Starting Your Own Company? Consider a Payroll Service

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If you are starting your own business, and hiring employees or contractors, you may be tempted to do the payroll yourself. There are plenty of software packages , and other tools, to help you do the job yourself, but here are five reasons why you might be better off hiring a payroll company.

Does It Pay to Get a Job in the Payroll Field?

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One field that always seems to need workers is payroll, specifically payroll clerks. For those individuals thinking about getting into payroll, consider a few factors: * Personality – If you’re looking for a job where you will have little or no interaction with other workers, then shy away from payroll. Payroll personnel often times deal with co-workers and their questions over compensation, benefits, time off and more.

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What Skills does a Payroll Manager Need?

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While ‘Payroll Manager’ may not be the most glamorous of job titles, it’s an interesting role that requires a good balance of skills, and so great for people who enjoy both working with numbers and working with people.

6 Ways to Save Time & Money Managing Your Payroll

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In fact, 25% of payroll leaders spend. 6 Ways to Save Time & Money Managing Your Payroll. Uncategorised human resources payday payrollWhile the majority of employees count down the days until their next payday, this isn’t quite the case for HR professionals unfortunately. For them the very thought of payday approaching brings about quite different emotions and what can be a very lengthy and frustrating process fills them with dread.

Dilbert: Involuntary Termination and Payroll

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Payroll Problems

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The employee had already worked the altered shift for that week, but for some reason payroll said that they were not allowed to do that, and switched it to PTO time. Don't tell payroll. Here is what payroll is thinking: Bob is scheduled to work Mon-Friday. It seems like either the company is open (in which case you don't mention to payroll that Bob didn't work), or the company is closed (in which case everyone gets it off). To give payroll credit, though.

How to Detect and Prevent Payroll Fraud

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Payroll fraud is most simply defined as employees cheating the payroll system at their place of employment in order to receive funds to which they are not entitled. What is Payroll Fraud? The final common form of payroll fraud comes in false claims for expenses.

Thanks iPhone6: The Future of Your Paycheck Is Mobile


Payroll administrators can already process payroll on most HR technology platforms in the cloud and now using a mobile device. What if companies decided to bypass payroll companies and bank directly and had a device that directly deposited money into an employee’s mobile account.

Dave Ryan Reviews ADP, The Behemoth


This is the second review/overview of some of the major Payroll/HR software providers in the marketplace. HRIS Human Resources ADP PayrollToday I want to talk about ADP (Automatic Data Processing). They are the behemoth out there. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

update: can we delay payroll if someone isn’t turning in their hours on time?

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Remember the letter-writer working as an office manager for a small company and wondering how to handle payroll if someone didn’t submit their hours on time (#5 at the link)? The payroll issue was just one of a larger string of issues that made the entire job pretty intolerable. update: can we delay payroll if someone isn’t turning in their hours on time?

my boss wants to personally reimburse me for a payroll error

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I brought it to the attention of my manager the next week; he said he would check with payroll to find out what happened. He waited too long to talk to payroll about the error, and by the time he did, they told him it was too late to correct that paycheck. It’s great that my manager wants to make sure I get payed at his own expense, and maybe that’s fair since apparently it’s his procrastination that prevented it from being corrected through payroll.

manager is fudging her hours in our payroll system

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A reader writes: Our assistant department manager takes care of submitting our payroll to HR. Our organization uses ADP and allows us to either punch in or clock in on the computer by entering what time we arrived and left and lets us edit categories like no lunch. The problem is that there’s no oversight of the manager’s own hours. The unit director is not computer literate and allows this manager to “handle it.”

asking for a raise when I manage payroll and know what everyone else makes

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Since then, my responsibilities have expanded enormously, and I now run payroll for the whole company. asking for a raise when I manage payroll and know what everyone else makes was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. A reader writes: I manage a team of ten at a small, rapidly growing company. When I became a manager a year ago, and the team I manage was only three people, I asked for at 15% raise and got 10%, which I was satisfied with.

