What If You Overqualify For The Job You Want?

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Sometimes, you find yourself in the unenviable category of “ overqualified ” candidates when applying for a job. If you are interested in a position that you overqualify for, take a proactive stance and answer some common interviewer’s questions before they are asked.

Overqualified? So What?

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Related: 3 Resume Tips To Avoid Appearing Overqualified. You’re overqualified, and this new company is afraid to take a chance and bring you onboard because it’s worried you’ll leave the second an opportunity that aligns with your stature becomes available.

3 Tips on Resumes to Avoid Appearing Overqualified

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Your resume may be looking a little too good. Here are three tips to avoid looking overqualified. Resume & Cover Letter advice career expert overqualified resume tipHave the experience but still can't get a job? To get this useful advice and many other helpful career resources, visit us now at CAREEREALISM.com.

“Sorry, but you are overqualified.” – Here’s a way past that.

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No matter what the job was, Phil kept hearing five words, over and over again: “Sorry, but you are overqualified.” On the other hand, Phil totally understood people saying “Sorry, but you are overqualified” because he, himself, had uttered those five words many times when he did hiring. It’s just that Phil had never stopped to consider why even he said that to job candidates, and did not offer “overqualified” job candidates a first or second interview.

Hiring for Diversity, Pt4: “Overqualified People” | Hiring.

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What about “overqualified&# people? Pingback: Tweets that mention Hiring for Diversity, Pt4: “Overqualified People” | Hiring Technical People -- Topsy.com s c miller says: August 19, 2010 at 2:35 pm It’s a good article but thin.

Are You Overqualified for the Job You Want?

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Looking for a job is not always fun, and you need a good resume to help you along in the process. Here’s an important question to consider—does your resume give the impression that you are overqualified for the job you want? Or, are you truly overqualified to get the job that your heart desires? Having

How to land a job when you are overqualified

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in November 2011 , although it’s expected to rise closer to 9% once holiday retail workers are no longer needed), many workers are taking jobs for which they are overqualified. Edit your accomplishments in your resume, but don’t delete them entirely. photo credit: o5com.

Should You Dumb Down Your Resume?

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You have worked hard and maybe even hired a professional, but you finally have a fantastic resume that highlights every positive aspect of your career perfectly. While there is a certain amount of logic to this it doesn’t mean that lying on your resume if a good idea.

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Overqualified For The Job: What Are Your Options?

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The words “you’re overqualified for this position” are frustrating. Why did the recruiter or hiring manager call you in for an interview if they felt you were overqualified? With the right resume and cover letter, you can beat the “overqualified” response.

What to Do When You're an Overqualified Executive

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In your search, however, you may have found the employers are reluctant to give you work because they know you’re overqualified. Being overqualified is only a testament to your hard work over the years, so apply with confidence to secure the job you want.

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The 6-Second Resume Challenge

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According to a famous study, employers spend an average of six seconds scanning a resume before deciding whether the candidate is worth calling for an interview. Here are a few tips in executive resume writing that will get you that call. Your executive profile needs to pass the test.

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How to Age-Proof Your Resume


Construct your resume with the assumption that hiring managers will have reservations about hiring a mature worker. Your resume needs to convince them that the value you will bring to their organization should override all their concerns. Career Advice Resume Templates Age resume

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Questions For Your Grad School & Overqualification Answers


Everyone has an opinion on the best practices for recruiting, interviewing, and resume writing. Career Advice Grad School overqualified job overqualified work

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7 Day Resume Makeover

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Blog About Tai on Twitter Free Consultation Coaching Options Coaching FAQs Testimonials Contact Resources Reading List CMC Products Events Subscribe to RSS 7 Day Resume Makeover by Tai Goodwin on March 11, 2010 Does your resume need an upgrade?

