How to Prepare For Your New Job In Los Angeles


We’re going to assume you’re one of the smart ones who got a job in Los Angeles before planning on moving here. Here are a few tips for those who need to know how to prepare for your new job in Los Angeles. . Los Angeles is famous for its car culture.

From Los Angeles to Atlanta: a Culture Shock Indeed!

Ms. Career Girl

The post From Los Angeles to Atlanta: a Culture Shock Indeed! Los Angeles, otherwise known at the “City of Angels.” Angels! Angels in one hand, peaches in the other. It’s as bad as anything you can imagine on the 405 in Los Angeles during rush hour, only with eighteen wheelers taking up two of the four-lane highways here. Los Angeles. Los Angeles.


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Los Angeles Rams Head Coach, Sean McVay, Has the Assistant You Need

Evil HR Lady

Sean McVay made history, snagging the job as Los Angeles Rams head coach at the ripe old age of 30, but he went viral with something different: an assistant that pulls him back. To keep reading, click here: Los Angeles Rams Head Coach, Sean McVay, Has the Assistant You Need. The post Los Angeles Rams Head Coach, Sean McVay, Has the Assistant You Need appeared first on Evil HR Lady.

Case Closed – A Former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge turns Author

Ms. Career Girl

The post Case Closed – A Former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge turns Author appeared first on Ms. ” I’m also a former Los Angeles Juvenile Court judge, and the author of “Juvenile Court – A Judge’s Guide for Young Adults and their Parents” (Scarecrow Press). I now live in Los Angeles with my amazing husband, David. The post Case Closed – A Former Los Angeles Superior Court Judge turns Author appeared first on Ms.

Join Us at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Los Angeles March 15-16

Green Career Central

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio R. Green Career Central is proud to be a co-convener of the Good Jobs, Green Jobs West conference on Thursday, March 15th and Friday, March 16. I've participated in two of these conferences on the East Coast.and am excited to be able to attend on the West Coast this month! If you plan to attend, please let me know. Would be great to connect. Here is a list of some of the speakers that will be attending the conference.

PE Los Angeles Meet-Up (Jan 14, 2012) – Pictures and Afterthought!

Personal Excellence Blog

Our Los Angeles meet-up took place as planned on Jan 14, at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro. It was a HUGE BLAST – We had readers coming from LA itself, to Orange County, to Ventura County (both of which are counties in California), to all the way from Australia!!!! We met at 1:30pm, and hung out all the way till 4:30pm. Thank you to everyone for turning up! At Sage – A popular vegan restaurant in LA.

Best and Worst Cities for Job Seekers

Resume Bear

Louis, MO Detroit, Michigan Miami, Florida Las Vegas, Nevada Riverside, California Los Angeles, California Sacramento, California Portland, Oregon Memphis, Tennessee Providence, Rhode Island Top 10 Cities for Job Seekers to Find a Job: Washington, D.C.

3 Critical Things to Know Before Jumping Ship in a Bad Economy

Career Realism

From the gentleman in Los Angeles who lost his job (and his wife lost hers in a similar layoff at the same time), then moved to Portland, OR, found work, but then was laid off 8 weeks later…to the general manager of a high-end Florida restaurant who was lured away from a stable, good-paying job to open a new place in the mid-Atlantic region only to be handed a pink slip two months later from an unstable business partner (who became erratic just shortly after my client’s arrival).

Breaking Down the Onboarding Style of Steve Ballmer, Former Leader at Microsoft.

The HR Capitalist

Ballmer is retired and now owns the Los Angeles Clippers, and his leadership style was on full display earlier this week. I'm over at my other site today - Fistful of Talent - talking about the leadership style of former Microsoft leader Steve Ballmer. Check out my post at FOT - " Could Your Onboarding of New Hires Be More Like Steve Ballmer? " - by clicking here. Communications Leadership Managing

Mentoring Your Successor


The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a shaky start to their 2012-2013 NBA season. Only a few games into the season, the organization has decided to fire head coach, Mike Brown. As of Monday morning, they had hired Mike … Continue reading → Uncategorized Leadership Planning succession planning Teamwork Workgroup

Mentor 136

What’s Your Why? My Advice for Finding Passion in Professional Success

Ms. Career Girl

Hartouni has created a successful brand with his growing business footprint in Los Angeles, building a large real estate practice exceeding $1B in sales volume in 2019. The Los Angeles Business Journal has recognized him as one of their “40 Under 40” Most Influential Business Owners.

