Another Mentor? No Thanks, I’ll Pass

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You don’t need another mentor. Let’s get you a mentor to help you prepare.’ ’ Before you react, think…is a mentor really what you need? Mentors, Sponsors and Advocates. Do you really need a mentor? Mentoring you into a corner.

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Five Roles A Great Mentor Masters

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A Mentor Has Many Roles. No other relationship is quite like having a mentor. Good mentoring relationships are incredibly powerful, at all career levels. Mentoring takes time, thought, and energy. As a mentor, you might provide moral support or even emotional support.

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The post ARE YOU BEING MENTORED INTO A CORNER? Mentors provide a ‘safe space’ to improve your technical or interpersonal works skills. For years, only men had mentors, and it was one reason women didn’t advance. Now, women are being mentored like never before. Women are finally being mentored; men are being sponsored. Mentors help you ‘Skill Up’ and sponsors help you ‘Move Up.’ Mentors. Mentors can be in your company or an external organization.

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Tips for Seeking Out a Mentor from Successful Women Who Have Done It

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Seeking out a mentor can be hard. In fact, people who have had a mentor are 130 percent more likely to be in a leadership role, according to If you want to find a mentor to help you learn and take the next step in your career, take some advice from these women who have mentored and been mentored themselves. But that may not be the best way for you to find a mentor. Pope started following her mentor and commenting on posts.

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I just can’t find a mentor

Evil HR Lady

I want to be promoted, and I think I need a mentor. Do I have to have a mentor to succeed? To read my answer, click here: I just can’t find a mentor. The post I just can’t find a mentor appeared first on Evil HR Lady

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Mentors: You Should Either Have One Or Be One

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The post Mentors: You Should Either Have One Or Be One appeared first on Ms. The experience in mentoring is similar. The Mentor. While we usually think about mentoring from the perspective of the person being mentored, there’s huge benefits on both sides. From the mentor side, the returns may be even more immediate. In a very real way, those you mentor are part of your legacy. The benefits of being mentored are commonly recognized.

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5 tips to finding a mentor

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The post 5 tips to finding a mentor appeared first on Ms. Ask any successful person the story of their career and it won’t take long before they mention an inspiring boss, mentor or teacher. The benefits of having support to help you navigate your career path and overcome obstacles are clear; in the words of Oprah Winfrey, “a mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Here are my top tips for finding a mentor: 1.

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The Benefits of Mentoring

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I was approached to be a mentor sometime last fall. As someone in need of mentoring herself, what could I possibly teach a potential protégée? I became a mentor through a program called Year UP. After meeting my fellow mentors, filling out some forms and chowing down on some of the goodies provided, I was finally introduced to my mentee. Your duty as a mentor is to help them avoid some of the obstacles that you faced, so that they do not make the same mistakes.

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Two out of Three Millennial Women Say Access to Role Models and Mentors at Would Increase their Confidence at Work

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Tone Networks, a digital executive coaching platform for women, announced today findings from a national survey that shows executive coaching and access to role models and mentors could be the link to lowering stress levels and increasing workplace confidence amongst Millennial women.

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New Business or Side Hustle? Here’s How To Have a Network and Mentors in Your Pocket

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When you’re busy building a business, you don’t have free time to search for local mentors, hivemind groups, or even other likeminded entrepreneurs. Certain features, such as the resource directory and public Q&A forum, are driven by Google’s geolocation API, which means the users you meet are entrepreneurs, startups, mentors, and service providers from your own local community. Here’s How To Have a Network and Mentors in Your Pocket appeared first on Ms.

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Career Boosters: Mentors, Advocates and Sponsors

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But mentors, advocates, and sponsors will take your career to the next level. Mentors. Mentors help you develop a skill. A mentoring relationship is a safe space, where you can share your concerns and vulnerabilities. Mentors take great personal satisfaction in helping their mentees succeed. Find a mentor by identifying someone from whom you want to learn, asking them to teach you about that specific skill, and committing to listen and learn.

