Making Your LinkedIn Profile Uniquely YOU!

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One way to do so is to optimize your online presence, and LinkedIn is the premier site to. Read more » The post Making Your LinkedIn Profile Uniquely YOU! Searching for a new job or have your eye on moving up to the next level with your current employer?

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LinkedIn Profile Tips – How to Create a Winning LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is […]. Find your Dream Job LinkedInIn the digital era, the future of your professional development and career largely depend on your activity on social networks, including professional platforms.

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Should You Display #OpenToWork on Your LinkedIn Profile?

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Have you noticed the little green #OpenToWork frame around headshots on some LinkedIn profiles? A time-honored job search strategy is not to “out” the fact in your LinkedIn profile that you’re unemployed. The post Should You Display #OpenToWork on Your LinkedIn Profile?

2020 226

It’s Time to Update Your LinkedIn Profile

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I realized recently that I needed to update my LinkedIn profile. I was doing some research for a LinkedIn article that led me to scan my LinkedIn profile. The post It’s Time to Update Your LinkedIn Profile appeared first on Executive Career Brand™.

2020 227

What Should I Be Adding To My LinkedIn Profile?

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Ever wonder if you are putting the *right* information on your LinkedIn profile? Read more » The post What Should I Be Adding To My LinkedIn Profile?

2020 224

Resumes versus LinkedIn Profiles

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your resume is your heavy duty marketing tool and LinkedIn is your job search social network and job search tool. LinkedIn Resumes

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Are You Using LinkedIn Stories?

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LinkedIn joined the “Stories” game recently, following the lead of Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp and Pinterest and is only available on mobile for now. The post Are You Using LinkedIn Stories?

2020 207

How To Use LinkedIn for Research and Insights

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If you’ve been on LinkedIn for any amount of time, you know how valuable it is for job search and career networking, and for top-of-mind branding. But are you using LinkedIn for research? If you don’t have a list, LinkedIn can help you with that, too.

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Building a Credible LinkedIn Profile – and Using it To Move Your Career Forward

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“Are you on LinkedIn?” “Can Can I connect with you through LinkedIn?” Message me on LinkedIn, and we will set up a time to talk.” They make a point…if you aren’t on LinkedIn AND actively engaging and networking on the.

2020 187

5 LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Building Essentials

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Let’s start with the understanding that if you’re job-hunting, you need to have a robust LinkedIn profile personal brand building strategy. People who can help you meet your career goals are using LinkedIn to find and assess candidates like you. The post 5 LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Building Essentials appeared first on Executive Career Brand™. LinkedIn Personal Branding LinkedIn Profile personal branding

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Using Keywords to Create a Compelling Story on your LinkedIn Profile

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If you are currently employed or actively seeking employment, chances are you have already established a presence on LinkedIn so recruiters and hiring managers can find you (and if you aren’t on LinkedIn, then quit reading, sign-up on the site, and then come back to this article).

2020 158

5 Smart Tips for LinkedIn Self-Promotion

Career Alley

Smartly executed self-promotion is the key to career advancement, and in our hyper-connected days, LinkedIn is one of the best tools to help you do […]. Find your Dream Job LinkedIn Networking

2019 207

Five Devastating LinkedIn Profile Errors

Career Alley

Even the simplest errors on a LinkedIn profile page can have dire effects. Here’s a list of common errors to watch out for: LinkedIn Social Media

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How to Find and Connect with the RIGHT Recruiters on LinkedIn

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Recruiters are a major source of executive jobs and LinkedIn is a haven for them. It only makes sense to connect and network with the right recruiters on LinkedIn. The post How to Find and Connect with the RIGHT Recruiters on LinkedIn appeared first on Executive Career Brand™.

2020 190

Experts Debate LinkedIn vs. the Executive Resume

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LinkedIn and Resume Experts Discuss the Value of Each in Executive Job Search A few months ago I posted an update to my LinkedIn stream about LinkedIn vs. the executive resume, which highlighted my blog post, Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete. The post Experts Debate LinkedIn vs. the Executive Resume appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Executive Resume, Biography & Cover Letter LinkedIn executive resume

2019 182

How Do I Find Jobs on LinkedIn?

Career Alley

So many people are capitalizing on LinkedIn, from getting LinkedIn training for sales teams to individual entrepreneurs using it as a content marketing platform to job seekers using it to empower their career. LinkedIn Job SearchFor them it starts with the resume.

2016 281

Brand Yourself in the 5 Long LinkedIn Profile Sections

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Every part of your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity to communicate your brand, but LinkedIn offers 5 longer sections to really brand yourself well. It’s one thing to have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn Personal Branding Executive Job Search personal branding

2021 138

What To Say When Connecting On LinkedIn

Career Realism

While it's not so difficult to add a connection on LinkedIn when you already know the person, approaching someone you don't know, like a hiring manager, recruiter, the head of the department you want to work for, or a contact that can help get you through to the decision-maker is a different story.

