What is Managing Up?

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Managing up” has become a trendy buzzword at all levels of the corporate ecosystem. Certainly, we all understand the concept of traditional top down management, but what exactly is managing up ? Managers typically aren’t closest to the day to day work.

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Start Managing Your Money Now

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The post Start Managing Your Money Now appeared first on Ms. Five Simple Steps to Manage Your Money Effectively. Manage your cash flow wisely : How much money comes in reliably, every month? Sure, financial management can be a lot more complicated than this.

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From Property Management to Wealth Management

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“I didn't want to waste years simply filling a seat.”. James Edwards found himself stuck with limited opportunities for growth. So, when the right set of circumstances arose to allow him to leave his job, he grabbed the chance.

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How to Master Time Management in 4 Easy Steps

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Most of us have got into bad habits when it comes to managing what we do on a daily basis. The truth is, you can’t manage time, it’s impossible. Four Ways To Master Time Management. The post How to Master Time Management in 4 Easy Steps appeared first on Ms.

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Mobile Workforce Management Basics

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The post Mobile Workforce Management Basics appeared first on Ms. Because if you have employees that are working elsewhere, or working flex hours because of the abilities of technology, you also have employees that might need help managing their work. Work Mobile Workforce Management

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Managing Like Willy Wonka

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So, just what would happen if you managed like Willy Wonka? Click here to read: What if You Managed Like Willy Wonka Gene Wilder died yesteday, and as the world mourns his passing, I’m reminded of his famous role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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From Project Management to Events

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“I wanted to create something that would have an impact on the world.”. Georgie Nightingall was going through the motions in her old career. She knew she had more to offer. So, when an idea she'd tested started growing legs, she decided to go for it.

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How to Be a Proactive Manager

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Years ago, I shadowed a night manager at a large grocery store chain. ” The reason why her shift was so chaotic was that she was managing by being reactive , rather than proactive. Many of us spend far too much time being reactive rather than proactive managers. Here’s how to make the switch: To keep reading, click here: How to Be a Proactive Manager. And note to self: maybe I should quit writing and become a night manager in a grocery store.

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6 Stress Management Tips

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Here are some tips taken from our Managing Stress at Work eBook, to help you through stressful times: 1) Prioritise your activities and tasks. This will also help you to break down your tasks in to more manageable bits of activity. Stress Management

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Online Reputation Management FAQs for Executive Job Search

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Some of them understand that, when recruiters and hiring managers source and assess talent, they’re more apt to reach out to candidates that have strong online presence. And they need help navigating their online reputation management.

 The Very Common Things Cruel Managers Do

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To keep reading, click here: The Very Common Things Cruel Managers Do. The post The Very Common Things Cruel Managers Do appeared first on Evil HR Lady. What constitutes cruelty at the office? Someone asked on Quora “What was the cruelest thing a company has ever done to you as an employee?” ” You may be prepared for stories of confiscating passports or not wage theft, and those things are cruel.

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Managing an Insubordinate Subordinate

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To read the answer, click here: Managing an Insubordinate Subordinate. The post Managing an Insubordinate Subordinate appeared first on Evil HR Lady. I recently received a promotion, so two months ago I hired “Jane” to assume the role of my former position. Since she’s been here, Jane has constantly undermined me. She has told lies about my character and my productivity to other employees.

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Managing Grief – Yes You’re Going To Be Okay

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Managing grief isn’t easy. ” The post Managing Grief – Yes You’re Going To Be Okay appeared first on Ms. Product Reviews grief sucks grief works Julia Samuel managing griefI usually have about six books in my reading queue.

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Careers in Water Management

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Though it may not sound glamorous, working in water management can therefore be a pretty noble career. Career Opportunities Water ManagementAs everybody knows, water is the source of life.

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Science: Your Millennial Managers Are Destroying Morale

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As companies have switched from a seniority system to a meritocracy system , people who are better suited for management roles have landed in the senior roles. This is a great thing for business, but a recent study in Germany found a downside: Older workers don’t like working for younger managers. ” To keep reading, click here: Science: Your Millennial Managers are Destroying Morale. Or maybe your Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers are destroying morale.

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8 Tips for Every First-Time Manager

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The post 8 Tips for Every First-Time Manager appeared first on Ms. Being a first-time manager is exciting and scary. As a first-time manager, you alienate yourself from your employees when you don’t put yourself in their shoes. Work first-time manager

Why You Need Cloud-based Document Management Solutions

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Document management solutions (DMS) are some of the simplest, effective ways to give your clients and customers what they need, when they need it, and under a large breadth of otherwise difficult circumstances. Jesse is the CEO of document management software vendor, eFileCabinet.

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Managing isn’t all about hitting targets

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The most important thing a manager does is make sure the work is getting done on time and on budget. Of course, these two things are critical for success, but managing the people is also very important for a successful department. To read about it, click here: Managing results is just half the leader’s job. The post Managing isn’t all about hitting targets appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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How To Improve Your Productivity As A Manager

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As a manager, you may often find things going downhill as you struggle to balance your productivity along with that of your team. As a manager, you must already be delegating work to your employees to get a few things off your plate. Manage your email better.

