Career Opportunities In The U.S. Military

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military. Similar to a well-run organization, the military must keep accurate records of both its personnel and operations. According to the US Department of Labor, the military has about 23,000 administrative support specialists, and requires more each year due to changes in personnel and demand fields. In addition, all recruits get to enjoy military privileges and allowances that could potentially bump one’s annual earnings to about $26,364. Military.

Transferring Military Skills To The Civilian Workforce

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Many military veterans underestimate their skills when they try to transition into the civilian world. They might think that they don’t have anything transferable, because the working and living in the military is completely different from working and living in the civilian world. Military members leave the service with strong leadership skills, discipline and drive. In some cases, the skills learned in the military can even be transferable to college credits.


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Ten Resilience-Building Habits to Master

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Remember, you are a high performer, like an elite athlete or a special forces military operator, and you have to take care of your body.). Dr. Sotile is the founder of the Sotile Center for Resilience and the Center for Physician Resilience, in Davidson, North Carolina.

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Best Career Coaches in Your City

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Best Career Coach in Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina and the second-largest city in the state. Raleigh has close proximity to some famed universities, including Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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5 Career Paths in Disaster Management

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The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and offers services in five areas besides domestic disaster management: helping the homeless and the needy; the organization of blood drives; education for preparedness, health and safety; communication and comfort services for military members and their families; and international relief and development. National Guard is a reserve military force made up of part-time members who hold full-time civilian jobs.

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Based in: North Carolina. Based in: North Grafton, Massachusetts, USA. Target audience: “executives, professionals and executive assistants to pharmaceutical sales reps, newly discharged military personnel, fashion photographers and union plumbers. Based in: North Central Arkansas, USA. A handy directory of top career coaches who let you try before you buy. Photo by Austin Neill. Why do top athletes have coaches? Simple: to get better results, faster.

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The Hidden Job Report

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The pilot program will launch today in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia and Georgia. The Hidden Job Report. Total jobs in the report: 12,729 Jobs revealed ( 7,740 Jobs in U.S.A. 4,989 International Jobs ). If a company announces that they are planning to hire hundreds of people, why wait for the roles to hit the want-ads?

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