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How To Choose Career Mentors

Professional Resume Services

In our career choices, it’s a good idea to have a mentor; someone we can trust to give good advice. But how do you determine who is going to be the best mentor for you? I hope you read this blog because you consider me a mentor, but I shouldn’t be your only source of information. Career & Workplace Career career advice erin kennedy executive resume service executive resume writer Executive Resumes job search resources mentor professional resume services

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How To Guide: Choosing Employees for Mentors


Mentors play an instrumental role in the personal and professional development of employees at all levels within the company. The most effective place for a mentor is within the onboarding of new employees. In order to find the best employees for the mentor program, you need to focus on the top 5 characteristics found within the most successful mentors. #1 The best mentors are the ones that talk the talk and walk the walk. Ask them to be a mentor!

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5 Reasons to Find a Career Mentor


Find answers to these and other questions by meeting with a career mentor. A career mentor will provide direction for your career future and will set the record straight on many of your work-related questions. A career mentor can be anyone from a professional business coach to an experienced professional you happen to meet who is also in your career field. The following are five reasons why a career mentor may be right for you. Career Advice Career Mentor

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5 Ways Mentoring Others Add Career Value

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Mentoring energizes. Mentoring others can energize us once we remember the zeal we once employed. Mentoring is a reminder of the basics. Then when we mentor others, we can bring more value to the relationship. Mentoring tests your learning. Mentoring creates gratitude deepening relationships. Mentoring creates a serious job candidate– you may hire your mentee. If you mentored them well, they may imitate your spirit and do things like you do.

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Why YOU Need a Mentor.

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This means reaching out and asking this person to mentor you either bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly as your coach. Here is why YOU need a Mentor: Undivided Focus on You. Typically, your mentor doesn’t sit next to you every day and your mentor does not know your boss. Your mentor has their own improvement plan and will provide you with an outside perspective you will NOT get from your Mom, Dad, girlfriend, or coworker.

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8 Steps to Finding the Perfect Mentor

Undercover Recruiter

8 Steps to Finding the Perfect Mentor Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer fundera mentor Personal ProfessionalMany aspiring entrepreneurs probably start their own business for the same reason: They want to be their own boss. In their mind, they envision how successful they will be, how much money they will make, how they will be a CEO of their very own venture. But not many stop to think about the difficulties. View Article.

Making Your Mark as a Mentor


A mentor can play a key role in fast tracking your career…but what’s in it for them? At some point in your career you too may be called upon to be a mentor. Read on […] The post Making Your Mark as a Mentor appeared first on WorkAlpha. Networking Mentor The first thing that might cross your mind is “I’m not old/wise/established/accomplished” enough to be that, but, someone thinks otherwise.

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5 Lessons Olympic Athletes Can Teach us About Mentoring

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Olympic cyclist, Evelyn Stevens, and her mentor, Connie Carpenter (1984 gold medalist in cycling). Career Development career developement how to choose a mentor mentor mentoringI love watching the Olympics- so many amazing stories and so inspiring. I read a great article the other day in the Wall Street Journal by Jason Gay, entitled Cycling’s Luke Finds Her Obi-Wan. It was about U.S.

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Location Independent Jobs on the Rise: Online Mentoring and Tutorials


The post Location Independent Jobs on the Rise: Online Mentoring and Tutorials appeared first on Career News career learnok mentor“YOLO” or “You only live once” has become a popular quote for today’s millennials. Many young professionals are torn between securing their career and living the life so they try hard to find jobs that will provide them with the freedom to roam or travel. Education and teaching are viable careers for those who […].

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A Guide to Mentoring for Career Success

Undercover Recruiter

The benefits of mentoring throughout various career stages has been the basis of many great debates. With the transition to a coaching leadership style, many individuals believe that this removes the need for promoting the benefits of mentor programs or seeking out a career mentor. The reality is however that successful people still have mentors. A Guide to Mentoring for Career Success. Career Management career coach coach mentee mentor Mentoring

Mentoring Your Successor


The Los Angeles Lakers are off to a shaky start to their 2012-2013 NBA season. Only a few games into the season, the organization has decided to fire head coach, Mike Brown. As of Monday morning, they had hired Mike … Continue reading → Uncategorized Leadership Planning succession planning Teamwork Workgroup

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4 Lessons from My Mentor

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Take a few breaths and keep reading, because I am going to share with you four concise lessons that a mentor once taught me: 1. I will always be grateful to my mentor for sharing this insight with me. For more about my mentoring experiences, check out Employed Panache. Tags: career goals networking personal development relationships career advice career tips lessons mentor mentorship your 1st job

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Need to Soar? Get a Mentor!

