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John L. Holland's Papers Now Available at the University of Missouri

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Hollands Papers Now Available at the University of Missouri If youre a graduate student or scholar doing research on John L.

Sometimes You Get Sued and Your Best Employees Come To Your Defense.

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Such is the case with Missouri Softball Coach Ehren Earleywine, who's had a lot of success at Mizzou but was recently under investigation. Missouri has concluded its Title IX investigation into Earleywine with no finding that he violated federal non-discrimination statutes.

Riding Out the Storms to Get Underway in Your New Career

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter This year’s Texas drought has been an interesting contrast to last year’s Missouri floods. Following our move from rain-drenched Kansas City to stormy and windy Lake Texoma in May 2011, our initial concern was that we’d moved to a too-gusty location. Yes, you can have ‘too much’ wind for sailing – at [.] Related posts: Mid-Year Job-Search Checkup: Get Your Juices Flowing!

Mizzou Football: Leaders Need To Make Sure Urgency Is Obvious to All.

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But everything that's transpired in the last week at the University of Missouri? The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe 'Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,'" the players said in their statement Saturday. "We

The Downgrade: When Your Talent Voluntarily Leaves for a Stinky Job.

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Instead of working at the University of Missouri. In Mizzou, they''re happy that this guy decided to jump ship for. wait for it. Tulsa. Which got me thinking about the concept of the self-inflicted demotion. Let''s call it " downgrade turnover ".

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Great Careers Live At The Intersection of Niche and Grind.

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I've never forgotten that Seagrams-influenced advice given by a journalist passing through a town of 2,000 in the middle of Northeast Missouri. I remember being in High School and somehow ending up at the VFW where my dad liked to knock back a Seagram's VO or two.

What Was the First Day of the Rest of Your Professional Life?

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I was a sophomore in high school and took a roadtrip with some juniors and seniors from our small town to the University of Missouri to play basketball for a weekend - pickup, ragtag hoops in the on-campus rec center. Not going to lie - I'm underwater with work today.

Get the VIP Treatment at #HRTechConf & #IAEWSLasVegas


GET THE INSIDE SCOOP AT THE 2015 HR TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE IN LAS VEGAS! I can’t believe are less than 2 weeks away from the 2015 HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. We’re knee deep in pre-conference content strategy for #HRTechConf where we’ll bring you the best insights into what you can expect at three different events in Vegas in one week. Yes, three events which are the HR Tech Tank, IAEWS Fall Congress and the HR Technology Conference.

Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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a college student from Lindenwood Park, Missouri. “In the moment of crisis, the wise build bridges and the foolish build dams.” ” – Nigerian Proverb.


A Win-Win Situation Guaranteed to Increase Job Satisfaction


In a recent study by the University of Missouri , it’s been reported more people are finding confidence in entrepreneurship. Have you been dissatisfied with work lately? The effects of low job satisfaction can have negative repercussions on employees and employers.

4 Best Cities In The U.S. To Focus Your Job Search

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That being said, both Kansas and Missouri added nearly 5,000 jobs in 2013, amounting to a.4% Whether you’re ready to make a move for personal reasons, or you’re simply on the lookout for a new opportunity, moving for a job can be overwhelming, to say the least. It can be particularly difficult if you haven’t definitively decided on a region to focus on. The job market in America has been steadily improving, but some areas show more signs of improvement than others.

Workers Compensation Bureau and Resources by State


MissouriMissouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations. Workers Compensation Definition.

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Louis, Missouri : The systems integration company is hiring in St. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about.

Download Your 2015 Guide Las Vegas for #HRTechConf & #IAEWSLasVegas


It’s arrived. The most anticipated guide filled with nuggets of wisdom, insights, where to go and what to do in Las Vegas during the HR Technology Conference. It’s sponsored by our friends, Talent Objects. This guide is filled with information about cabbing it in Vegas, shows to see, restaurants to enjoy and what to do when you aren’t at the HR Technology Conference.