Industries Where Overtime Violations Are Common

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Keeping up with every minute of time on a payroll can become difficult for industries where overtime violations are common. When the job of payroll accounting is not delegated to one particular individual, employee pay can get lost. Career advice Industries Overtime

Small Business Created 108,000 Jobs in December

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Employment in nonfarm private small business payrolls rose 108,000 in December on a seasonally adjusted basis, accounting for 45% of employment gains across all payroll size groups.

Small Businesses Created 37,000 Jobs in October

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Employment in nonfarm private small business payrolls rose 37,000 in October on a seasonally adjusted basis, accounting for 28% of employment gains across all payroll size groups.

What to Do with Your First Paycheck

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You’d be surprised, but HR people and Payroll people are actually human and make mistakes from time to time. Congratulations! You finished college and got yourself a shiny new job.

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SeaWorld Sent Out Spies. Does Your Competitor?

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SeaWorld recently admitted that it sent out people on its payroll to infiltrate People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, better known as PETA. PETA and SeaWorld have been in a long-running battle with PETA claiming that SeaWorld is cruel to animals and SeaWorld claiming it isn’t. According to Mashable, SeaWorld Entertainment CEO Joel Manby said that he would stop the practice, but that the company had done it to ensure the safety of its guests and employees.

Should I Share Personal Information With Recruiters?

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Only provide banking information as it pertains to the establishment of direct payroll deposits. Dear Deb: How can I determine if a recruiter is a scam artist trying to gather my personal information? What type of information should I share with a recruiter? Thank you, Cole.

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Can I Dock Pay and Work Through Lunch?

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Although it is not my business I am the one doing payroll and I feel guilty for shorting her paycheck. Actually, the improper management of payroll is probably irrelevant to the quality of dentistry, but it still makes me nervous. Go to your boss, say you’ve been researching it and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibits what you’ve been doing and that you don’t want to get in trouble as the payroll person.

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update from the reader whose office wasn’t processing payroll on time

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Remember the reader whose office manager wasn’t processing payroll on time ? After your response and the comments on the post, I went back to my supervising attorney and talked with him again about the payroll issue. She worked in a small law firm and was concerned that the supervising attorney wasn’t aware of the issue. Here’s her update.

Companies hire skill sets, not job titles

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In his last 18 months with the Navy, he was a Pay Specialist for a Naval Operations Support Center processing payroll for 600 reservists, and handling inquiries from more than 2000 reservists assigned to the center. He ran and reviewed payroll, ensuring accuracy, prior to submission.

Best Careers 2010

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Tweet As these last two years of payroll slashing comes to an end, traumatized job seekers and anxious students wonder where on earth they’ll find work—and if it will stick. U.S.News‘s 50 best careers should offer growth, good pay, varied educational requirements—because [.]. All about Jobs Career Career help Empowerment Jobs Leadership and Career Management 11 Job Search Resolutions Best Careers 2010 Best Jobs Career Advancement Career Success Job Seeking Strategies

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my boss complains about me to my parents, my boss doesn’t want me to work while traveling, and more

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Should my coworkers be allowed to see payroll data? I just learned that our accountant, who is doubling as our entire HR department, is training two other coworkers to process payroll. One of the payroll-trainees is an inside sales rep, the other a service department coordinator. Who within an organization is legally allowed to view employee pay levels and process payroll? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss complains about me to my parents.

4 things to negotiate before accepting a job offer

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Also remember that it’s easier for companies to add certain benefits to your package than to actually increase your payroll, so if you are not 100% satisfied with the offer, make sure you ask for additional benefits before finally saying “yes” to your future employer.

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The Top 100 Movie Quotes for HR Pros: #71 is Jeffrey Lebowski: "Yeah, Well That's Just Like Your Opinion, Man".

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What I love is when some dufus comes directly at you as an HR Pro, explaining to you that he has a unique understanding of the talent game - with the implication that you are nothing more than a transactional, payroll coordinator.