2021 52

Creating Your Network on LinkedIn

Career Alley

No one will dispute the fact that LinkedIn is one of the best job search tools on the Internet. But LinkedIn did not start life as purely a job search tool, it started as a networking tool with job search as an afterthought. So if this is your first experience with LinkedIn, or you are now building your network on LinkedIn, follow the 5 basic steps listed below to getting started. LinkedIn will now help you. If that person is on LinkedIn they will show up.

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10 Absolutely Ingenious Ways to Use LinkedIn Career Explorer

Avid Careerist

If you wonder, “What is LinkedIn Career Explorer?” What Is LinkedIn. The post 10 Absolutely Ingenious Ways to Use LinkedIn Career Explorer appeared first on AvidCareerist. Uncategorized Job Search Strategy Posts LinkedIn Skills Posts Resume Keyword Posts

2021 112

How to Use LinkedIn Marketing like a Business Capitalist

Ms. Career Girl

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used social media networks worldwide. And it’s no surprise why LinkedIn is so popular – if you’ve used it recently, you already know how useful it can be to connect with clients, team members, and employees. But did you know LinkedIn can be a popular marketing tool? That’s right – LinkedIn is a social media network, after all! In this guide, you’ll learn what makes LinkedIn an effective marketing tool.

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Magnetize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile with These SEO Tips

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Creating an attractive LinkedIn profile is valuable for anyone who’s searching for a new job. Read more » The post Magnetize Your Executive LinkedIn Profile with These SEO Tips appeared first on Executive Resume Services. Products & Services Social Marketing/Online Branding Job Search linkedin LinkedIn Profile Development social networking

2019 183

Do Executive Job Seekers Need LinkedIn Premium?

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In LinkedIn strategy sessions with my clients, we cover a lot of territory on using LinkedIn for executive job search. A frequently asked question is whether they should upgrade to LinkedIn Premium. If you’re in active executive job search mode, the added features with LinkedIn Premium could be well worth the expense. The post Do Executive Job Seekers Need LinkedIn Premium? Executive Job Search LinkedIn online branding

2018 163

5 Reasons Your Personal Brand Loves LinkedIn

Executive Career Brand

The post 5 Reasons Your Personal Brand Loves LinkedIn appeared first on Executive Career Brand. LinkedIn Personal Branding personal brandingLet’s establish right off the bat that communicating your personal brand is no longer optional in executive job search. Before you write or update your resume and dive into a job hunt, you need to identify what differentiates you from others competing for the same kinds of jobs, with the employers you’re targeting. Defining your […].

2019 162

LinkedIn Experts Speak Up About the Biggest LinkedIn Executive Job Search Mistakes

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This article came about because of a LinkedIn update I posted recently that included tagging people and hashtags. What my update accomplished reinforces the importance of this practice and other LinkedIn strategy for executive job search, as well as overall career management and business development. Are you posting updates on LinkedIn regularly to engage conversation […]. Executive Job Search LinkedIn

2018 164

How To Start A Conversation With A New LinkedIn Connection

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Someone accepted your request to connect on LinkedIn. Here's how to start a conversation with a new LinkedIn connection: Start With The Subject Line Struggling to write your initial message? Introduce Yourself Shoot your new LinkedIn connection a brief message shortly after connecting.

2021 83

10 Things To Immediately Do On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the premier business networking site for job seekers and professionals at all levels. There are some things newbies need to know about LinkedIn, though, before it will be valuable tool for their job search, networking strategy, and overall career growth.

2021 83

5 Mistakes to Avoid on Your LinkedIn Profile

Career Alley

LinkedIn should be the first place you list major new accomplishments. Career advice LinkedIn

2016 243

Smart Personal Branding: Posting LinkedIn Updates vs Updating Your LinkedIn Profile

Executive Career Brand

If you’ve been paying attention, plenty of helpful articles have probably passed in front of your eyes about using LinkedIn for personal branding and executive job search. I write about LinkedIn often right here on In particular, you’ve probably seen lots of articles about LinkedIn updates, and how you can use them to build […]. Executive Job Search LinkedIn personal branding

2018 171

Your LinkedIn Questions Answered!

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Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or a veteran, you may appreciate these tips on how to get the most out of your profile. LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals, but it doesn’t mean everyone utilizes it the right way. If you have questions about how to improve your LinkedIn profile development , you’ve come to the right place. How is LinkedIn Different From Other Social Media Platforms? That’s not what LinkedIn is about.

