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Hello, Happy New Year, Would you recommend Social Media for someone over 50 looking for a career change? It is especially important for age 50+ professionals so you remain relevant. We hope you enjoy the blog!

Job Tips for Job Seekers Over 50

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That doesn’t mean that none of the advice that we’ve offered so far doesn’t apply to those of us over 50. She will offer a perspective of the value over 50 job seekers possess. Are you over 50 and struggling with changing careers or finding a job?

5 Key Resume Writing Tips For The Over 50 Job Seeker

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5 Key Resume Writing Tips For The Over 50 Job Seeker. Related: Resumes For People Aged 50+. The post 5 Key Resume Writing Tips For The Over 50 Job Seeker appeared first on CAREEREALISM. CAREEREALISM.

Over 50? Is Personal Branding for Boomers, too?

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If you’re over 50, chances are that some of the job seekers competing against you will be younger. Simply put: Branding is all about differentiating the unique value you offer your target employers over those competing against you.

How To Answer 3 Interview Questions For The ‘Over 50’ Job Seeker

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How To Answer 3 Interview Questions For The ‘Over 50’ Job Seeker. Navigating a successful job search can be tricky for the Over 50 set (and very often, the over 40). Related: 10 Tips For Job Seekers Over 50.

Fired & Over 50: What To Do

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Are you over 50 and starting your New Year off with a termination or layoff? Rather, allow yourself an opportunity to grieve and talk things over with those who are important to you. Resumes For Job Seekers Over 50.

Over 50? Eight Ways to Remain Employed and Employable

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Watch the video on YouTube: [link]. Monthly Vidcast

Working with Recruiters For Senior Executives Over 50

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Working with Recruiters For Senior Executives Over 50 is a post from: Executive Career Brand. I have interviewed and hired plenty of candidates over the age of 40. One of the exercises my clients work on as part of the executive branding process is doing a SWOT analysis (Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats). Because, as c-level and senior-level executives, they’re typically in the 45 to 55 age range, many list their age as a weakness.

Resume Tips for Job Seekers Over 50

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The way your resume is crafted can quickly reveal to an employer your age or signal to an employer you are not current with today’s workplace. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Resume & Cover Letter age job resume search seasoned seeker tip

The Truth About Job Searching Over 50

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Job searching over 50 image from Shutterstock. “JT & Dale Talk Jobs” is the largest nationally syndicated career advice column in the country and can be found at Dear J.T. & & Dale: I am going to be 56 years old and can’t believe it!

Over 50? Midlife Is The PERFECT Time To Start A Franchise

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That’s according to a recent study by the Kauffman Foundation and Legal Zoom, which found that, in 2013, 35% of all new businesses were started by people over the age of 50. In fact, people over 50 started businesses at a higher rate than those between the ages of 20 and 34.

Boomers Over 50 More Likely to Succeed as Entrepreneurs

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A  study  by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation reported that the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity over the last few years is not Gen-Y upstarts, but Baby Boomers in the 55-64 year age group. Boomer CEOs have worked through countless  change management initiatives  over the years.


Call to Career

If you are in the over 50 club and looking for a job, you may need to separate fact from fiction. Take this short quiz to find out how much you know about finding a job search when you are over 50. There are many myths about finding new employment when you are a mature worker.

Over 50 & Out of Work – Documentary of Boomers in Transition

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Recent winner of our Ultimate Career Coaching Experience contest, Thomas Bertin, shared with me this week he was interviewed for a multi-media documentary project for people over 50 years old who are out of work. You can see his interview here. I work with many seasoned professionals in our Career. To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at Job Search career advice career expert career hmo CAREEREALISM

What Can You Do If You Are Over 50 And Looking For a Job?

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If you are over 50 and looking for a job this video suggests you need to understand and be able to articulate the value you bring to an organisation. Can you save them time or money? Can you improve their efficiency? What is it that makes you unique which will provide an advantage to the […]. Careers

5 Rules to Finding A Job If You’re Over 50

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My newest client came to me because he felt like he was being discriminated against because of his age. He was in the middle of a career transition which wasn’t going well. He’d become too focused on his age. He was playing by other people’s rules and had lost sight of his goal which was [.]. Featured career

50 Best Workplaces & Employers for Boomer & Traditional Generations


The over 50 age category is challenging to recruit, retain and hire because this audience can be lumped into 3 different categories. Part Time Over 50 Workers. Over 50 Workers Who are Reinventing Their Careers. Over 50 Steady Eddies.

Jobs For People Over 50 – On The Road To Where?

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The economy is unstable, to say the least, we don’t know if Social Security will come through for us (or even still be in existence) when we retire, and we keep hearing that we’re the part of the workforce that is least likely to get hired. CBS News even has a video titled Baby Boomers: Age Bias Careers Job News Baby Boom Generation Baby Boomer

The Job Search When You Are Over 50: Strategies for Overcoming the Stereotypes

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Anyone over 50 and seeking a new job is aware that ageism is alive and well and that the older job hunter faces some unflattering stereotypes. You will need a strategy to overcome the stereotypes that older workers are: - not technologically savvy - tired, slow, unenthusiastic and just putting in time until they can. Age Bias Careers

How to Change Careers and Find a Job When You Are Over 50

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So the big question is how to you parlay all of your years of experience into another job? The first task is to really, and I mean really, understand what you want to do next. I have observed through the years that people who do not want to go back to the same type of [.]. Careers career Employment interview Interviewing jobs resume

Finding a Job Over 50: How to Effectively Approach the Market in 2012

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Because of age bias and the incessant labeling of those over 50 as “overqualified,” baby boomers have to take a very different approach. The current job market can be difficult enough for new college graduates, but for those re-entering the market after more than twenty years of stable employment, it can be much less welcoming.

