How To Ace A Phone Interview

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What’s the biggest obstacle to getting a job interview? The phone interview. Related: How To Answer 5 Important Phone Interview Questions. So how can you ace the phone interview and get invited to the face-to-face? Prepare For Interview Questions.

Phone Interviews: Best Answers To 4 Common Questions

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Phone Interviews: Best Answers To 4 Common Questions. The phone interview is a gating process that attempts to weed out as many job seekers as possible so that the company only needs to spend time and effort interviewing the best of the best.

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How to Use Phone Interviews to Screen Candidates


Phone interviews give you an easy way to do a quick assessment of a candidate. They do not require coordinating schedules of an interview panel or arranging time for a candidate to come in, and they can be done wherever you have cell reception.

employees sleeping at work during snow storm, recruiter sexually harassed me on a phone interview, and more

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Recruiter sexually harassed me on a phone interview. You can definitely give it a shot, especially since it’s been two years since your salary was last set. You can acknowledge that she doesn’t know your work as well as ideally would be the case, but lay out as concrete a case as you can showing that you’ve performed at a high level in the role, and be sure to mention that your salary hasn’t been changed since you started two years ago.

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how to negotiate a 50% increase in salary

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A reader writes: When I last moved jobs, I went from being a big fish in a little business to an “experienced professional” non-managerial role in a corporate environment, and I read a lot of your salary negotiation advice to prepare for what I knew would be a way more formal interview process than I’d ever done before. I came out the other end with a seriously impressive jump in salary – 50% increase plus stock options. salary

why did this company lead me on about salary?

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A reader writes: I recently had a bizarre interview experience and was hoping you may be able to provide some clarity to the situation. I had a phone interview with the person who would be my boss at the new company that went very well. We later set up a meeting to have an in-person interview. ” I told him what my current salary was and explained I’d be interested in a 15% increase at a new role. They offered me nearly $10K below my current salary.

I didn’t get a job offer because the employer thought the salary was too low for me

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A reader writes: I recently was turned down for a job offer even though I was the employer’s top candidate, because my current salary was out of their salary range for the position. I first had a phone interview where I disclosed my current salary and was told it was high. I made it to a second, in-person interview and was told that their only concern with me was the salary. I’m guessing they tried to up the salary, perhaps? salary

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my interviewer asked “how low I was willing to go” on salary

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A reader writes: I had a wonderful phone interview that lead to an in-person interview. However, at the end of the interview, I was asked for a ballpark salary requirement, which I gave along with the standard caveat that I would want to consider a complete compensation package. Is this a new style of salary negotiating? ” But if that wasn’t the context, then yeah, these people just told you that they want to cheap out on salary.

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How To Handle The Phone Interview

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3 Strategies for Making it Past the Initial 5-Second Resume Scan » How To Handle The Phone Interview “Today is yesterday’s pupil.&# – - Thomas Fuller Recently, hiring managers and recruiters have turned to the phone interview as a method of cutting down their enormous list of applicants to a select few who are eligible for an in-person interview. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t succeed at a phone interview.

I was offered an interview — until they found out my current salary

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So I submitted my resume and cover letter and heard back within a day with an invitation to have a preliminary phone interview. The HR rep also requested that I give my salary history and a potential range for their position. I had already avoided the question on their application because I knew that my current salary would cause them to screen me out. (I It seems like he thought I was a great candidate until he found out my current salary. salary

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bad career advice and salary negotiation

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I’m frequently annoyed by some of the bad job advice that’s out there, and there’s one thing in particular really irking me right now: &# career advisors&# who write long articles blithely telling you how to avoid discussing your salary requirements in a job search, with absolutely no acknowledgement of the fact that many, many employers use online application processes that require you to input this number before you can proceed. salary

should I tell my employer if I file for bankruptcy, using speaker phone during a phone interview, and more

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Even with my new salary, I am really struggling, since I also have student loans and a mortgage to pay. As for the phone situation, you definitely aren’t expected to use your work number on your resume; in fact, that would reflect poorly on you if you did, since you shouldn’t be using your employer’s resources for job hunting. This is how it worked in the days before cell phones, after all; people received messages and called people back.

can I recover from a bad phone interview, a recruiter changed my resume, and more

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Can I recover from a bad phone interview? I had a phone interview with a nonprofit group that did not go as well as planned. After sending a nice thank-you to the office coordinator who set up the interview, I still keep going over all the mistakes I made. Ultimately, you really just get one shot at the apple in most interviewing situations and you can’t generally ask for a re-do. Do I go through with the interview?

