6 Tools to Help Launch Your Job Search

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This includes a few key documents you will need to draft (such as your resume, cover letters and thank you letters). If you’ve drafted a resume, you know how difficult this can be (and if you haven’t, you know it will be challenging). Other key items you will need are your network, references and target markets/companies. There are tools you can use that will help you create most (if not all) of you documents and lists.

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14 Powerful Networking Tools and Strategies to Implement Now

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The way networking operates is similar to the way a little yeast works through a batch of dough: Both require time, a little massaging, and consistency. Given that, in certain circumstances, 85 percent of all jobs are filled through networking, it behooves every professional to learn how to network. The successful networker understands that it’s about giving more than taking for the long term. Successful networking takes time to “work through the batch.”.

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People are Not Tools

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Building Rapport with Personal Conversation → People are Not Tools Posted on October 23, 2009 by johanna I’ve been reviewing job descriptions from clients that are a laundry list of tools. People are not tools. Here’s how I categorize technical skills: functional skills, subject matter domain expertise (problem-space and solution-space), tools and technology, and industry skills. Most people can learn new tools relatively quickly.

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Best Tips for Leveraging Your Network in your Job Search

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Your network of friends, coworkers, business acquaintances and family is one of your most important job search assets. How you leverage your network during your job search is equally as important and can often be the deciding factor in how quickly you land a new job. There are many ways you can leverage your network and there is a delicate balance between over-using your network and not using it enough. With tools like LinkedIn , that should not be difficult.

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Your Email Signature: Another Personal Branding Tool

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To give you an idea, here’s what appears directly below my name in my email signature: C-level Executive Personal Branding & Job Search Strategist — Executive Resume, Biography, LinkedIn Profile, Google+ Profile, Online Presence, Career Brand Communications. If you’re doing job search research or emailing using the company network – even if you use your personal Gmail account – your employer can track your activity.

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Resumes versus LinkedIn Profiles

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your resume is your heavy duty marketing tool and LinkedIn is your job search social network and job search tool. LinkedIn Resumes

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Job Search Tools of the Trade

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Or maybe someone from your network told you to call them in a month as they may have a job opportunity for you and either you forget to call them or you can’t remember who to call? Tools: First the tools to help you stay organized. Huntsy.com – This is a web-based organizational tool for job hunters. Looks like a great organizational tool for your job search. 44Score.com – Another Job Search Organization tool.

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LinkedIn Has A New Tool To Use

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LinkedIn’s popular “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” just added a new feature: “How You Rank” It provides a lot more insight on the way you stack up in this essential network, and that’s good because it also provides suggestions for improving your ranking. And I like how you can use the tool to track your networking progress and analyze the results.

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One Way To Keep Your Networking Current

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Networking is one of those activities that gets shelved because you are busy. This is because the nature of networking is relationships, and if you only connect with people when you need them, you are viewed in a negative light. One of the most productive professional networking sites available today is LinkedIn, but that success means that there’s spam — the weeds of the web. Use the tools available to you and start with your profile.

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New Grads Embracing Social Media as Job Search Tool

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New college graduates are embracing social media as a job search tool, according to a new study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Grads Use Social Media for Networking and Researching Employers. Students are most likely to use social media in the job search to network with employers, according to survey results. Social media as a job-search tool has gained traction since NACE began tracking its use in 2008.

Are You a Tool?

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Linkedin Twitter Facebook rss Home About Services & Packages Contact Recommendations Resources The Job Quest Helping You Reach Your Job Search and Career Goals Are You a Tool? Posted by Melissa Cooley on | August 30, 2010 | 2 Comments Just so everyone is clear — I’m not talking about the slang use of “tool&#. While it sounds like you would be a mere cog in a wheel, I see a good tool as doing so much more. How else can you be a good tool?

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The Elevator Speech Marketing Tool


It should be engaging, persuasive and brief so that you could theoretically tell it to anyone you meet for career networking, job fairs, during job interviews if asked to talk about yourself, or in everyday situations where you might meet someone and describe what you do in your professional life. Amanda Ryan is a Program Development Associate & Senior Resume Writer at RedStarResume. Need the help of a professional resume writing service ?

5 Must-Have Tools for the Professional Woman

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The post 5 Must-Have Tools for the Professional Woman appeared first on Ms. While we are in the mood to improve, we should consider what tools every career girl needs to have handy. There are 5 must-have tools for every professional woman, which she should have up-to-date and ready to go, at all times. A Current Resume. Career Girl Tip: Keep a Word version of your resume for editing, but when you submit your resume, be sure it is always in PDF format!

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Social Recruiting Tool — Social Job Matcher


How can I make the best use of my recruiting team’s time keeping them from reposting openings on the hundreds of social networks? Good news is that Bernard Hodes offers a new solution for job seekers and recruiters alike when is comes to offering an easy to use tool that instantly uploads and connect you and your community to jobs based on your work experience with that pesky corporate careers website.

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Game-changing Executive Resume FAQs

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5 questions my clients ask me most often about resumes and other career documents. My resume stinks. Start by making your executive resume an interesting read. If your executive resume is still partying like it’s 1999 , you need to think like a resume branding pr o, with 10 Do’s and Don’ts. And always be mindful that grammar and spelling errors really matter in your resume, biography, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, and any other personal marketing content.

