7 Things I Learned About Resume Writing That Changed Everything

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I’ve been helping job seekers with their resumes, LinkedIn profiles and other job search-related materials for about 25 years. You’d think resume writing would be that much easier after all that time, but it’s not. Resume writing is complicated.

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Best of the Year Executive Resume Writing Tips and Strategies

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Are you convinced you can write your own executive resume? If you’ve been in on the hiring process at your company for some time, and have been in a position to review resumes of candidates, you may have a good handle on what should and shouldn’t be in a resume. […]. The post Best of the Year Executive Resume Writing Tips and Strategies appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Maybe you can.


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The Insight About Executive Resume Writing

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Simply listing out your career accomplishments and highlighting your experiences on an executive resume isn’t enough to get recognized today. In a way, writing resumes that get you hired is all about how you display the information and what keywords you use, no matter how experienced you actually are. You generally only have about six seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume. Here are some insider tips about executive resume writing you may find useful.

Resume Writing Service

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Do you know what a resume writing service and a plumber have in common? The professional resume writing option may be the most expensive, but it is overall the best bet for getting the job done. A resume writing service is essentially a plumber for your employment history. Resume writing services carry several advantages that help distinguish you from your competitors. Better Resumes in Less Time. Good luck in your search.

10 Resume Writing Tips for College Students

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Creating a captivating resume can be a daunting task for college students. However, when you take a look at the list of things that are valuable for employers, you will understand that there is much more you can write about than what you initially anticipated. If you know how to write a resume , you will easily convince your potential employer that you possess the exact skills they are looking for. Before you start writing the resume, make a list of your experiences.

Best Executive Resume Writing Tips for 2014

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Alison Doyle of About.com recently put out a call through their LinkedIn Group for resume writing tips for the new year , to help you get noticed and land your next great gig. Among the top tips from 15 careers experts, Sara Sutton Fell, Founder & CEO of FlexJobs.com, contributed one on matching your resume to your LinkedIn profile, for social proof : “Make sure your resume is online! When employers search for you online (and they will!),

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2 of My Favorite Insider Tips for Executive Resume Writing

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Aside from the given personal branding and first-step job search strategies everyone needs to embrace before writing their resume – targeting, research, and relevant keyword development. And resume-writing best practices in terms of value-driven content, formatting, and grammar, Here are 2 tips you may not know for your resume that can help elevate the value you offer and catapult your job search forward.

Should You Hire a Resume Writing Service?

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An executive resume service can be one of your biggest assets. That definitely holds true for job seekers. New interview clothes and shoes, dry-cleaning, gasoline – these expenses add up, especially if you are a job seeker currently between positions. Should you take on the additional expense of hiring a resume service? The majority of your resume will consist of details of your education and the skills you possess that will make you a stellar employee.

Executives Are Feeling a Job Search Itch This Month

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Executives are feeling a job-search itch this month. I’ve been engaged in numerous, meaty executive resume service consultations with Directors, VPs + CEOs this month, more so than in recent Decembers. These individuals all are preparing for a 2020 job hunt.

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Executive Resume Experts Weigh in on Best Resume Writing Practices

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25 years ago when I was a newly minted resume writer, I included in my clients’ executive resumes the trite phrases most of us shun today, like “results-oriented” and “experienced professional”. With experience, mentoring and training, I quickly came to understand that a resume is a personal marketing document. The post Executive Resume Experts Weigh in on Best Resume Writing Practices appeared first on Executive Career Brand.

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The Biggest Executive Resume Writing Mistake

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The Biggest Executive Resume Writing Mistake is a post from: Executive Career Brand. You sit down to put your resume together and ponder what should go in, and what should NOT go in. You may think one of these resume mistakes is the worst thing you can do: Wrong formatting. That is, not determining at the start of your job search which companies and positions within them are a good mutual fit. Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

How to Create a Job Search Plan

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One of the most under-appreciated aspects of a job search is creating a comprehensive plan and sticking to it. The mistake many professionals make is thinking they can put in a significant amount of time and effort for a couple of weeks and their efforts will be rewarded with their desired job shortly afterward. However, the best professional resume writers will tell you this isn’t always the case, even if you have a flawless resume. Write Down Clear Goals.

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7 Deadly Sins of Executive Resume Writing

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If your executive resume isn’t doing its job landing you interviews, and you know it doesn’t present you well, it may need an intervention. Is your resume in such bad shape you can’t deny it any longer? If it’s so bad you won’t use it, or if you’re using it and getting little or no response, your resume probably needs help. If your only job search efforts have been posting your resume to job boards, there may be nothing wrong with your resume.

Resume Writing Services Dayton, Ohio

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Resume Writers in Dayton, Ohio. When it comes to resume writing, there tends to be an over influx of services and resume writers whom claim to understand the nuances and intricacies that are required to create a resume. What Makes a Great Resume?

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10 Senior Executive Resume Writers Provide Expert Job Search Tips for 2019

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Following is a cross-post of top 10 resume writing and jobs search tips, reprinted with permission from executive resume writer colleague, Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, owner of CareerSteering. 10 top executive resume writing services share winning job search strategies to help you land your next six-figure senior executive position. Kick your job search into gear with […].

