list of companies is your baseline query for your search.     The video above is an example using in which the job hunter want sto work in advertising in New York City.    Substitute your city for your search

Social Professions: The Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Social media may be fun, but now it’s creating jobs as well. This infographic by offerpop outlines some of the most social jobs and places. Takeaways: Job postings for social media positions on LinkedIn have grown 1300% since 2010.

Social Media Week in NYC: Breaking Down the #smw140resume Event


Social Media Week 2013 Talks Twitter for the Job Search. What a lineup of organizations … all on one stage to serve up some job hunting advice with a twist of social media. This event, hosted by The Muse , was all part of New York City’s Social Media Week (#smwNYC on Twitter).

4 Reasons You Won’t Win That Talent

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Over a decade ago, after the company I was working for in New York City was sold, I experienced something many people experience in their careers – unemployment. After moving to a new city where the industry I had previously worked in clearly didn’t exist, I was forced to start over again from square one. Employer candidate hiring manager Interview job offer job search John Feldmann

Report on Millennials: Young, Underemployed & Optimistic

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The report said that 59% of 18-34 year olds took a job they didn’t want just to pay the bills. That includes part-time jobs, but college graduates have also been forced to accept full-time positions unrelated to their college studies due to the recession.

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Work With America’s Best Executive Recruiters

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The 250 Top-Ranked Executive Search Firms in America and 8 Tips To Work With Them. When you’re proactively job-hunting, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to advance your job search. According the online job search expert Susan P.

One Anecdote: Patience and Tenacity in Your Job Search in this Economy

Resume Boutique

One of our Resume Boutique clients just landed a job after a long search. A Connecticut-based lawyer, he moved to New York City and took a temporary position with the thought that soon he would land a full time job. But within eight months, the New York legal market began to take a nose dive. So he did what he had to do. He was fortunate enough to work for on very long term projects for two firms. He contacted us in the summer of 2010.

Top 10 Cities For New Grads

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According to this info graphic here , Kiplinger has compiled the best cities for new grads. Consider below, in no particular order, the top ten cities that offer much more for your career development: East Coast Cities. Midwest Cities. West Coast Cities.

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4 Great Health Care Careers for Single Mothers

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single mothers was 73 percent during the mid-to late-2000s, according to researchers from the Luxembourg Income Study Center at the Graduate Center City University of New York. Career News Featured Jobs Job Market Re-entering the Workforce Why ResumeBear?

Employers: Show Common Courtesy to Applicants

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Looking for a job can be stressful. As job seekers triple check their resumes for typos and edit their cover letters, it seems like employers sit back and relax with all the power—especially in today’s job market. career job job interview Job Search job seekers jobs resumebear

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Reasons You Won’t Get a Better Job in 2012

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Looking for a better job? Year after year, “Get a Better Job” is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. To start your job search off on the right foot for 2012, stop and recognize what you are doing wrong. What’s stopping you from getting a job?

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Benefits Behind Offering Internships to Veterans


An internship will open new doors and provide valuable experience for them. A veteran can also do an internship during the initial job search process directly after college graduation. The New York Stock Exchange has actively been hiring veteran interns in New York City.

7 LinkedIn Tips For Recent Grads

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So instead of tweeting about unemployment and checking in at home on foursquare every day, use these 7 quick tips to optimize your job hunt. Once you do so, LinkedIn generates jobs you may be interested in based on companies’ postings.

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7 Ways to Use Geography to Your Networking Advantage


I am fortunate to live 50 miles outside of New York City in a vibrant Connecticut town on Long Island Sound. No matter where you live or work or travel, each city offers unique advantages and opportunities to meet interesting people and discover groups.

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Finding Internships that Lead to Permanent Placement

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The majority of students will not find jobs with their intern companies. Start With Your Search. The first place to start looking for companies that hire interns is with the internship search. more – Prepare for your job while in college. Good luck in your search.

3 Ways To Get Over Your “Useless” College Degree

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I knew that even with a degree in the arts, I still had to bust my butt like every other starving artist in New York City. In your job search transferable skills are your golden ticket. The post 3 Ways To Get Over Your “Useless” College Degree appeared first on Ms.

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It’s Just a Fad!


Social media has become social business , according to the speakers and executives attending the Working Mother Media conference called “ The Business of Social Media ” in New York City on June 14. By using keywords, a student or job seeker can become easily searchable.

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Employer Networking Through Your College


These are often the kind of opportunities that can lead to an internship or a first job. Many schools have job and internship fairs or “career days. City career fair ( multiple colleges and employers in a specific city). LACN has a job and internship database.

Employer’s Interview Advice for College Students


Jeff Fernandez, CEO of Grovo in New York City, says “Prospective employees need to be in tune with the corporate culture and social cues.” Gen Y Job Search best practices interview interviewing best practices sandra sandra long Are you gearing up for interviews this spring? Employers are the best source of credible advice. Not all employers and industries are created equal, so you want to determine how to impress your employer of choice.

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5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

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But the economy is ever-so-slowly improving and jobs are out there. For recent college graduates who are lucky enough to be part of the 45 percent finding work , the job offers they receive may require moving to another city or state, which is a monumental task. Jobs by.

Fortune's Top 25 Companies for Leaders

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Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success. Virtually all universities, no matter what size, have a strong alumni community that aspiring job seekers can tap into. Make sure you keep yourself updated on the university’s job posting site.

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Job Hunt: Reality TV for Job Seekers | CareerSolvers

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Thursday, February 11th, 2010 Job Hunt: Reality TV for Job Seekers Move over Project Runway and Top Chef…A new reality TV series called Job Hunt has hit the air waves.

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The Top 50 Job Hunting Blogs

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There are many career-related blogs that provide helpful information by seasoned professionals, recruiters, authors, career experts, and those who want to share their own job search experiences. To jumpstart your search, we’ve compiled 50 of the best job-hunting blogs out there.

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6 Steps To Maximize Your School’s Career Center As The Path To Job Success

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Virtually all universities, no matter what size, have a strong alumni community that aspiring job seekers can tap into. Remember, entry-level job postings from top employers go directly to the career planning office first! 5 Things To Consider Before You Take That Management Job. #1

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Is Your Personal Brand Fake?

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I recently came across a video called Sh*t New Yorkers Say. The video is a funny account of what it’s like to live in New York City. It touches on all that is magical and all that is annoying about this city in less than 3 minutes.

#1 Thing College Students Must Do To Become Employable

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I just finished reading an article in Crane’s New York Business titled Recent College Grads Face a Tough Job Market. The article quotes that 52% of New York City-based company heads will not be hiring fresh graduates at this time.

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6 Tips On Working With Recruiters

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When job boards aren’t delivering the results you want, you may consider working with recruiters. Related: Quick Analysis Of Your Job Search Techniques. The fact is recruiters aren’t there to find jobs for people. Recruiters are there to find people for jobs.

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The Job Market for Tech is Moving Forward. You Should Too.

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The Job Market for Tech is Moving Forward. You feel fortunate to have a job. The best move is to stay in your stable job, right? Tech Demand is High As a recruiter, I can tell you first hand that demand for top tier technical talent is high in New York City.