Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement

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John Hyman has an interesting post on Bereavement Leave and FMLA. 8/26/10), an employee sought and received FMLA leave to care for her hospitalized husband. When he died a week later, she took three days’ bereavement leave. I'm not a fan of government stepping in and telling companies when they have to allow time off, but I am a fan of reasonable bereavement leave.

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Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement

Evil HR Lady

Tuesday, November 09, 2010 Maybe You Should Just Offer Reasonable Bereavement John Hyman has an interesting post on Bereavement Leave and FMLA. 8/26/10), an employee sought and received FMLA leave to care for her hospitalized husband. When he died a week later, she took three days’ bereavement leave. Im not a fan of government stepping in and telling companies when they have to allow time off, but I am a fan of reasonable bereavement leave.

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offering prayers to a coworker, employee falsely accused of attending a white supremacist march, and more

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Offering prayers to a coworker. Recently, “Jane,” someone from another department (not the one I manage) requested bereavement leave to attend a family member’s funeral in another state. Jacaranda has been very clear: she does NOT want a party to mark her retirement, and if she gets wind of any party planning, she will call out sick or leave early to avoid the festivities. Someone who says that she’ll leave early to avoid a party is serious about not wanting a party.

When Sick Leave isn’t Enough & Employees Need a Leave of Absence


In last week’s post , I wrote about why paid sick leave is good for business. For most employees who are under the weather, a basic paid sick leave program can be enough to help employees recover from illness and minimize the risk of contagious employees spreading cold and flu germs around the office. But what happens when an employee’s time off for health reasons exceeds what you offer in your paid sick leave program? Know When to Give FMLA Leave Rights.

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Retaining the Hourly Employee


Offer more money through programs like profit sharing, benefits at 30 hours a week, PTO and incentive programs. Offer a better total comp package than your competitors. You may need to come up with some fun ideas of offering benefits and incentives for part-time workers vs. big expensive health insurance packages. Provide personal leave options for people to pursue other interests. Let them leave and take a break, they will quickly realize how good they had it.

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When Important People Leave: Circle the Wagons and Fire Up the "Us vs. Them" Machine.

HR Capitalist

If you''re like most companies, you have people leave all the time. You don''t want them to go, but your business won''t collapse if they leave. You probably were moved to make a counter offer, but they still left. What do you do when a truly key person decides to take his/her talents elsewhere? Or do you take it personally and subtlety let everyone in the organization know that they''ve made a mistake, and you''re going to crush them"?

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answering questions from your old employer after you've moved on

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I’m thinking soon after I could be polite and offer some level of help but where do I draw the line and say “hey guys, I&# m not getting paid for this. Or, if you’re willing to help out if you’re paid for it, you can say to your old boss, “Hey, it seems like you guys are calling on me a lot, to the point that I wanted to raise the possibility of offering you a set number of hours of my time in the next month as a consultant.

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Showing Your Employees You Care, On The Cheap


Giving your workers the opportunity to utilize flex-time in their work schedule will make it easier for you to accommodate reasons for personal leave like appointments. Many employers are also beginning to offer options for remote-work for a day or two every week. Offer a free meal on a chosen day every week. Similar to providing healthy snack options in your company kitchen, many employers have now come to offer their employees free or discounted gym memberships.

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“If I am terminated for cause, can accumulated leave time and comp time be denied me?”

Sklover Working Wisdom

Over the course of my employment I have accumulated significant “leave time” and “comp time” that, under normal circumstances, and according to the Leave Manual would be given to me in a lump sum upon separation. However, there is a fundamental difference between “comp time” and “leave time” when that rule is applied. . Leave Time (or Vacation Time) is very different; it is not a form of wages, but rather a benefit that is not required by law.

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Are You a Tool?

The Job Quest

How To Choose a Picture for Your Personal Brand Melissa Cooley Twitter: TheJobQuest August 31st, 2010 @ 11:23 am You are too funny, Jorgen! Showing Your Gratitude During the Job Search 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Put a Photo on Your Resume How to Build Your Authentic Personal Brand When You Don’t Want to Lead at Work Taking on the “Greatest Weakness&# Question (Perspective #3) So, You Want a Career in Public Relations?

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How UnMarketing Can Help You Find A Job

Tim's Strategy

And you can also work to become a person of influence. A great example of him engaging his audience until the last person leaves. Wrong Job Or Job Offer? I’ve told you about him before. How he exploded like a cherry bomb on the stage at Blog World in October. And how he suggests we all stop marketing and start engaging. He also was the inspiration for my post titled 3 ways to be awesome in everyday life.

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how can we stop people from coming to work sick?

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We also offer six paid sick days, separate from vacation and personal leave.). Offer generous paid sick time. is seven days a year, with over half of employers offering five to nine, and another quarter offering 10 or more. People are far more likely to come to work sick if they don’t have a generous sick leave set-up. A reader write: What can I do about loose sick attendance policies in the workplace?