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How to Harness the Power of Positive Thinking During Your Job Search

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I begin most resume writing projects with a get-to-know-you phone call with a prospective client. If you’re miserable in your job, first realize your unhappiness is likely a signal to you that something isn’t right, that now is the time to move on. Your job search will thank you!

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Executive Job Searching is More Than a Perfect Resume

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One of the most common misconceptions about an executive job search is thinking a flawless resume will guarantee you a job. It will definitely help your chances if you use one of the top resume writing services to perfect your resume, but there are many more components to a successful job search. Here are some important points to keep in mind during your job search. Develop A Job Search Strategy.

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Some Insights About Cover Letters and Resume Writing

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There are four aspects to the job search process: looking for job openings; applying to the job openings; attending the job interview; and. evaluating the job offer. This article will focus on the second aspect, applying for a job opening. The cover letter and the resume. Most job seekers know to send these, but don’t truly understand their purpose and, thus, how to fully leverage their potential to move on to the next phase. jobs by.

How to Balance Your Job Search and Your Current Job

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One of the main benefits of looking for a new job while currently employed is you will generally be more attractive to employers. Here are some tips to consider for balancing your job search and your current job. Time Your Job Search Perfectly. Try holding off on your job search until the late summer months, since there are typically fewer applicants for jobs during that time frame. Keep Your Search Confidential.

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Could Setting a Timeline Prove Beneficial to Your Job Search?

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A job search has many ups and downs. You could be on cloud nine when you receive an opportunity to interview, but then fall back down when you don’t get the job. Keeping a level mindset is difficult, but necessary during your hunt for a new job. It’s easy to take a break from your job search. Using the top rated resume writing services can help you meet your plan and goals. Complacency can be a big detriment to your job search efforts.

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5 Ways to Master the Executive Job Search

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There are many different approaches you can take when undergoing an executive job search. While there isn’t one guaranteed way to make your searching most effective, there are plenty of things you can do wrong to derail your chances of getting an interview. Unless you’re one of the very few people (if any at all) who have the interview requests flowing in, there are some steps to take to master your job search. Make Sure Your Executive Resume is Targeted.

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10 Resume Writers Among the Best Offer Resume Writing & Job Search Advice

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10 + Top Executive Resume Writing Services Share Winning Job Search Strategies Read up on our expert advice to help you land your next six-figure senior executive position. Kick your job search into gear with best executive job search tips for the new year. The post 10 Resume Writers Among the Best Offer Resume Writing & Job Search Advice appeared first on Premium Executive Resume Writing Services.

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Resume Writing for a Year of Missing Work History

Cube Rules

The post Resume Writing for a Year of Missing Work History appeared first on Cube Rules. Job Search Job search; resume tipsIt can be nerve wracking to try to explain to a possible employer why you haven’t worked in over a year. If you only have gaps for a couple of months here and there, you probably don’t need to worry. However, if you have several months or years in your recent history with long periods […].

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Executive Job Search Must Haves

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There are many different tools you need to have as an executive looking for a new job. Using these strategies will keep you on par with your competition, and your job search strategies can put you over the top. Whether it’s updating your LinkedIn profile or optimizing your resume, there are certain things you must have with your job search. Your executive resume biography tells a story and is more conversational than a resume or cover letter.

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Front Office Bankers Resume Writing


When it comes to resume/CV writing there is no magic formula to follow that will ensure your resume will be read. There are however clear dos and don’ts that will either add value to your resume or work in the negative by having your resume deleted. Too many times a job candidate will focus much of their resume on standard day to day duties. It does not enhance your resume as it does not tell the reader anything.

How to Keep the Drive Alive in an Executive Job Search

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Executive job searches are much different today than they were several years ago. Of course, starting by working with the top resume writing services can help set your foundation, but you also have to think about your LinkedIn profile, other social networking profiles and even attending networking events. It’s not uncommon for people to get burned out on the job search process after a few weeks and lose motivation as a result.

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Resume Writing Services in Atlanta, Georgia

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Resume Writing Services in Atlanta, Georgia. Resume writing services in Atlanta, Georgia tend to be a dime a dozen. What Makes a Great Resume? Resume writing is more of an art-form than other editorial and writing services. Full Resume Rewrite.

Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Building Your Resume

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For those of you who have followed my blog, you will know that I continually compare a job search to a marketing campaign (see “ Job Search Marketing 101 ” – Battling for Prime Shelf Space”) with you as the product. Great marketing campaigns yield great sales (in this case, you finding the job of your dreams). So how does this compare to a job search? With that said, this article’s links focus on Resumes. Job Search.

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ATS Myths You Shouldn’t Believe When Job Searching

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If it’s been a while since your last job search, you may have been introduced to a new tool to look out for called Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These systems help employers filter through resumes easier by identifying specific keywords and phrases and eliminating the ones that don’t have them. This makes utilizing top rated resume writing services even more important, since they can identify ATS terms you need to use and ones you need to avoid.