I was offered my boss’s job but now she’s not leaving, negotiating salary through a recruiter, and more

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It would be a huge bump in salary and responsibility, and a position that is rarely vacant, so I enthusiastically said yes. Recruiter is making it hard for me to negotiate salary. There were phone interviews with the outside recruiter, the internal HR guy, and the hiring manager, and then a day on-site of serial interviews with eight different people. You may also like: was I burned in this salary negotiation? It’s five answers to five questions.

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should recruiters disclose salary range when they reach out to you, “seeking new opportunities” on LinkedIn, and more

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Should recruiters disclose salary range when they reach out to you? How common is it for recruiters to disclose salary range for positions when they reach out to you? I’ve heard colleagues who have professions that are highly technical and in demand talk about how recruiters have disclosed salary ranges to them for the openings they are recruiting for. It’s four answers to four questions. Here we go….

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my assistant is constantly gazing in the mirror, lying to employers about salary, and more

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Speaker advised lying to employers about salary. She told me a speaker advised women to quote their previous salary at $10,000 more than what they were actually paid when negotiating a salary because future employers can’t prove you lied. Employers routinely ask for W2s, pay stubs, and other proof of salary — routinely. And when employers find out that you lied about salary (or whatever else), they will revoke the job offer.

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accepted a promotion without talking salary, name-dropping in interviews, and more

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I accepted a promotion without asking about the salary. Thanks to a lot of the great comments on Open Thread, I successfully interviewed for and got a promotion at my company. The issue now is that I have no idea what my new salary is. I can only assume that the position comes with a pay bump, as I am now a manager, but it wasn’t discussed in my internal interview, nor was it discussed when my boss called me to offer me the position (he is in a remote office).

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don’t make these 10 mistakes in your next phone interview

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News & World Report today, I talk about 10 mistakes people often make in phone interviews, from thinking it’s not a “real” interview to not being ready to answer basic screening questions (like about salary) and more. phone interviewsOver at U.S.

interviewing when you’re far apart on salary, turning down a date with a coworker, and more

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Should I go to a cross-country interview when we’re far apart on salary? I was recently recruited and had a successful first interview (via phone) with a reputable company. They are flying me across the country to participate in two days of in-person interviews and also disclosed that they only have two finalists. During my phone interview, the salary subject was brought up and one of the interviewers did not phrase the salary talk in the form of a question.

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Don’t Dial It In: 7 Tips for Honing Your Telephone Interview Skills


It’s easy to underestimate the importance of an initial phone interview/screen, but having polished telephone interview skills can make or break your job search. The same goes for accepting an afternoon interview if you’re prone to a post-lunch slump.

5 Tips For Nailing Your Next Phone Screening

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When you have the employer calling and saying they want to schedule a phone interview with you, that means you look good on paper and they now want to see if you are all that you say you are. In most instances, the phone screening is conducted by someone from HR.

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What Does Fast Track Hiring Mean For Candidates?

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The topic was focused on hiring and interviewing, primarily on the need to develop performance profiles as an alternative to typical job descriptions and on the need to significantly upgrade the quality of the interview process. What Does Fast Track Hiring Mean For Candidates?

how to deal with a rude recruiter

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A reader writes: I’m looking for advice on how to deal with rude recruiters, due to a phone interview with one earlier this morning. . Our initial 30-minute phone conversation about his client went very well, and after reviewing a position description forwarded to me in follow-up via email, we set a second more formal phone interview, during which he screened me to write a report for his client. Recruiter: No, you have to tell me your salary information.

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What Does Fast Track Hiring Mean For Candidates?

Career Realism

The topic was focused on hiring and interviewing, primarily on the need to develop performance profiles as an alternative to typical job descriptions and on the need to significantly upgrade the quality of the interview process.

How To Explain Why You Want A Lower-Paying, Lesser-Responsibility Job

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So what if you find yourself applying for a job that is at a lower level than what you’ve done before and/or is at a lower salary? Related: How To Answer 5 Tricky Job Interview Questions. Here’s How To Answer 2 Specific Job Interview Questions In These Situations: 1.