Catherines Career Corner

When it comes to the wisdom that you need to help you advance, your mentor will be the one there helping you to open doors. Get a Mentor! The saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, is applicable here. Whether your goal is career advancement, career change, entrepreneurship or a job seeker, if you need [.] The post Need to Soar? appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. Related posts: Get Along With Your Boss: Know How. You Are the Pilot of Your Career Plane.

"PET or THREAT": When Leaders Try to Formally Mentor Those Who Don't Want the Relationship.

The HR Capitalist

I think we can all agree that mentoring relationships in corporate America are a good thing. But like anything that's good, mentoring can get dicey if not used in the right way. It's only natural that the recipients of this type of mentoring advance might feel a bit suspicious.

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Advice for Choosing a Mentor to Help Grow Your Career

Career Makeover Coach

Having a mentor can make it easier to succeed in work or in life. Knowing how to choose a mentor can ensure that you make the most of this beneficial relationship. Building Your Network Change How You Work career help Coaching mentor tag1Here are some fundamental attributes to look for in an advisor, and a step-by-step guide to finding the right one for you. Traits to [.].

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Why You Should be Mentoring Future HR Professionals


September is not only the start of football, cooler weather, the return of all my favorite pumpkin themed eats, and my internal queue to get serious about holiday shopping (yup, I’m one of those early planner/shopper people) — but its time for me to start gearing up to kick off my HR mentoring program. I partnered with my local SHRM chapter to start a mentoring program for HR students, recent grads, and new HR professionals last year and the results have been amazing.

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Challenge: Identify 3 Virtual Mentors

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Challenge: Identify 3 Virtual Mentors. Today’s Work It Daily Challenge is to identify three virtual mentors. Mentors are important influencers in your life. While mentors could be family members, bosses, colleagues, professional acquaintances, or friends, you don’t necessarily have to know someone in person for them to be a mentor to you. We call these people “virtual mentors.” One of my virtual mentors is Marie Forleo. Who are you virtual mentors?

Why Your Coworker May Be Your Best Mentor

Evil HR Lady

A mentor is a valuable thing. When we look for a mentor, we often look for people who are leaders in the industry. The feedback is specific to the company and will work more effectively because the mentor will understand the leadership or management dynamic and best practices for working with them. To keep reading, click here: Why Your Coworker May Be Your Best Mentor

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Choosing a mentor to help you grow your career

Career Makeover Coach

Having a mentor can make it much easier to be successful in work or in life. Knowing how to pick out a mentor can help you make the most of that helpful relationship. Traits to Look for In a Mentor: 1. Seek a mentor with applicable experience. Career growth may be the first thing that comes to mind, but mentors can help in any area including relationship issues or investment guidance. A mentor is a facilitator and a sounding board. Thank your mentor.

Mentor 137

Why You Need A Mentor And How To Get One

Tim's Strategy

This experience made me think about the power of mentorship and why you need to be mentored by someone who has been there. You would be amazed how many successful people have had mentors along the way who helped them. In fact, I suspect that most successful people have probably been mentored at some point. Advice from random people isn’t nearly as valuable as advice from mentors who have achieved what you’re trying to achieve. Securing a Mentor.

I’ve Got a Mentor. Now What?


“You NEED a mentor!” So then you’ve also heard the anecdotes and research that supports the many benefits, both professionally and personally, from having a mentor? YOU have a mentor! Now that we’re on the level, let’s talk about how to get the most out of mentoring. 3 Ways to get the most out of your mentor. Be committed to the mentoring relationship and make it a priority. You’ll need a mentor who can be real with you and tell it like it T-I-is.

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How To Be A More Valuable Mentor 

Career Realism

What does it take to be a good mentor? Related: Mentoring Vs Managing: Does It Have To Be One Or The Other? Mentoring is the development of a relationship, a partnership between two individuals where one more experienced person guides the less experienced person, developing and strengthening their abilities. However, the common denominators in what makes a good mentor will always include the following: An interest level in their subject and their mentee.