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Job Search – Take the Plunge

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Job search is much the same, sometimes you just need to commit yourself, kick it up a notch and take the plunge. Today’s post is a collection of recommended job sites from readers. VizualResume.com – Several months ago I did a post on visual resumes (see Visual Resumes – Do You Have Yours ?) and I missed out on reviewing VizualResumes which provides examples of visual resumes. Click Visual Archive to see additional resumes.

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3 Ways to Prepare for Your Executive Job Search

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Too many executives today aren’t getting the results they expected as they go through their job search. Most of those times, the job seeker either didn’t prepare enough or prepared the wrong ways. When you visit executive resume writing services, the importance of a strong resume will be stressed. However, it will also be expressed that a quality resume isn’t the only thing to help you land an interview.

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?? Top Job Search Articles of 2020


2020's most popular job search blog posts from the most popular job search bloggers. At the end of every year, I reach out to dozens of job search experts to ask for their top job search-related articles from the past 12 months.

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Are You Limiting Your Job Search Potential?

Professional Resume Services

Professional resume writers will help you stand out. Case in point: your resume. Quite a few people struggle with their job search for months, only to visit professional resume writers and learn their resume is the majority of the problem! Your resume is supposed to help your chances of finding work, not hinder it! Many people think of their accomplishments from previous jobs as being the general responsibilities associated with them.

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Reasons You May Want to Avoid Job Boards for Your Executive Job Search

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Executive job boards have a purpose, but the chances of you landing your dream job from them are very low. Spending a significant amount of time on your executive profile is great, but the best way to display it isn’t necessarily on an online job board. Hundreds and thousands of jobs are posted on job boards every day. Here are some of the top reasons why you should avoid job boards for your executive job search.

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How to be Aggressive with an Executive Job Search

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Being aggressive with an executive job search doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be pushy or demanding. Aggressiveness actually means spending a significant amount of time developing the best resumes and cover letters tailored to the job and company you’re applying for. Here are some tips to consider throughout your job search. Tailor Your Resume Specifically For The Job. Writing general resumes and cover letters won’t get you very far.

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7 Things To Do To Get Ready For Your Job Search

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If your goal is to get a new job this year, here are seven things you need to do to prepare yourself for your job search. While ideally your résumé is customized for a specific job, having an up-to-date résumé targeted for a specific “type” of position is the next best thing. Someone looking for a candidate with your skills and experience might conduct a search on LinkedIn and find your profile. It’s estimated that 70-80% of jobs are found through networking.

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6 Winning Executive Resume Writing Strategies

Career Realism

You may spend hours to perfect the resume to impress employers, but hiring managers and recruiters may only spend a mere few seconds on it. As unbalanced as it may seem between the job seeker and the hiring manager’s/recruiter’s time with the resume, it is nonetheless an important document to perfect. The resume is what will help pave the way to your next career opportunity. Related: 4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Executive Resume.

Mastering The Job Search Process


In the last decade, job seeking has changed and competition for every role is more competitive than ever. The prosperous decade of the 1990s, when jobs were plentiful and money (not to mention credit) was seemingly free flowing, failed to give way to an equally prosperous 2000s. Individuals seeking employment in this market are finding it difficult to do so, mostly because jobs have disappeared, having been shipped overseas or completely phased out.

Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Overview

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Okay, so I admit it – I’m a fanatic with job search (and, therefore, this blog). When I’m looking for a job I’m obsessed. I use a tried and true process which enables me to more quickly find the right job for me. We are going to provide everything you need to organize and build you job search toolkit over the next few posts. Your “plan” is essentially to create the lists you will need to get your job search started.

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How Technology Can Improve Your Job Search

Professional Resume Services

Resumes and cover letters are made better with technology. This goes not only for casual conversation, such as through social media, but through the way customers and businesses interact and even how people seek out jobs. If you’re a senior-level professional on the hunt for a new position, you’re probably taking in just how much job hunting has changed since the last time you had to look for work. Once these pieces have done their job, however, times have certainly changed.

Which Skills Are Optimal For An Executive Job Search?

Professional Resume Services

Anyone who has worked as a recruiter or hiring manager knows the difficulties in sorting through executive resumes. And as an executive, you may quickly realize you possess very similar skills as your competition when searching for a new job. Highlighting your best skills and attributes will help set your resume apart from the others. When you combine your tangible skills with writing an effective resume , you’ll have a better chance of distinguishing yourself.

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Job Searching at 50+: A Guide for Older Employees

Professional Resume Services

Executive resume services can help older job seekers. Some older people believe they should easily be able to get a new job because of their extensive experience. Here is a quick guide for older employees embarking on a new job search. The best resume writing services will suggest not bragging about your experience. Also, avoid re-stating your job history in your cover letter. Brushing Up Your Resume.

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Premiere Resume Writing Services at Resume Advisor

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Premiere Resume Writing Services - Resume Advisor. Resume writing services are oftentimes a dime a dozen. Nearly everyone believes they have the skills and qualifications to provide resume or career coaching skills. Resume Advisor.