when can you use someone’s first name, when to disclose salary, and more

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you can start out with the person’s first name. Is there ever an okay time to disclose your current salary in the hiring process? Is there ever an okay time to disclose your current salary in the interview process? I am looking to make a huge pay jump into my next one and obviously trying to avoid giving current salary information as much as possible. If I’ve already negotiated my package and salary, is it okay to handover a W2 or pay stub?

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salaried employees and missed days: when do they have to be paid?

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If you don’t already subscribe to Donna’s blog, you should do so right now! . —————– Salaried Employees and Missed Days: When Do They Have To Be Paid? I’ll try to help cut through the confusion and misinformation by answering this great question: How about an article about “salaried employees&# ? For example, if I am a salaried employee is my company obligated to pay me for things such as snow days (office closed) or jury duty?

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manager blocked internal move, salary when moving to part-time, and more

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Salary when moving to part-time. I recently made a request at my job to move from a full-time schedule to a part-time one, due to some personal and medical issues that need more of my attention. In the meantime, she asked me to reach out to the operations manager and HR director regarding salary and benefits. I just met with them for a brief meeting, where they basically just let me know the next steps, but we did not discuss salary at all. I am salaried.)

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New Job for Career Growth?

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It is not as much about salary for me as it is about challenge and opportunity to use my skills in a more complete way. While some workers have been thrust into career transition as a result of the economic downturn, many others are unhappy with their work situation and choose to leave on their own. How will the salary potential factor in? How will I feel if this person leaves?

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Dealing with a Jealous Co-worker

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Many issues can trigger jealous feelings in co-workers, such as promotions, salary differences, office location, awards, or praise from a senior manager. It is very tempting to tell all of your work friends what a jerk the jealous person is. Retaliation by down-talking the jealous person or seeking the sympathy of others is the wrong choice. This issue is between you and the jealous person. Leave everyone else out of it. Workplace jealously is common.

“Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a.

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Blog » “Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?” Does leaving an employer, and then returning, relieve me from a non-compete agreement I signed the first time I was hired?” I have never seen a non-competition agreement provide that it is effective only the “first time I leave” the company, or, for that matter, “each time I leave the company,” either. Why Did You Leave?

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HR Manager: “I Would Much Rather Hire Someone Who is Currently.

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It’s wonderful to hear that, as a hiring manager, you focus on the quality that a person can bring to your business. Cheryl July 1st, 2010 @ 5:47 am I always wondered why employers should be so obsessed with gaps in employment on a resume or what appears to be ‘job hopping’ People take jobs and then they leave. As for gaps on the resume…hello…the average person will stay in a job 3 years and have over 10 jobs/career changes in a lifetime.

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updates: the incompetent temp, the person who lacked ambition, and more

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I am now leaving my current job and will be returning to my home country in August. Several interviewers mentioned how strong my cover letter had been and how they got a real sense of my personality and unique professional interests from it. I was anticipating having to take a salary cut due to teaching wages in my home country being lower than where I currently work but I actually got a small increase compared to what I’m earning now – and with shorter working hours!

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6 Tips For Responding To “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?”

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You shouldn’t ask questions about salary, benefits, parking, social clubs, or sick leave. Why did the last person leave this role? Seven words that strike fear into the hearts of many job seekers! You’ve applied for a great job, painstakingly crafted a targeted resume and cover letter, survived the telephone screen, and landed a face-to-face interview.

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sending an anonymous note to my wife’s employer, internships and equity, and more

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It’s reasonable to tell your colleague that you don’t have the time you’d need to invest to do it legally, or that you don’t feel you could offer it to one person without opening up a broader application process. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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wee answer Wednesday: 7 short answers to 7 short questions

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My salary is public record. I have worked for the state for 8+ years so my salary history and everything associated with my rate of pay is public (including the date of my last promotion, my starting salary and how my salary compares with my coworkers). It seems I am immediately at a disadvantage when approaching a potential employer with salary-related issues. Can my salary information negatively impact my ability to find a new job?

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we’re supposed to share emotional baggage at meetings, managers calls to me whenever I pass his door, and more

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My supervisor has recently adopted a “baggage-drop” activity, where we all go around the room and share what is on our minds, mostly personal stuff, supposedly to clear our heads and make the meeting more productive. (I Do they really want to know what’s on my mind, what personal things are weighing heavy on me? you’re worried about a deadline) or bland personal stuff (e.g., Can I ask to return to bereavement leave? It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go….

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I lied to quit my job, how many microwaves should an office kitchen have, and more

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I couldn’t come up with a solid reason to quit, so I lied and said that I was leaving town to follow my boyfriend. Do I write them off as a reference because I lied about leaving town and obviously the new jobs I am applying for are in the same town? Nice people support you in making decisions that are right for you and your career, and reasonable people know that people leave jobs all the time and it’s rarely personal. It’s five answers to five questions.

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why should employers care about my long commute?

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On the flip side, if I’m lucky enough to get an offer from multiple companies, I know that I wouldn’t choose this particular job because of the commute and cost of relocating (I can’t afford to rent a place on my own in that area on the salary they’d be paying me – I’m willing to live with a roommate, but the delay in finding one means more time spent with a hellish commute).

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deli meats and working lunches, internal candidates need not apply, and more

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I have told my direct supervisor, who is very supportive, and we have a great parental leave policy. It’s pretty reasonable to ask the person in charge of ordering food to order something that you can eat. If for some reason talking to that person directly doesn’t make sense, I’d explain what’s up to your manager, since she already knows about your pregnancy, and ask her her support in broadening what’s being offered, without tying it to you. (If

answering questions from your old employer after you've moved on

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I’d be willing to do that for $x/hour if that would be helpful.&# (This may lead to a consulting arrangement, but more likely it’ll lead to them leaving you alone.) I mentored my replacement, and I feel like I have a personal and professional investment in her success. Reply Anonymous February 21, 2011 at 11:13 pm Leaving a comprehensive handover document is mandatory in my workplace, which you would circulate to your manager + your usual project team colleagues.

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