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Top 11 Browseworthy Professional Development Links of 2009

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As we move towards the close of 2009, I thought I’d share my top 11 of the over 50 sites I’ve shared this year. Move over and make way for women who are in control of their financial destinies and not afraid to say it.

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How to Get a Job Past the Age of 50

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The list of financial commitments made over the years is staggering. Here are a few you can ask: “What are the strategic plans for growth for the company over the next three years?” How to Get a Job Past the Age of 50. By: U.S.

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Ten 2010 Predictions: job search and otherwise « Career Brander

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Over 50% of the Fortune 5000 will be utilizing social media as a central part of their talent acquisition strategies.

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Blogging saved my life (or at least helped me get a job)

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Corn on the Job Wisdom for Job Seekers Blog About Archives COTJ Blog Roll Corn Heads Contact Subscribe Blogging saved my life (or at least helped me get a job) by Rich DeMatteo on December 17, 2009 This post is part of the Guest Blog Grand Tour over at Life Without Pants – an epic two-month journey of over 50 guest posts. I’m constantly surprised by how many people read my blog from all over the world and like what I have to say.

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We Assumed Our Employee Would be a Stay-at-Home Mom

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We have just over 50 employees, so we are subject to FMLA. An employee had a baby a couple of months ago and went on maternity leave. We were all 100 percent sure that she would quit to stay home with the baby. Her husband has a good job and her sisters are stay-at-home moms. So, we started working on replacing her. We hired her replacement and she’s great! Better than our former employee.

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Fifty And Older Job Market Issues

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If you’re over 50, you’ve probably Due to the job markets lately, there are a lot of older generation employees wondering how to get hired. The key is recognizing and remembering that your work experience can play a supportive role as well as a leadership role with organizations. The two need not be mutually exclusive.

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CBS Fires Vice President Over Horrible Las Vegas Facebook Post

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The October 1 massacre that killed over 50 and wounded hundreds more was a national tragedy. ” To keep reading, click here: CBS Fires Vice President Over Horrible Las Vegas Facebook Post. The post CBS Fires Vice President Over Horrible Las Vegas Facebook Post appeared first on Evil HR Lady. Most people were in shock, horrified and saddened by what happened.

Why Your Interview Skills Suck

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Over 50 job seekers must not buy the notion – “I’m over 50, I’ll be discriminated against. Over 50 job seekers must not buy the notion – “I’m over 50, I’ll be discriminated against. * Older job seekers do many things well.

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Executive Job Search Advice From the Experts

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I’m very flattered and grateful to be included among such heavy hitters in Career Sherpa’s (Hannah Morgan) “ 50+ Best Websites For Job Search 2017 “ WOW! Over 50 Job Search.

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Short Term & Long Term Fixes to Your Employee Retention Rate


Over 50% of your workforce is ready to walk out the door today if the right offer comes along. Retention rates are one area that companies should be focusing primary resources on right now. According. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR employee retention monthly turnover retention skip level interview turnover

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Why Baby Boomers Don’t Like Being Called Seniors

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There is a great and hugely unsettling disconnect in the way advertisers and the media approach the over 50’s demographic, often painting Baby Boomers with such a broad brush that they become almost unrecognizable. Senior”, “elderly”, and “unwired” are just a few of the terms that send Boomers up the wall. Boomers in the “Sandwich” […]. The post Why Baby Boomers Don’t Like Being Called Seniors appeared first on. Leisure

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How and Why Personal Branding Works

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Over 50? If you’ve read and completed my 10-Step Executive Personal Branding Worksheet , you may think you have a good handle on building your personal brand and using it to land a great-fit job.

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FlexJobs Names Top Career Categories & Companies for Freelance Jobs

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These lists are based on an analysis of over 49,000 companies and their freelance job posting histories in FlexJobs’ database between January 1 and February 28, 2018. 35% of the total U.S. workforce currently freelance.

7 Signs You Should Leave Your Job, as Told By Mark Corrigan #PeepShow

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Well you’re not alone, as a study has recently revealed that over 50% of Americans are unhappy at work. Does the arrival of Sunday evening strike fear into your soul? Does the thought of work leave you feeling anxious, worried and unmotivated?

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

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And, for those over 50, fear of never getting another job. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ” – Unknown. We live in an age of fear at work. Fear, first, to lose one’s job. Fear, too, to lose one’s reputation.

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Job Search Advice: 10 Best Sites For 50+ Jobs


The over 50 job seeker has a unique challenge - they may be the most discriminated against segment of job seekers. Learn the top job boards if you're 50+ and how to use them for the maximum leverage in your search. Continued at [link]. Featured Job Boards reCareered Blog ageism career career change career coach hidden job market Job Job board job search Planning research

Resumes Lie – Part 1


Studies have shown that over 50% of resumes contain lies. Learn how employers catch these lies and what's more powerful than lies on your resume. Continued at [link]. Featured Resumes reCareered Blog career career change career coach Employment facebook hiring Job job search linkedin Planning pre-screen recareered research Resume

Simple Steps to Steer Your Child Toward Career Success

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Study after study tells us that over 50% of Americans dislike or disengaged from their jobs. And as they grow older, be sure to point out what you’ve seen over the years—their desires, their talents, their achievements, and the positive attributes they bring to the world.

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Big 40 or 50 Looming? Take Heart From These Ageless Champions!

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Maybe you’re turning 40, or 50. Are you already feeling a tiny sense of panic as you look back at what you’ve done over the past decade and judging your accomplishments – or seeming lack thereof? At the age of 50, Donna climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. The post Big 40 or 50 Looming?

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