2021 207

How to Walk Away from Something That Isn’t Working for You

Ms. Career Girl

Fast forward 10 years, and I now own a successful business in Los Angeles, travel the world teaching social media workshops and business classes, and I genuinely love my life! She moonlights as a Salon Owner and Hair Stylist in Los Angeles.

2020 242

U.S. 2019 HR & Job Insights: Salary Growth, Wage Cautions, Gen-Z

We focused on Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles for our research and analysis as it pertains to geographical and metropoli This year, we’re releasing a special report. As we enter into a new year, consumers and workers should be aware of the changes afoot in the job market and how that may impact their quality of life in major metropolitan areas.

Manage Leaves of Absence like a Pro

Evil HR Lady

I have a theory: People think using Excel to its full potential means they can run the entire world on this one program. This is a pretty crappy theory, but people insist on trying it–especially when it comes to small businesses and employee management.

2021 233

The Cost Of A Perfect Valentine’s Around The World

Ms. Career Girl

in Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles ranks as most expensive city to celebrate love worldwide. For the cost of a day of romantic activities in Los Angeles, a couple could buy return flights to Prague and still have enough money to enjoy all the same activities in the Czech capital. Prague, Czech Republic at $458.28, is the most affordable city to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whilst Los Angeles, USA is the most expensive at $1316.26.

2017 100

Protecting Yourself: Safety Tips For Uber Drivers


The button’s currently available in 250 select cities and counties in the US, including Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, Phoenix, and San Diego. Roughly 3 million people drive for ride-sharing company Uber, and make an average of $364 a month , Market Watch reports.

2020 151

Ladies, Don’t Take a Seat at the Table. Own the Table.

Ms. Career Girl

A Harvard Law School graduate, Martin founded Martin & Martin, LLP, a Los Angeles–based civil rights firm, and is the CEO of Butterflly Health, Inc. , As women, we’ve been encouraged to proudly and boldly take our seat at the table.

2021 196

Five Musts for Your SoCal Visit

Ms. Career Girl

The Runyon Canyon has amazing view of the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles and nearby snow-capped mountains. Los Angeles is the world’s capital of entertainment. Los Angeles is home to some of the best shopping centers worldwide. Southern California is a top global destination for vacation. It is home to exceptional sandy beaches, beautiful weather and has many waterfront attraction sites to say the least.

2018 100

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

This quote was shared with us by Deedee, of Los Angeles, California. “A nick here, a nick there. pretty soon you are bleeding to death.” ” – Arthur Ashe, Pro Tennis Player (describing the tennis style of John McEnroe). Everyone has their own way of “negotiating.” One way, often quite effective, is to chip, chip, chip away at the will, patience and perseverance of your negotiating counterpart.

2018 100

Back to Basics: Tech-Savvy Sourcing Tips

Undercover Recruiter

It’s been sometime since I’ve shared my insights with Undercover Recruiter (my recent move to Los Angeles with Recruiting Social has been a busy but exciting time). What better way to dive in again by sharing some sourcing tips! Let’s get back to basics and learn how to improve our sourcing efficiency. Here are some tips. View Article. Back to Basics: Tech-Savvy Sourcing Tips. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog. Recruiting Angela Bortolussi candidates Sourcing

Green Jobs Growing: Which CA City Leads the State in Green Jobs? Hint: It's Not San Francisco

Green Career Central

According to a new study released by the Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs Network , Los Angeles is the leader. Over the last decade the rate of green job creation has been three times as much as the rest of the Los Angeles basin economy. A new study from Californians for Clean Energy and Jobs found Los Angeles leads the state in number of green jobs. Which city leads the nation in number of green jobs and that number will more than double by 2030?

Is Your Company in a Hyper-Growth Stage or Just Hyper-Enthusiastic?