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7 Ways Your Resume Will Be Judged Post-Interview

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7 Ways Your Resume Will Be Judged Post-Interview. Here’s a big myth about resumes: once it gets you an interview, it’s tossed into a corner and never referenced again. My Resume Is Dead On Arrival. During the course of hiring someone, a resume will go through multiple screenings.

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3 Reasons Why A Dumbed-Down Resume Gets You Better Results

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3 Reasons Why A Dumbed-Down Resume Gets You Better Results. It’s typical for professionals to build up jargon common in their field of work and then apply it to their writing – including the resume. Related: 6 Careless Mistakes To Avoid On The Resume.

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5 Key Resume Tips for Aspiring CFOs

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If your dream has always been becoming a CFO, it’s important to make sure that your resume is up to par. Resumes for executive positions are a key part of your Job Search Marketing Toolkit and will help to market you as a professional to Executive Recruiters as well as senior executives.

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McCrabby Rants.: Dear Hiring Mgr: I'm Overqualified? Is that code for.

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You'll love the is piece by a fellow Guerrilla Resume Writer - I promise NOTE:  Will E. Wurkornot got a job!!!  Congrats, Will E.  So, this is it -- Will's last attempt at making sense to a hiring manager.    This is Number 10, in a series of ten letters (all are listed at the end of this post. via mccrabby.blogspot.com.

3 Reasons Why Someone Less Qualified Got The Job

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Your resume doesn’t do you justice. So it’s up to you to communicate exactly what you want them to know through your cover letter, resume, and/or online presence. Check out these related articles: How To Edit Your Overqualified Resume. Job Search overqualifie

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7-Step Resume Strategy For Overcoming The Resume Black Hole

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We hear from job seekers every day who are sending out hundreds of resumes and job applications never to be heard from again. It’s hard to tell if it’s the resume at fault or the company not hiring, already hired, or if your resume is just sitting in a stack of 500 others never to be found.

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contacting people who had my job before me, am I overqualified, under-qualified, or just right, and more

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Am I overqualified, under-qualified, or just right? I still feel like an entry level candidate, so I’ve been applying to entry level jobs–some that ask for the masters, most that just ask for a bachelor’s degree–and I don’t know if I’m under/overqualified. Otherwise, if the job doesn’t match up with your background, employers will assume you’re not be thoughtful and are just resume-bombing, and that’ll get you quickly discarded.

How to Write your Resume Work History Section?

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Resume writing is truly an art and one should know how to project oneself in front of the employer and that too with relevant details and according to the job requirements. These are the typical particulars of the resume work history section.

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Killer Resumes and Ninja Resumes

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The biggest being how they make their First Impression – their resume. We all agree that a resume is the first step in getting a job search off on the right track, or for many getting a job search back on track after a lengthy detour, so why not try and get it right from Day #1.

4 Horrible Resume Writing Tips To Avoid

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There are many self-proclaimed experts claiming to know what’s best when it comes to preparing an effective resume. To help you identify these incompetent resume experts, I have provided a list of the four most slipshod bits of advice you will find online that these amateurs provide.

7 Strategies for Overcoming the Resume Black Hole

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→ 7 Strategies for Overcoming the Resume Black Hole Posted on October 14, 2010 by Jennifer Anthony Image by woodleywonderworks via Flickr By Jessica M Holbrook We hear from job seekers every day who are sending out hundreds of resumes and job applications never to be heard from again.

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We’re pleased to offer another new “Model Letter”:

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Overqualified” Job Applicant Submitting Resume. For that reason, and in light of the consolidation of so many industries, more and more job candidates are viewed as “overqualified,” and thus are often not afforded even an initial interview.

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5 Must Have Resume Items for Any Successful CFO

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If your dream has always been becoming a CFO, it’s important to make sure that your resume is up to par. Resumes for executive positions can become a piece of collateral that will market you as a professional to other executives within an organization. 5 Helpful Resume Tips.

