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Personality Type Confidence Boost The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) is a personality assessment. It can help you communicate what is special about you and it can give you insight as to how you communicate and learn best. We love the Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator (MBTI) for getting at personality types. Career Tips Blog Short and Sweet to Help You Compete!

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MBTI To Get Unstuck

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How to compete with Generation Z

Penelope Trunk

They will be lifelong, self-learners, who take more personal responsibility for their ongoing education than any generation in history. I am talking about a more creative, independent way of learning that does not stop at college, but rather, picks up pace remarkably after college, when real experiential learning starts happening. The question is, how do we get this lifelong learning bug now, as adults, so we can compete with the young people when they enter the workforce.