The Undercover Recruiter

Over the past year, I’ve met many ambitious tech companies in Los Angeles and Vancouver that tend to get lost over the hype, their “thing”, but it’s never as cool as it sounds. I think part of the reason is because, behind every ambitious tech company exists an ambitious entrepreneur, who believes their invention, product, service, app, etc. is the. View Article Is Your Company in a Hyper-Growth Stage or Just Hyper-Enthusiastic? Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

Careers That Require The Highest Pain Threshold

Career Alley

Many stunt doubles live in Los Angeles because that is where most movies are filmed, doctors in Hollywood have seen their share of injured stunt doubles and for those who refuse to find a safer job, pain management Los Angeles might be the only option. If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life,” is a saying that tells career searchers to find something they have a passion for but jobs that people love are few and far between.

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Failure Is a Gift: How Working with Failure Can Become a Personal Best

Ms. Career Girl

Melinda personally navigated from Olympian (Los Angeles 1984) to businesswoman and from volunteer to community leader. Ask anyone who has achieved a significant goal in their life or career, “What fueled your success?”

2020 232

Yes, There is Life After Divorce

Ms. Career Girl

LESLIE began practicing matrimonial law in 1992 in Los Angeles, California. Life after divorce is, at times, viewed as terrifying due mostly to the unknown of what is to come. Where will I live, and what will I do? Who will I become?

2020 130

The Non-Working, Non-Credible Executive at Your Company.

The HR Capitalist

I was reminded of the four buckets of Executive perception when Magic Johnson resigned as the President of the Los Angeles Lakers (pro basketball). For the uninitiated, Magic is a top 5 player all time in pro basketball, and he's royalty when it comes to the Los Angeles Lakers. Let's talk about something that impacts every organization - The perception of whether your executives do anything, and in a related topic, whether they are viewed as credible.

2019 86

Our Newest Approved Career Expert: Jenny Yerrick Martin

Career Realism

Jenny Yerrick Martin, founder of, is a Los Angeles-based entertainment career expert and strategist for people in all fields. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Personal Branding Resume & Cover Letter Seasoned Professional Young Professional advice blog career coach entertainment expert

How to Enact Change in a Bureaucracy

Water Cooler Wisdom

Have you ever tried to drive in Los Angeles? Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough and her firm,  KH Consulting Group , recently worked with Los Angeles City Controller Wendy Greuel to review the city’s transportation structures and recommend reforms. For those of us who have, changes to the notoriously frustrating transportation infrastructure have been a long time coming, but how do you enact change in a government entity that seems like the very definition of bureaucracy?

Cost of Living Pay Cuts for Twitter Employees Moving from Bay Area: Valid or BS?

The HR Capitalist

Add that the densely populated cities were the first hotbeds of COVID infection, and you've got a recipe for a talent migration - individuals determining that this is a good time to leave coastal areas like NYC, the Bay Area and Los Angeles (click link for one of hundreds of reports).

2020 120

Bright Lights: Tips on Breaking into the Entertainment Industry

Ms. Career Girl

When you see the Hollywood sign on the hill overlooking Los Angeles, one glance and you are sucked into the energy, creativity, and history it represents. Having spent my entire career booking talent in New York, Los Angeles and beyond, I get asked for advice on the best ways to break into the entertainment business. Few people in the industry are natives to the big entertainment hubs of New York and Los Angeles and it may take some time to make ‘the big move.’

2018 124

Sklover’s Thoughts for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

This quote was shared with us by Peter Barlevey of Los Angeles, California. “When I was young, my teachers were the old. Now that I am old, my teachers are the young.” ” – Robert Frost. Last week, I hosted a lunch for a group of friends and family. I had the good fortune to be seated next to a six-year-old boy. The adult conversation was quite thoughtful, interesting, and at times fascinating.

2019 100

How One Actress Survived the Pandemic by Launching a Boutique Marketing Firm for Influencers

Ms. Career Girl

Then, on March 19th, 2020, Los Angeles shut down. As an actress, if there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s shift. Whether it’s shifting into character or shifting into a new role — you always have to be ready.

2021 131

So You Wanna Be a Bartender?