TRUMP AND WORKFORCE PLANNING: The Number of FTEs in Donald's Organization Suggest He Can't Win.

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In order to covert fence-sitters, you need worker bees on the payroll. Damn - This presidential cycle is rough. You don't trust Hillary and are scared to death of Trump. Then your fringe friends post on Facebook and espouse the benefits of Bernie - are are actively having a wake for America.

Should you get timetracking software?

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You’re going to have be careful about their hours for payroll purposes anyway–might as well gather a bit more data while you’re at it. This post brought to you by Advance Systems. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Evil HR Lady.

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Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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Overall spending on variable pay as a percentage of payroll continues to rise steadily for salaried exempt workers. As a percentage of payroll, employers spent 6.0 A new survey by Aon Hewitt reveals that salaries for U.S.

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61% of HR Professionals Will Divorce in Next 18 Months


As our workplaces become more virtual, spanning across oceans recruiters, HR professionals and business leaders need access to employee information, candidate profiles, time keeping and payroll data at a moments notice.

VIDEO: If You're Looking for Undervalued Talent, You Might Find It With Older Workers.

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My latest print column in Workforce Management magazine is out, dedicated to the concept of Moneyball - finding the talent assets that are undervalued, so you can get more performance for less total payroll.

Inside The Mind of a Successful Manager

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What Skills does a Payroll Manager Need? Pepperdine University Online MBA Degree. This is a Guest post. If you would like to submit a guest post to CareerAlley , please follow these guest post guidelines. Good luck in your search. Visit me on Facebook.

5 Ways To Attract (And Keep!) The Best Employees

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Now that you’ve taken the steps required to attract and recruit all-star employees, there are several points that need to be considered to keep them on the payroll. On average, there are 250 resumes submitted to every open job listing that’s posted online.

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How to Fix Four Common Resume Mistakes

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Before: Responsible for revamping new hire payroll processes. After: Shaved weeks off time required to add new hires to the payroll system and eliminated longstanding payroll redundancies and recurring errors by revamping new hire payroll processes and streamlining data collection.

8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch

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He also believes that almost every HR application will be delivered using SaaS, including payroll, training, recruiting, benefits and analytics. The post 8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Shave Time Off Your Job Search By Being A Smart Shopper

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Payroll? Shave Time Off Your Job Search By Being A Smart Shopper. Work It Daily. Earlier today, I was speaking with a client who is finishing her bachelor’s degree and preparing to begin her job search. I asked her what she was looking for and she replied “Something in finance.”.

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ASK THE CAPITALIST: I've Been a Solo HR Consultant, How Do I Get a Company to Hire Me As an HR Leader?

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A reader asks. I've been consulting on my own for a period of 15 years. I'd really like to start working for a company as an HR leader, but I'm having trouble in my search. .

Can Social Media Help Me Find a Job?

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About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on social media, payroll service , and careers. If you are on the search for a new job, chances are you have scoured the papers and Main Street to check for hiring signs. You went to job fairs and clinics. But have you tried social media? It could definitely be the way you get your next job. Have the Right Social Media Accounts. If you have just one Facebook or Twitter account, have two.

Accidental HR: How to Handle the Responsibility When It’s Not Really Your Job

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The Human Resources function is typically handled by the office manager, controller, accountant, VP of Finance or whoever was assigned the responsibility for payroll. Almost all of my clients are small businesses. The idea is generally “well, you’re the one paying people, so you might as well take the rest of the HR responsibility too”. These. View Article. Accidental HR: How to Handle the Responsibility When It’s Not Really Your Job.

we’re not allowed to bring coffee to work, my coworker is faking his expertise, and more

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I’m sure there is a record of the intern on our payroll but am not sure it will detail what he did. I’m being converted to volunteer status due to a payroll error. I was hired a month ago and was told via email by payroll that since I had previously held a job on campus, I did not need to submit any paperwork to their office. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My coworker is faking his expertise for the promotion he’s applying for.