Edward Jones Hires 336 Military Veterans as Financial Advisors

Resume Bear

Financial services firm Edward Jones announced that, so far in 2013, it has hired 336 military veterans as financial advisors, adding to the roughly 1,500 veterans already employed in this role. The initiative not only provides professional careers to military veterans transitioning into civilian life, but has also proven effective in recruiting highly skilled financial advisors who can provide world-class service to clients.

10 Romance Novels You Need to Cuddle Up with This Fall

Ms. Career Girl

Cherokee Sila is only a teenager when she flees her abusive marriage and meets Charley Barclay, a mill owner in the Missouri Ozarks. Phoenix Walker and Orchid Paige are working together on a military campaign and have grown close to one another. Romance novels.

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The Danger of the Combative, F-You Style Reply on Email (Woj and ESPN edition)

The HR Capitalist

Here's a few simple details via Bleacher Report : "ESPN has suspended NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski after he wrote "f--k you" in response to an email from Missouri Sen. military and law enforcement.".

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Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates

Resume Bear

These foundational roles are similar to the foundational experiences one has in a rigorous academic program, competitive sports or military service. Looking for that first job after graduating college can be a daunting experience. You want four years of hard work to finally start paying off. The truth is that the hard work is just beginning, if you really want a successful career.

Resumes Are Not Just For the Unemployed!

Career Rocketeer

The great job you have today that pays the mortgage, tuition, insurance, car and utility bills, and puts food on the table can be gone completely or moved to Mumbai or Booneville, Missouri with only 2-4 week’s severance pay in the blink of an eye. And even if you are soon to retire from the military, take early retirement, or were retired the likelihood is that you too will be looking for a new job or career and will need a professional resume to get on with your professional life.

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