How HR Metrics & Big Data Can Transform Your Hiring


Big data is on my mind this week as I prepare for my presentation for the Missouri SHRM Conference. Learn more about how data can transform your recruiting efforts by registering for our webinar on Aug. 20, 2015 at 12 PM CST. Click here to register. .

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Network by Joining LinkedIn Groups

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Maybe you want Ruby on Rails in Missouri, or Midwest, or Central. I’ve met a few people recently who wanted positions as agile project managers or Scrum Masters. I asked them if they belonged to any Agile LinkedIn groups. No, they didn’t know those groups existed. It’s easy to not know. And, if you’re looking for a job, it has to be your business to know.

American Employees at Work Waste 2 Hrs & $153 a Day


Missouri is the most unproductive state with an average of 3.2 Employee Productivity at Work is a Employer Cause for Concern . Every year during March madness, the news turns to the discussion of workplace productivity.

ASK THE CAPITALIST: Are HR Pros with MBAs Special Anymore?

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Southeast Missouri? Kris- Clicked your new profile photo to check it out - I like it! Would love to know your opinion on a trend I am seeing as I''m screening HR Director candidates. I used to encourage HR undergrads to pursue their MBA instead of a Masters in HR.

Albert Pujols and the Art of the Counter-Offer: It All Comes Down to Replacement Cost for the Same Performance.

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I'm from Missouri and a St. Louis pro sports fan. In case you missed it, Cardinal great (pro baseball) Albert Pujols has left the Cardinals at the age of 32 , signing a 10 year deal worth $254 Million with the Los Angeles Angels. The reaction out of St.

Learn Everything You Need to Know about Las Vegas & #SHRM15


SHRM15 is literally within a week and if you’ve never been you’re in for a treat! This year we’ve put together another one of our ultimate guides to the conference and Las Vegas. Whether you’re going to SHRM to network or you’re going because it’s a free trip to Vegas (let’s face it, some of you reading this are thinking just that!) we have you covered!

Fake Job Post: Bill Starway Wants Your Credit Report -


Louis missouri!

What’s your “Note to Self”?

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from Rolla, Missouri, says : If you don’t feel pride while explaining your job, it’s time for a new one. Looking for some work advice? Maybe some words of wisdom or motivation to get you through the day? Well, I found the perfect website for you!

Follow the Clean Tech Money: DOE and USDA Award $12.2 for Biofuel Research, Clean Urban Energy Receives $7 Million, Nuventix Receives $10 Million

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States where the awards were made include: California, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Virginia. The Departments of Energy and Agriculture has made awards totaling $12.2

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Expressjet Airlines landing 265 new jobs in Kansas City, Missouri: New jobs will include pilots, flight attendants, maintenance and materials personnel. Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of

The “Survival Clause” in Employment Agreements – Ignore It, and It Can “Kill” You

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Louis, Missouri. “You are the creature of circumstances, or you are their creator.”. Cavett Robert. ACTUAL CASE HISTORY* : David, 56, was a Marketing Director for a financial advisory firm located in St. For 12 years he helped build the marketing department, and just two years earlier was named its Director. The company’s owners had high hopes of one day selling the company to one of its large competitors and, as they say, “cashing out” and “sailing off into the sunset.”.

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What Was the First Day of the Rest of Your Professional Life?

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I was a sophomore in high school and took a roadtrip with some juniors and seniors from our small town to the University of Missouri to play basketball for a weekend - pickup, ragtag hoops in the on-campus rec center.

Campus Recruiting: Gladwell on Why You Shouldn't Think Ivy Grads Are The Best Hires.