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I can’t seem to stop being late to meetings

Ask a Manager

I don’t know what to do anymore, because I was recently told by my manager that I should take some sort of personal leave for my health, but I feel it is disingenuous to put the onus on me in this way. So, where does that leave you? A reader writes: With COVID still in full force and us working from home for months now, I’ve had a recurring issue with me constantly being late to meetings.

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“Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » “Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?” Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?” I have never seen a non-competition agreement provide that it is effective only the “first time I leave” the company, or, for that matter, “each time I leave the company,” either. Why Did You Leave?

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HR Manager: “I Would Much Rather Hire Someone Who is Currently.

The Job Quest

It’s wonderful to hear that, as a hiring manager, you focus on the quality that a person can bring to your business. Cheryl July 1st, 2010 @ 5:47 am I always wondered why employers should be so obsessed with gaps in employment on a resume or what appears to be ‘job hopping’ People take jobs and then they leave. As for gaps on the resume…hello…the average person will stay in a job 3 years and have over 10 jobs/career changes in a lifetime.

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Performance Review a Problem? 16 Steps to a Robust Rebuttal

Sklover Working Wisdom

“The only perfect person. We offer a Model Memo entitled “Requesting Performance Review Rebuttal Procedures and Forms.” None of these can be proven, or disproven, and all are potentially either (a) made up (that is, falsified), (b) mental impressions without basis in reality, or (c) entirely capable of being based in personal animosity, discrimination or other improper motive. Avoid the use of personal invective and criticisms. That’s quite personal to you.

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The Day I Got Married ?, Part 2: Solemnization and Marriage

Personal Excellence Blog

More Photos… And some more photos from our personal album… Addressing our audience Gazing into our future Man and wife :) To Ken: Before I met you, I didn’t know if there was anyone out there for me After I met you, I realized that soulmates do exist, and you are my twin soul Thank you for always showering me with unconditional love, kindness, and support I look forward to spending forever with you :).

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updates: the incompetent temp, the person who lacked ambition, and more

Ask a Manager

I am now leaving my current job and will be returning to my home country in August. Several interviewers mentioned how strong my cover letter had been and how they got a real sense of my personality and unique professional interests from it. I interviewed for four jobs that week and ended up receiving enthusiastic offers from all of them! I am teaching all my lessons online at the moment and really missing having a routine and seeing my students in person.

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sending an anonymous note to my wife’s employer, internships and equity, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s reasonable to tell your colleague that you don’t have the time you’d need to invest to do it legally, or that you don’t feel you could offer it to one person without opening up a broader application process. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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when can you use someone’s first name, when to disclose salary, and more

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Blank in every single email until you have an offer? you can start out with the person’s first name. If you didn’t disclose your salary earlier, it would be shocking and unlikely for an employer to try to lower your offer just because they later learned your salary. I think a key indicator of a toxic workplace is when people leave frequently. In future job interviews I want to somehow ask “Why did the last person leave?”

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wee answer Wednesday — 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

For instance, the company only offers one week of paid vacation time for the first two years, six paid holidays off (I currently get 10), and no 401K. I asked why a company of their size (700 people) didn’t offer a 401K plan, and her answer was that they used to have one, but it didn’t work, and since they were primarily a manufacturer, it wasn’t common for manufacturers to employ this perk. Is it common for companies to offer only one week?

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my boss approved a long vacation for me — but we can’t agree on the dates

Ask a Manager

When we planned this trip six months ago, I decided that I would ask for personal leave (unpaid time) and I would have to be mentally prepared for them to say no, and for me to walk away from my job at that point. My manager decided I would be the point person to develop new skills in order to support this project. When I first mentioned the desire for extended personal leave over a month ago, my manager was extremely understanding about prioritizing family, etc.

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I lied to quit my job, how many microwaves should an office kitchen have, and more

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I couldn’t come up with a solid reason to quit, so I lied and said that I was leaving town to follow my boyfriend. It was an excellent job, and they were all extremely supportive of “the move” and offered to be references, etc. Do I write them off as a reference because I lied about leaving town and obviously the new jobs I am applying for are in the same town? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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why should employers care about my long commute?

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On the flip side, if I’m lucky enough to get an offer from multiple companies, I know that I wouldn’t choose this particular job because of the commute and cost of relocating (I can’t afford to rent a place on my own in that area on the salary they’d be paying me – I’m willing to live with a roommate, but the delay in finding one means more time spent with a hellish commute).

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company only approves new hires once a year, “use it or lose it” vacation policies, and more

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California prohibits “use it or lose it policies”; all vacation days must roll over and be paid out when an employee leaves, although employers can put a cap on the total amount of vacation time you can have accrued at any given time. If an employee leaves then we’re expected to fill that gap with work done by other people until the next “hiring cycle” rolls around and we can put in a request to get a req approved to replace that person.