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Committing to a Position | Hiring Technical People

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He wanted to make sure a person he thought was overqualified for a position stayed in the job for two years. (!!) I realize you’re concerned about people leaving, especially if you think they are overqualified. They were overqualified for telecom.

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Strengthening Your Executive Resume With the Right Keywords.

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Jennifer Anthony's Official Blog Nationally Published Resume Expert Skip to content Home About Hire Jenn FAQs How It Works Resume Rockstars Resume Writers by Industry or Specialty Library ← What to Do When You’re an Overqualified Executive Job Hunting in 2010?

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The Worst Resume Advice I’ve EVER Heard

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Over the years, I’ve had clients come to me and ask all kinds of questions about advice they’ve heard in regards to resume writing. In this article, I’m hoping to dispel some of the worst resume advice I’ve heard over the years in an effort to help you wade through the deluge of resume writing advice that has taken over the Internet. Related: Resume Mistakes: The 5 Worst Resume Sins. Including soft skills in a resume is a waste of time and space.

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Most common resume lies


In today’s competitive economy, many job seekers will do anything to get ahead, including lie on their resume to make the information look better. In particular, recruiters look for the most common lies on resumes. They often rationalize this falsehood by stating that the job itself was real, so they do have the experience they are claiming on the resume. Embellishing skills is another common falsehood that some applicants include on their resumes.

Eliminate Ageism from Your Resume and Job Search [WEBINAR]

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Tired of getting turned down for jobs and hearing you are “overqualified” or have “too much experience?” Think ageism is blocking you from landing a job? I speak to numerous job seekers each week that feel being over 40 is affecting their job search results.

3 Simple Ways to Get Resume Responses and Company Feedback


Have you ever been told you are overqualified? is a job search strategist and resume writer at Best Fit Forward , she also serves as the Community Manager for StartWire. Subscribe to JobMob via RSS or email and follow me on Twitter for more ideas about getting a response to your resume.

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ethics and your resume

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on his resume] lest a potential employer find him overqualified? ” I commented, making the argument you make about a resume being a marketing document designed to present the potential employee in the best light. To which he responded: “You may be selective, of course, or some resumes would be 50 pages long, but you may not be deceptive, deliberately concealing work or education history that a potential employer has a legitimate right to know.”

Why Less Experience Could Get You Hired

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The idea is such a joke that there is now a book out by this name, Overqualified by Joey Comeau. Comeau writes cover letters to send with resumes, but they are not your run of the mill cover letters. The following is a guest post from careers writer, Brendan Cruickshank. + Instead, they are outrageous,

???? 40 Tips for Older Job Seekers That Actually Get Results


Get a forward-facing resume. Midlife job seekers need a resume that looks forward, not backward. Update your knowledge before sending out resumes. Focus your resume. Often told you're overqualified, then try a smaller firm. Focus your resume, the right way.

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I will review your resume this week

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager want me to review your resume? I get a lot of requests to give people feedback on their resumes, but because it’s time-consuming to do it well, I usually turn them down unless they’re friends or family.

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resume review offer ends at midnight tonight

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager resume review offer ends at midnight tonight March 31, 2011 As I mentioned yesterday , I wildly underestimated what the response would be to my resume review offer , so I’m going to end it earlier than the one-week period I’d initially planned.

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want your resume reviewed by an expert (free)?

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager want your resume reviewed by an expert (free)? February 7, 2011 Suzanne Lucas of Evil HR Lady is looking for resumes to publish on BNET, where she and hiring managers/recruiters will critique them … and I’ll be her first guest critic!

update: my friend fabricated his resume and now wants me to be his reference

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Remember the letter-writer a couple of weeks ago who friend asked him to be his reference — and then sent him the totally fabricated resume he’d used ? So while it’s unlikely this would reflect poorly on me, it’s possible if the friend kept using that resume that it would hit closer to home. I stayed light with detail, but explained the job on the resume was made up. I responded to my friend’s resume/CV email simply saying, “Wow.”

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