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Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Networking

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Network, Network, Network – the most important three words in job search. According to a report from ABC News, 80% of today’s jobs are landed through networking. While “who you know” has always been important, it has never been easier to leverage your network with services like LinkedIn and other social networks. Don’t have a network? Time to organize and leverage your network. Create your networking message.

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Proven Job Search Blog Grows Into Innovative Online Software Tool

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Tyrell-Smith announced today that a new online job search strategy tool has just entered private beta. Why this strategy tool and why now? . “I This strategy tool solves a major problem for job seekers at a critical time in their lives. “. The new online software tool, simply named “Tim’s Strategy” (named after the blog) delivers a structured and strategic process to help users create a personal and customized job search strategy. It’s A New Year. .

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5 More Tips for Leveraging Your Social Networks in Your Job Search

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You know that old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” While I don’t believe the first part of the saying (because what you don’t know will eventually catch up with you), the second part could not be more true with today’s social networks. While “who you know” has always been important, it has never been easier to leverage your network with services like LinkedIn and other social networks.

A Nifty Personal Brand Writing Tool: Wordnik

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Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist?

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The Fine Art of Networking

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One of the most powerful tools you can use in your job search is networking with other people. It is not just networking with other professionals within your industry-networking can also take place with friends, family and acquaintances who will put you in touch with people who can help you with your career. However, networking must be done with an element of finesse. You also have to be careful about distributing your resume to those with whom you network.

Executive Resumes: Are You Job Hunting With An Expired Tool?

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In fulfilling your efforts to make good on your “new job” resolutions, you have to pull out your professional resume; there is a lot of talk about resume becoming extinct, but here we are in 2013 and employers and recruiters still need your resume before they meet with you or schedule an interview. A tall order for a document, but it can be done effectively if you keep these five resume strategies in mind: A. This is a guest post by @AbbyLocke.

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Is Networking Helping Or Hurting Your Career?

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You hear the word “networking” in a positive light most of the time, but think about it: Who are you networking with? Basically, the internet is a tool, and the way you use that tool reveals what you are interested in knowing more about. Executive Resumes Networking executive resume services executive resume writer interview online brand online lifestyle professional resume services twitter twitter feed

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6 Tips for Expanding Your Job Search Network

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” (see 6 Links to Networking for Job Search – It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You). While it’s crucial to have the proper experience and knowledge on how to do the job, take a step back and think about the sheer number of resumes that an average employer receives along with yours. To put things into perspective, Google receives an average of 2 resumes per minute or 20,000 resumes per week, according to The New York Times (which works out to 2 resumes per minute).

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3 Online Tools to Network your Way into Job

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Social media is becoming increasingly important for job networking. On the bright side 63 percent of recruiters say that their organizations are exhibiting signs of recovery from economic difficulties, but job networking with social media is here to stay. That has always been the key to finding a career that you can live with, networking with acquaintances and finding someone who knows the right person. percent of recruiters are not active on social networking sites.

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4 Best Tools For Creating Online Portfolios

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Knowing and understanding what tools are available to you will help you make the most of yours. Okay, this isn’t so much a tool that you can actually use, but it should be the first thing that comes to mind. Many portfolio tools work wonderfully for traditional jobs – advertising, business, sales, and anything artistic lend themselves well to these tools. 3 New Tools To Visualize Your Accomplishments. Job Search Resume online portfolio tools

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Most Important Business Tool? Internet.


And we usually did a little dance when a resume was faxed in, for it meant that the candidate was up-to-date on technology. Web-based profiles, Boolean strings, Google, Online resume searching software and social and business networking sites seem to be changing the face of the game…, or are they? ” Most recruiters, and business professionals – for that matter, still list the phone as their number one tool.

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How Networking Affects Your Job Search

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Many people know that networking is important to their careers, but few understand how to effectively use their networking contacts when looking for a new job. Networkin g isn’t difficult, but is necessary, as it can be a very important tool in your job search strategy. Another use of networking contacts in your job search is to reach out to them when a specific job in their company opens up.

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Networking Tools for Your Job Search

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People with jobs will give you advice-they’ll tell you to update your resume, rearrange your resume, make your cover letter more personal but shorter, more informative but. Careers Networking Facebook linkedin Plaxo resume TwitterIf you have found yourself looking for a job in the past couple years, you are probably all too familiar with the frustration that usually accompanies the search.

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Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 | CareerSolvers

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Monday, January 3rd, 2011 Career Tools to Check Out in 2011 This month’s Career Collective topic is trends, tools, and hiring practices for 2011. I love writing about career tools that help job seekers keep informed. What particularly resonates is how empowering these tools are to individuals in search. Jan 4, 2011 - 10:01 pm Dennis Well done, Barbara, most of tools you referred are new to me.

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How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

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Networking is just as important as writing an effective resume. Networking is now the ticket to landing most jobs, which means you have to have connections to get desired positions. Bringing your resume can be a good idea, especially for career fairs. While the process of networking may be a daunting one, it can be infinitely valuable to you if you’re searching for a career.