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The result is that the top student in any program at Missouri will have more confidence to go out and kick ### in his/her career than a student in the 70th percentile in the same program at Harvard, even the the average Harvard student is a lot smarter than the top student at Missouri. Isn''t it always better to get a Ivy/top shelf graduate for your college program?

we don’t want a grandson back in the family business, banning sleeveless tops, and more

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I work in Missouri, and I am an exempt salaried employee. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. We don’t want my grandson to return to the family business. When you have a “family business” and have other employees, it creates a mass of interaction emotions. We have a small office. My son runs the business my late husband and I started. I work with him. We have two sales employees. We all get along well. Enter the grandson.

Join Me In Vegas for HR Tech and HRevolution: Here's What We'll Do to Hang Out.

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I was raised in the heartland of Missouri and routinely mock those buying lottery tickets, thanking them for opting in to the voluntary tax on the uneducated. I’m not going to blow smoke up your shorts and tell you I know what’s going on in Vegas. I don’t get Vegas.

Workplace Lessons Learned from Prison

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up-and-coming star in the Missouri State Senate, can partially answer. Do you ever wonder what happens to all the disgraced business leaders and. politicians who get caught and end up in jail?    Jeff Smith, a former. that question for you.    After all, he went to prison for a year for. covering up an election law violation. Smith spent his tenure talking with fellow prisoners, who were mostly drug lords, about business. 

This Week’s Good News in the #Workplace


Louis, Missouri : Looking for a new job? Each week Blogging4Jobs is bringing you good news courtesy of JustGOODNews.BIZ. Companies from across the world are doing amazing things that most people don’t really know about.

Job-Seeking Tips for College Graduates

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Generally, hiring managers are less interested in an internship at your uncle’s insurance agency than they are with, for example, the fact that you learned hard work growing up on a farm in Missouri; that you learned discipline on the varsity cross country team in high school; or, that you gained great organizational skills balancing the most intensive course load your university had to offer. Looking for that first job after graduating college can be a daunting experience.

Domestic Abuse. He Abused Me Emotionally & Physically


The law was not on my side as according in the state of Missouri. Abused Women. Physical & Emotional Domestic Abuse. . It was fall of 2004, and I was an emotional wreck. It was a Friday and I made the call to my boss telling him I was calling in sick for the weekend.

Job Board Detox Tip #2: Take an Assessment

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For fun, take this assessment at the University of Missouri Career Center. Today’s job board detox tip: Identify your target. The first step in any job search is to ensure you have your target identified. Even if you think you know your target, take a few minutes and review it again.

Edward Jones Hires 336 Military Veterans as Financial Advisors

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Financial services firm Edward Jones announced that, so far in 2013, it has hired 336 military veterans as financial advisors, adding to the roughly 1,500 veterans already employed in this role.

Innovation - Are There Any Original Ideas Left Anymore?

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At one point, I met up with her in Missouri. One of the biggest obstacles to discussing the concept of innovation is the perception that innovation can only involve unique ideas.

"I'm Gay": Notes On How One Leader Got Potentially Disruptive News Right.

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By now, most of you heard the breaking news earlier this week - University of Missouri Linebacker Michael Sam declared to the world he was gay, setting up the chance that the NFL will have it''s first openly gay player in history.

Get the VIP Treatment with our #SHRM16 Party List


INSIDER’S GUIDE TO SHRM 2016 PARTIES & SPECIAL EVENTS. We are just 5 short weeks away from the 2016 SHRM Annual Conference in Washington DC. I’m currently working on blog content, selecting sessions and trying to develop a plan for all things #SHRM16.

Download our 2015 Guide to Las Vegas & the SHRM Annual Conf #SHRM15


Over the past few weeks we’ve had numerous Facebook messages, emails, and texts into our secret club asking when we’d be launching our annual guide for the 2015 SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition happening next month. If you’re headed to SHRM and you’d like all the resources necessary to make SHRM and your visit to Las Vegas a success, you’re in luck!

Five ways finding your strengths can help your job search

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Once you’re done, check out this very useful resource by the MU Career Centre, University of Missouri on how to specifically go about using your strengths in the job search and interview process (you have to sign in to Google Docs to view it).

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