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sharing resumes with coworkers, should I have to plan a going-away party for my cubicle mate, and more

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It’s absolutely fine to share information about applicants, including their resumes, with others within your organization; in fact, it’s common practice in many companies to share them within your department, or with other departments who might have an interest in a particular candidate, or to share the resume of the new hire with your whole team before the person starts. I have sat next to this person for nearly 2 years, and yes we talk a lot and have laughs.

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wee answer Wednesday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

Ask A Manager

I just moved to a new city, and an expert in my field offered to introduce me to several directors and managers via email since I’m looking for a job. The previous heads were demoted and a new person was brought in with her own team. You’re simply not going to proactively offer the information. It’s wee answer Wednesday — seven short answers to seven short questions. Here we go… 1. How to follow up on a networking introduction.

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a bomb scare made me late to an interview, agenda for meeting with a new boss, and more

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I don’t want these people to think that I’m a chronically late person and I’ve been out of work for a while. Should I just leave well enough alone? During our last meeting before I was offered the position, my boss mentioned that on the first couple of days, she would clear her calendar and we would spend time together to “ramp up.” The HR person encouraged me to apply anew to this position, which I did. I never got through to a person.

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I’m not my boyfriend’s keeper, employee is openly job searching from work, and more

Ask a Manager

I am the team lead of a two-person admin team for a sales department. I am the supervisor of the second person, but not her manager; however, most critiques are expected to flow through me first unless there is a serious problem. The second person spends most of her time in our reception area (answering phones, greeting visitors, etc.) Recently though, I have noticed that this second person is spending quite a bit of her time at the front desk searching for a new job.

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my interviewers didn’t hang up the phone after my interview, my boss can’t move past a mistake I made, and more

Ask a Manager

It is worth reflecting on whether there might have been something in your manner that a reasonable person could have misinterpreted, and maybe seek feedback from someone whose judgment you trust and who you know will be candid with you. I offered up my portfolio as an alternative (I already include all the components they are asking for) and they still want me to do this sample project. I’m leaving in two weeks and my employer has no plan to replace me and is piling work on me.

2018 27

using unlimited time off to work a second job, a sexist conference organizer, and more

Ask a Manager

It seems to me that the impact is no different than if I was leaving early to get my own kid from preschool, taking a day off to get my car fixed, or spending a week traveling with my partner — all of which are normal and even encouraged. How forthcoming and apologetic should I be about using most/all of my sick leave? More money than my last job, so far looks like a better environment, and the sick/personal leave is slightly above the industry norm.

2018 27

manager blocked internal move, salary when moving to part-time, and more

Ask a Manager

I recently made a request at my job to move from a full-time schedule to a part-time one, due to some personal and medical issues that need more of my attention. My employer (a large company) advertised a post (to internal and external candidates) for a secondment to cover someone’s maternity leave. An internal candidate scored best at the interviews and in assessments and so was offered and accepted the post. It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go….

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correcting coworkers who use the wrong words, negative coworker is stressing me out, and more

Ask a Manager

Plus, I think it can negatively impact a person’s professional persona, however subtly. I have a colleague, a counterpart on my team, who went through a very tough time and ended up taking personal leave. She remains on leave; it has been almost a year now. During coaching sessions, I like to start the meeting by offering a bottle of water, or a hot drink when it’s cold out, and this has proven to be a great way to get staff to open up.

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my office doesn’t give us computers, my coworker gets paranoid when I talk to his staff, and more

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I was expected to bring my own tech, yet no one told me in the interview, offer, or before I showed up for my first day. The reason this gives me such pause is (a) this is such an immense cost to the employees it’s unbelievable, (b) I worry about mixing my personal and work, in terms of who owns what, and (c) this was my personal computer long before it was my work computer — what ability/right do they have to see what I’m doing on it outside of work time?

2017 21

my mom wants to come with me to a professional conference and isn’t taking no for an answer

Ask a Manager

She often is very critical of me and my decisions, both personal and professional. I’m not sure where to go from here, but I’m hoping you can offer me some guidance. and then … end the conversation (meaning hang up or, if you’re in person, leave). A reader writes: I have been in a job that I love for the past four years. It’s a government job that has the possibility to expire within the next four years.

deli meats and working lunches, internal candidates need not apply, and more

Ask a Manager

I have told my direct supervisor, who is very supportive, and we have a great parental leave policy. It’s pretty reasonable to ask the person in charge of ordering food to order something that you can eat. If for some reason talking to that person directly doesn’t make sense, I’d explain what’s up to your manager, since she already knows about your pregnancy, and ask her her support in broadening what’s being offered, without tying it to you. (If