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Deadly LinkedIn Mistake: Forgetting LinkedIn Groups

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How many LinkedIn Groups do you belong to and actively use? I review lots of LinkedIn profiles of executive job seekers. They’re missing out on one of LinkedIn’s most powerful features. Why Are LinkedIn Groups So Valuable in Job Search? You can send free InMails directly (and privately) to Group members, no matter what your LinkedIn connection status. Executive recruiters, who rely heavily on LinkedIn to source candidates, also belong to various Groups.

2015 162

3 Reasons I Won’t Connect with You on LinkedIn

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I’m fortunate and grateful to receive lots of requests to connect on LinkedIn. Expanding my network on LinkedIn means more people to learn from and communicate with. The post 3 Reasons I Won’t Connect with You on LinkedIn appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Executive Job Search Executive Networking LinkedIn networkingHeeding the same advice I give my executive job seeking clients, I connect with most people who ask me.

2018 194

Why I Believe Your LinkedIn Profile May Now Be More Valuable Than Your Resume

Career Trend

While once a junior-player in career communications, your LinkedIn profile now reigns supreme in job search. The post Why I Believe Your LinkedIn Profile May Now Be More Valuable Than Your Resume appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. executive resumes LinkedIn Profile LinkedIn Summary LinkedIn Profile Writer LinkedIn Profile Writing

2017 180

Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile Picture


Well, the same principle applies about photos on LinkedIn profiles. As soon as a profile pops up on the screen, the human eye gravitates first to […] The post Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile Picture appeared first on WorkAlpha. Job Search Networking LinkedIn LinkedIn Profile Ever asked yourself why YouTube’s popularity is growing exponentially? The answer is that people are much more attracted to information they get via images versus having to read content.

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Top Tips to include on your LinkedIn profile

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be careful not to make the mistake of thinking your LinkedIn profile and your resume are interchangeable. Resumes LinkedIn

2017 200

How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary


Everything you need to write a good LinkedIn summary. When most people first get started using LinkedIn, they’re often overwhelmed by the many different sections of their new online profile that must be filled in to be most effective on the platform. The post How to Write a Good LinkedIn Summary appeared first on Your Job Search good Linkedin summary LinkedIn summary tips update linkedin profile

2016 159

Job Scam on LinkedIn


An interesting phishing job scam I received on LinkedIn today. The post Job Scam on LinkedIn appeared first on Fake Job Offers fake job job scam linkedin phishingCan’t tell if it’s to grab my personal info or to boost the SEO of the shady URLs below. Either way, a little research, and this is clearly a job scam. Sender: Hello Andrew, My name is Sara Thompson. I am a Virtual Administrative Assistant […].

2016 138

5 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes

Executive Career Brand

Four years ago I published a post that became very popular – 29 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes – in which I described some of the worst things executives in job search do, or neglect to do, on LinkedIn. Some of the 29 mistakes I described no longer apply because the features were eliminated or LinkedIn functionality changed. 3 reasons a minimal LinkedIn profile can actually hurt your executive job search: Lacks personal branding and chemistry. Get the Most Out of LinkedIn.

2015 153

Are You Building Your Executive Personal Brand with LinkedIn Comments?

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Your executive LinkedIn profile brings you more benefits than simply the ability to connect with other professionals. When you incorporate LinkedIn comments into your job search strategy, you can give your online presence a boost, naturally grow your network, demonstrate your expertise and always be at the top of the mind of other professionals. Read more » The post Are You Building Your Executive Personal Brand with LinkedIn Comments?

2019 139

How Important Are LinkedIn Endorsements?

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With the right strategy, endorsements can easily optimize a LinkedIn profile. If you aren’t familiar with LinkedIn endorsements, they are much more important and different than getting a “like” on Facebook or Twitter. With endorsements, your LinkedIn connections can confirm your skills with just a couple of clicks, rather than writing a detailed review about you. Still, there are a few things you should know about the importance of LinkedIn endorsements.

2017 121

4 Ways to Polish Your LinkedIn Profile for 2016

Career Alley

On LinkedIn, you can easily demonstrate your professional expertise and attract recruiters or business clients to your network. However, LinkedIn offers four lesser-known features that you can use to highlight your business value. Career advice LinkedIn

2016 245

20 LinkedIn Tips


For many of us, our LinkedIn account s have become incredibly neglected over the years. LinkedIn has been proven again and again to deliver more and better qualified leads than any other social network. It''s time to give your profile an overhaul so that you can benefit from all that LinkedIn has to offer. You''d think this would go without saying, but what''s the point of having a LinkedIn profile if all of your information and updates are private?

7 Tips For Writing A Great LinkedIn Invitation

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Whether you're new to LinkedIn or you're a seasoned user, connecting with new people can be a challenge, especially when you're not sure what to write in your LinkedIn invitation. Here are seven great tips on writing LinkedIn invitations from our approved career experts: 1.

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