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in a long interview process, can I ask about salary? — Ask a Manager

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About Me Contact Books Reviews Ask a Manager in a long interview process, can I ask about salary? January 5, 2011 A reader writes: I had a great second phone interview with a company I think would be perfect. Should I have brought it up with the interviewer today?

?? 365 Top Tips to Rock Your Job Search Every Day of 2018


Prepare stories for your job interview. Know how to correctly pronounce your interviewer's name in advance. Know when to talk salary first. Say the salary you’re seeking, not the one you’re making. Before job interviews, practice walking into the room.

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5 Red Flags Employers Watch For In Job Interviews

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Getting through to the job interview stage means you appear to have the right experience and skills for the job on paper, but now comes the real deal breaker – whether you can communicate it effectively in-person and whether you come off as the right fit for its workplace culture.

managing someone my fiance had a conflict with, following up on a promised salary review, and more

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This morning, HR called me to set up an interview and the position would be directly overseeing the coworker who he had the problem with, and I would be interviewing with his previous manager. ” You could say this at the interview itself, but you might even think about emailing it beforehand (along with “I want to make sure that doesn’t pose any issues for the company”) because if it IS prohibitive, you could save yourself some time by finding out now. (On

4 Signs Your Interview Isn’t Going Well

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4 Signs Your Interview Isn’t Going Well. You did it – you got the interview. There’s a lot that can go wrong during an interview, and in many cases, small things that happen during the conversation can cost you the job. Related: 5 Ways To Recover From A Bad Job Interview.

5 Advantages Of Hiring Temporary Employees

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Some may be between jobs and simply seeking a salary to bridge the gap. In many ways, it’s almost like a long interview process, enabling you to survey an employee at close quarters, and ascertain whether or not they’re a suitable candidate for a more permanent position.

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Resumebear: Job Hunting While Still Employed? Keep it Private

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Don’t lie about your experience, salary or education — you will get caught. No one wants to hear, “Hey, I’m running out to interview for a job with a better salary!” ” Plan interviews strategically.

366 Job Search Tips for Every Day of 2016


Prepare stories for your job interview. Know how to correctly pronounce your interviewer’s name in advance. Know when to talk salary first. Say the salary you’re seeking, not the one you’re making. Before job interviews, practice walking into the room.

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Don’t Ask These Questions During An Interview

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The questions that you, the job seeker, ask in an interview can make or break your chances of getting hired. Don’t ask these questions during an interview: “Are You Going To Check My Facebook?” As much as you might want a company smartphone and laptop (40% of new grads say they’d take a lower salary in exchange for their pick of company tech devices), asking if the job comes with them tells the employer that you’re focused on the wrong things.

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How to Optimize Your Candidate Screening & Hiring Process


Make sure to have a process in place for things such as pre-employment screening, phone interviews, which assessment testing is necessary, and identify the best post-interview questions.

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my boss is furious after my coworker pranked her, the deal with “hustle,” and more

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My sister thinks my husband should tell her boss that he is related to her up front – like right away if he gets called/emailed for an interview. She is worried that her boss would see it as a conflict to have two people in the same family working there, and that her boss would be annoyed if one of the candidates she’s spent time interviewing was undesirable because of this conflict. Reapplying for a job that I turned down over salary. It’s five answers to five questions.

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the most confusing things about job searching

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Why do some employers set up phone interviews and then never call? Why do some interviews seem to go well, but then you never hear anything back from the employer? Why do companies ask you to name your salary requirements without telling you the range they plan to pay for the position? Should you apply for jobs when you meet most but not all of the qualifications?

Note to the Passive Candidate: Don’t Overthink the Process


You are getting the same salary you have had for years. You go into the interview with the attitude of “What is there to lose”? The phone interview goes great. Then you go home, not really ready to make an immediate decision, and go on with your day.Then the phone call comes. You haven’t interviewed with other companies. You can interview other places. After interviewing, you may realize that you have the perfect job for you at that time.

“Stay eternally optimistic” – how one long-term jobseeker survived SIX years of unemployment!

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Shortlisted for interview. Even when I received an email asking for a phone call interview a few days later, I wasn’t particularly excited but I prepared for it as usual. When I actually got to the interview , it was almost surreal.

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Recruiting: It’s Worth Doing Right


And it isn’t rocket science to make a call and set up phone interviews or on-site visits. But determining cultural fit and true ability based on an in-person interview? Recruiters WISH They Had a Sorting Hat. It’s just not that simple.