Los Angeles and New York aren’t cheap, and like it or not, you’ll need something to pay for rent and food while you network. Congratulations! You’ve just graduated college. Nights of crumpled Red Bull cans, twitchy eyes and library sleepovers have finally paid off with the ultimate prize of a shiny new liberal arts degree.

2012 136

Changing Careers After 10 Years? Consider Becoing a Chiropractor


We spoke about our profession for a few minutes, only to find out he was quitting his career as a chiropractor to become a children's book author in Los Angeles. Choosing the right career path can be one of the most difficult decisions a person can make in their lives. Even for a person who is fortunate enough to decide on a career early there can many obstacles and stumbles along the way. Take my situation for example.

2012 136

Boundaries For Success ? What Are Yours?

Ms. Career Girl

Melinda navigated from Olympian (Los Angeles 1984) to businesswoman and from volunteer to community leader. Several weeks into working from home, many of us have discovered just how challenging it can be. Everyone in your household has needed to make adjustments.

2020 208

company delayed telling us about a possible Covid exposure, coworkers won’t use my correct title, and more

Ask a Manager

My company delayed telling us about a possible Covid exposure I am in Los Angeles in the midst of the ongoing Covid disaster.

Wine and weight loss? Yes, please!

Ms. Career Girl

Andrea Marcellus is a Los Angeles based fitness expert and life strategist with more than 20 years’ experience. For many of us working women trying to do and have it “most” since we have become painfully aware that “all” is not available, Wine O’Clock is a sacred time each night.

2019 158

Are Career Objectives on Résumés History?

Careers Done Write

Los Angeles, CA. Dear Deb, Q. I have been looking at résumé samples on the internet and many of them have Objectives. I was told that Objectives are no longer used on résumés. Now I am confused. Is it true that Career Objectives are history? - While there are times that a candidate will want to convey specific information about what he is seeking in a job, it is definitely better to keep the focus on what the company wants in an employee.

2011 153

10 Books to Ignite Your Career Spirit this Fall

Ms. Career Girl

Adrienne Rubin knows the landscape of 1970s Los Angeles better than most. Let this fall be a time filled with inspiration and motivation to go after all of your career goals. These 10 new books will help ignite your career spirit and set the season off on a positive and productive note. Joy Seeker: Let Go of What’s Holding You Back So You Can Live the Life You Were Made For. by Shannon Kaiser .

2019 182

How to Begin Your Career as an Independent Author

Ms. Career Girl

In the sixties and seventies, I attended Clark University and lived in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Seattle doing the hippie/peace/love/protest thing. How do I begin a career as an independent author? There are probably as many different ways to answer that question as there are independent authors. We are all unique individuals, coming from different backgrounds, with our own stories, traveling our own journeys, with varied outlooks and dreams.

2019 143

Great People to Follow on Twitter for Startups

Resume Bear

based Docstoc in 2007, Nazar was a partner in a venture consulting firm in Los Angeles where he worked with dozens of startups. He also founded Launchpad LA , a mentorship program designed to help the most promising Los Angeles-based companies get funding. he also founded the Open Angel Forum , an event that connects early stage startups with angel investors. Jason Nazar has made serving small businesses his business.

Four Tips For Being Confident At Work — But Not Catty

Ms. Career Girl

She started her career as an accountant in Los Angeles but soon realized she couldn’t spend all day staring at a spreadsheet. Women in the workplace are sometimes thought of as a scary group of people. It’s safe to say there’s a stereotype about women — their cattiness knows no bounds and instead of coworkers, they’re competitors. And when we’re competing, we play both offense and defense. You’re most aggressive when you’re defensive, so… it makes sense. But it only hurts us.

2018 163

HEY HR FOODIES: Stop Dreaming About Opening a Restaurant - Here's Why.

The HR Capitalist

Wages were lower in Los Angeles: $40,740 for a head chef, $25,300 for a cook and $27,570 for a server. San Francisco will increase its minimum wage from the current $13 in July 2018, but Los Angeles will not reach $15 an hour until 2020 or 2021, depending on staff size. A bottle of white, a bottle of red Perhaps a bottle of rose instead We'll get a table near the street In our old familiar place. . You and I, face to face.

2016 109