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Expand Your Network with LinkedIn Groups

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LinkedIn can be the perfect resource for widening you professional network – as long as you know how to use the platform to your advantage. LinkedIn is a powerful tool for professionals and executives—when used correctly. Here are some great tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and expand your network by joining groups. Activity in LinkedIn groups is the best way to expand your network.

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Cool Tool for Job Search: BranchOut

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Since its launch this year, BranchOut , a professional networking platform on Facebook, has been growing steadily. Before BranchOut, many job seekers were reluctant to use Facebook as a job search tool because of all the personal information that could be displayed. BranchOut leverages the power of the Facebook network, but the BranchOut profile only shows work history, education, and positive endorsements to business contacts.

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Utilizing all Social Networking Outlets for Your Job Search

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According to a study by Reppler , 69 percent of employers have hired or rejected a potential candidate because of their social network profiles. One of these resources is the Internet and access to candidates’ social networking profiles. For LinkedIn, however, you should undoubtedly keep it public, as this is how employers can read your resume and get in contact with you. These are not professional networking sites and are more for personal use.

Job Search Marketing Toolkit – Building Your Resume

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But marketing your resume is much more complicated than just letting your target market know of your product, it must be done in the right way with the right tools. In this case, your job search marketing toolkit includes: Your resume (see 5 Steps to a Great Resume ). Network. With that said, this article’s links focus on Resumes. Resume Formats – There are lots of different resume formats (chronological, functional, combo, etc.).

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Similarities and Differences Between Your LinkedIn and Executive Resume

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After spending hours on your resume, the easy thing to do is just copy and paste the information over to your executive LinkedIn profile. While this makes sense on the surface, since LinkedIn provides the same type of information as your resume, it’s one of the worst things you can do. If they see your resume copied over to your LinkedIn profile, it shows your lack of creativity and potential disinterest in finding a new job. What to Include on Your Resume.

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9 Job Search Tools Every Job Hunter Must Use


Use all of the following tools in order to make the most of your job search and minimize the time it takes to land a job. These tools use every arena available to get you professionally known and wanted by employers in today’s changing job market: on paper, in person, online, and through friends and acquaintances. Some of the big career and networking ones are LinkedIn and now, Google+. 2) Network. Networking is the most effective way to find a job.

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LinkedIn’s New Open Candidates Tool – Just What Your Job Search Needed

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LinkedIn’s New Open Candidates Tool – Just What Your Job Search Needed. One of the many free and effective tools available is LinkedIn ®. The newest addition to the career tools offered by LinkedIn is called Open Candidates. After you have created and updated your profile, the new tool is simple to use. Another terrific tool you’ll find on LinkedIn to assist with your job search is LinkedIn Learning. A Full Tool Box. The Right Tools For The Right Job.

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Careers In Marketing: Utilizing Social Networking To Improve Your Job Prospects

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During college, social networking sites are mostly about connecting with friends, and deciding what to do on the weekend. After graduation however, the way you use social networking can change into something that helps you find the job of choice. All it takes is a little imagination and a change of attitude about what social networking sites can do for you. Ignoring the power of social networking sites is a mistake that most job seekers can’t afford to make.

LinkedIn is a great tool to build your online personality

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LinkedIn is a tool that I use more than most other tools, and as I said, it is a great tool to begin your strategy to create your online personality. A hammer is a tool, and you can build a shelf, a doghouse, or you can build a home. The first step to building a house is to determine the location, and for our purposes that is using LinkedIn as the tool to build your online profile.

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Creepy Networking

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Home About Us How It Works FAQs Contact Resources Request a Proposal Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 Creepy Networking Despite all the information available about “netiquette&# and the importance of networking strategically online, I continue to get dozens of mystery online networking requests. Something strange seems to happen to some people when they network online. What criteria do you use in deciding to accept a networking invitation?

5 Best Computer Networking Courses

The Corporate Con/noisseur

5 Best Computer Networking Courses. We’ve asked over 50 computer networking experts to rank the 5 best computer networking courses and certifications online. Computer networking is a growing field, with high demand for certified, experienced professionals. With two years of experience, computer network engineers earn an average of nearly $57,300. With over five years of experience, network engineers can expect to earn over $86,000.

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5 Great Tools That Showcase Your Skills To Recruiters

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It has been widely documented that recruiters spend about 6-seconds on the average resume. It is no wonder; they are flooded with resumes on a daily basis. Not only that, the average resume is filled to the brim with “responsibilities” and “accomplishments.” Let’s be honest, reading just isn’t where we are as a society anymore and, unfortunately, the resume has yet to evolve… at all. Tools That Showcase Your Skills To Recruiters. Job Search recruiter too

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How to Build a Powerful Executive Network

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Meg Guiseppi, C-level Executive Job Search Coach — Resume, Biography, Branding, Online Identity & ROI Value Communications Blog Home Intro Personal Branding 360 Reach Personal Brand Assessment Why hire a Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist? Networking is the best way to land your next gig. In this slow job market recovery with more competition for opportunities at the top executive level, networking well is more critical than ever.

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