Do You Have a Mentor? You Should!


Do you have a mentor? Perhaps you are a mentor to someone else and don’t even realize it. Chances are these top 15 people in your list of dialed calls or emails sent are your mentors. Most of my mentors have given me both personal and business advice, bounced ideas off of or have talked me off of a ledge when I doubted myself. Don’t have a mentor? These are the types of mentors you should seek out. Go today and seek out your mentors!

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Five Steps Mothers and Mentors Can Take to Foster Purpose in Adolescents

Ms. Career Girl

Below I outline five empirically-based approaches Moms and mentors can use to help youth discover a personally meaningful direction in life. The post Five Steps Mothers and Mentors Can Take to Foster Purpose in Adolescents appeared first on Ms. Historically, psychologists have focused on stopping or minimizing the things that go wrong for youth. They’ve proposed interventions to reduce depression, promoted medications to curb anxiety, and studied programs to reduce teen pregnancies.

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my mentor has become a QAnon conspiracist

Ask a Manager

I’ve been a wreck for about two weeks, since discovering that a mentor of mine seems to have gotten sucked in by QAnon. But this feels different, partly because I am CRUSHED to lose this person as a trusted mentor and friend. But you can’t engage with her as a mentor right now.

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The Power of Professional Lineage Mentoring


Although it’s easy to understand the benefit of providing for one’s children and emulating the investment tactics of Warren Buffett, fewer people understand the benefit of supporting and mentoring their co-workers without the apparent benefit of immediate, personal gain. In the short term, mentoring always helps others more than it helps you. But, over time some of those you mentor will model your behavior.

Need Better Mentors? Try This…

Career Realism

Need Better Mentors? ” I realized I needed some quality time with mentors who could help me get back on track. However, I had no time to attend networking events or work face-to-face with mentors. I tell my clients, “I you want better mentors, try Audible audiobooks.” Those five mentors you listen to will help you get there! The post Need Better Mentors? Approved Business Partners Be In-The-Know career advice job search mentors

Help a Sister Out… Become a Mentor

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If you have endeavored to give someone whom you believe to be promising an opportunity it is important to create defined goals with her and undertake a mentoring process to help her obtain the expertise that will help your company succeed. What does it take to be a mentor? For most people mentoring does not come easy. However, there are key steps to being a good mentor. How to establish a mentoring relationship. How to mentor. By, Gabriela Vega.

Mentor 125

Has Helicopter Parenting Created a Need for Workplace Mentoring?


Peter Black, the author of this article, said that one of the trends he noticed was the need for greater mentoring in the Millennial generation that is joining law firms. Mentoring Will be Needed. As I wrote in The Value of a Mentor quite often mentoring is driven from the level of the mentee who seeks out a mentor. However, in this case of this generation companies may need to drive this process by matching and assigning mentors to younger workers.

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How to Develop in Your Career By Working With a Mentor

The Undercover Recruiter

A good mentor should be supportive but also prepared to challenge your thinking and perspective. Ideally your mentor can suspend judgment and encourage you to reflect on a range of options. Rapport is essential in establishing a relationship that is open and honest so you will experience maximum benefit from the mentoring. How to Develop in Your Career By Working With a Mentor. Career Management Career challenge Goals guidance mentor Professional

A Manager's Guide to Mentoring

Water Cooler Wisdom

I swear by mentoring as one of the best ways to teach your team members what they need to know to be productive and send the message that you think they’re important and care about their growth. Obviously, an official mentoring program is great to have, but what if your company hasn’t gone down this road before?  Best Practices Communication HR Issues Management Mentoring Millennials People Skills Personal Development

Do I Need "Reverse Mentoring?"

Water Cooler Wisdom

I first started talking about reverse mentoring in 2007, when I did a presentation to Campbell Soup global leadership about the Millennial generation.  Reverse mentoring is loosely defined as the process of a less experienced employee offering guidance to a more experienced one.  If reverse mentoring sounds intriguing to you but there isn’t an established program in your company, check out my post on the Fast Track blog for advice on how to implement it.