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5 Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles

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The post 5 Tools for Managing Your Company’s Social Media Profiles appeared first on Ms. Looking for the top 5 tools for managing your company’s social media profiles? Using these tools will go a long way in streamlining your social media management tasks thereby empowering your company’s overall online success. Managing Social Media Profiles – The Quick List. Managing Social Media Profiles – Our Detailed Overview.

6 Must-Have Skills for Project Managers

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Being a successful Project Manager requires a wide range of skills, talents and experience. Great writing skills, a deep knowledge of technology and an aptitude to manage budgets are all key to Project Management. Career advice Project Managers

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Skills Every HR Manager Needs

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Well, that’s nice, but not what you need to be a successful HR manager. Over at The Balance I share 10 skills that you really do need to be a successful HR manager. To read, click here: 10 Skills Every HR Manager Needs to Succeed. The post Skills Every HR Manager Needs appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Do you like people? Do you like knowing confidential information?

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How To Manage A Relationship When You Make More Money

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The post How To Manage A Relationship When You Make More Money appeared first on Ms. Here’s 4 tips on how to manage a relationship when you make more money than your partner. #1 If your partner is a poor money-manager, consider establishing a monthly spending budget.

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Managing Your Manager


Last week I wrote about how HR can have a good relationship with managers , which got me thinking about the employee/manager relationship. There are numerous challenges that come with managing a team of people, and we often have high expectations of our boss.

9 Ways to Managing Your Career Successfully

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There is no such thing as a job for life any more and it is no longer safe to think that any one job is secure. At the same time, in today’s working world there are so many more opportunities and options available to us than ever before.

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I Hate My Colleague! How to Manage Difficult Coworkers

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How to Manage Difficult Coworkers appeared first on Ms. Featured News Work difficult coworkers How to Manage Difficult CoworkersLinda and her colleague Joseph always disagree. What Joseph thinks is possible, Linda blocks.

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Should Managers Care Why Someone Wants PTO?

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All those how to handle PTO requests that have been floating around your head are now answered here: Should Managers Care About PTO? The post Should Managers Care Why Someone Wants PTO? The temptation to ask employees why they want time off can be overwhelming, but should you ask? The answer to that is maybe. What if you see your employee making dumb PTO decisions? Should you intervene?

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The 9 Worst Ways to Manage People

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If you’ve ever had a bad boss (and we’ve all had a bad boss at some time or another—ask me about my manager who used to corner me and try to argue scriptures with me), you’ve seen some awful management. But, do their actions qualify as the worst way to manage people?

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Stress Management Resources

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If you are finding it hard to handle stress at work, here are some resources that we hope will help: Stress ManagementHere at Position Ignition we often deal with issues of stress, anxiety and sometimes burn-out from work and a demanding career. It is possible however to find a fulfilling and purposeful career which lets you remain in control of your world and which enables you to find a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives.

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9 Tips for Managing a Heavy Workload

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Career Development Flexible Working Stress ManagementSee more of our career animations.

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3 Management Mistakes to Avoid: A Guide For New Managers

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The post 3 Management Mistakes to Avoid: A Guide For New Managers appeared first on Ms. The ascent into management can be an exciting and nerve wracking time. The good news is that no one expects new managers to move into their new position without a few errors.

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From Manager to Business Owner

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"I realised how much time I was spending away from my family, friends, and the home that I loved.".

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From the Military to Wealth Management

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“My career was increasingly preventing me from being a present father and husband.”. Nick O'Sullivan was looking for greater freedom and work–life balance. He discovered it in a completely different field than he thought he would. But making the transition was no easy task.

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Managing Re-Entry


Whatever the format, managing lists at a sustainable pace allows you to remember the sunshine. A winter break is a wonderful thing, but re-entry to work requires careful balancing. The problem with a winter break is that the work world continues at its constant pace.

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Are You Ready To Be A Manager?

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Most managers are regular employees who get promoted, but a lot of times that promotion comes with the realization you lack some managerial skills. This is one of the hardest things managers face.

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Reputation Management And Your Career

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Sometimes the idea of “Reputation Management” seems like a big business thing, but each one of us has a reputation, right? Online, the strategy has to fit the scenario, but the idea of keeping the most recent information positive is usually the best idea for reputation management.

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Time Management For Job Seekers

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You can still search for a job and find a job, without losing days at a time if you follow these tips to help you manage your time. Job Search erin kennedy executive resume writers Executive Resumes job seekers looking for a job professional resume services resume writers time management

What Makes a Good Manager?

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There are many things that make up a good manager. These can include being able to handle difficult employees, managing teams and individuals and understanding working relationship dynamics. Essentially we believe that the key to being a good manager is to focus on your team and each member’s particular needs. Leadership & Management

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Brand Management: Work on the Side

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In order to ensure that any outside employment does not conflict with the Company’s interests, you must disclose your outside employment to Human Resources and your Manager before you begin any outside employment.” Professional Branding career management personal branding

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My Manager Hasn't Acknowledged My Resignation Letter

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Dear Deb, I sent my resignation notice to my manager by email five days ago and he never replied. The exception would be if your manager works in another city. Simply print your letter and stop by your manager’s office at your earliest opportunity.

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