Hot Careers in Transportation

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Careers in the transportation industry can be as exciting or diverse as those in the other industries. From commercial driving for trucks that carry automobiles to working as an expedited freight transporter, job prospects are often plentiful and varied.

Living in Ubud, Transport: Scooters, Taxis, and Go-Jek

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Transport in Ubud. The main form of transport here is the scooter. Scooter is the main form of transport in Bali/Ubud Scooters everywhere. mafia) operating in Ubud that ensures that supply of transport is restricted and prices are kept high.

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Traveling in Holland: Land of Bicycles, Public Transport and Going to Other EU Countries

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While cycling may seem like a laborious/unglamorous mode of transport at first sight, it quickly shows itself to a top choice when commuting. The average person in Holland is quite in shape. Traveling Within Holland - Public Transport.

my boss snooped in my personal email account, my employee quit smoking and is being a pain, and more

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My employee quit smoking and is being a pain. Recently, she decided to quit smoking. I’m really proud of her, and she’s been doing an awesome job — she quit cold turkey over two weeks ago, and hasn’t had a single cigarette since. I have traveled for work in the past and have used public transportation. It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss snooped in my personal email account.

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how to use a foot in the door, quitting a job you like, and more

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How to quit a job you like. I have only quit jobs when I was unhappy, and in those cases you suggested resigning by saying something like: “I want to let you know that after four years with Chocolate Teapots Inc., ” But how do you quit when you like your job? Of course, I have studied your interview guide, and I wouldn’t dream of quitting until I have an offer in writing. It’s wee answer Wednesday — seven short answers to seven short questions.

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6 Hot Jobs for Pilots Outside of the Standard Airlines

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You would be responsible for safely transporting their cargo from your location to anywhere it needs to go. This is often a good option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on flight school, just remember the requirements to get into military flight school are quite strict.

Job Relocation? 5 Tips to Make Moving Easier

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of diligent efforts, there’s nothing quite like the offer letter with your name on it. So are those metal milk crates you thought you’d use someday worth transporting? The post Job Relocation? 5 Tips to Make Moving Easier appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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Robots Taking Jobs – But it’s Going to Be Okay


The first jobs that robots will reportedly be taking over are customer service representative jobs and transportation jobs. We’ve already seen quite a bit of this popup, like hotel concierge robots, airport cleaning robots, and driverless and pilot-free transportation.

2017 170

The Travel Checklist: 7 TIPS FOR A WORRY-FREE VACAY

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Having done a bit of traveling both for business and pleasure, I’ve had quite a number of “note to self” moments when encountering a less than ideal situation or seeing a nifty approach to traveling from people I meet along the way. This one is quite simple but often neglected.

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Emerging Computer Science Career Opportunities

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A major in computer science and IT is quite promising in terms of career opportunities and growth. Moreover, the rewards for these jobs are quite lucrative.

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Relocating? Things to Think About Before the Big Move

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If you’re lucky enough to have a job waiting for you in the new city, you should only be worried to have enough money for a flat deposit, bills, living costs and transport before your first payday and you’re set! Work out a timescale and how much you’ll need (living costs, food, bills, rent, transport, little extras) and make sure you budget. What kind of transportations are there? “ Control your own destiny or someone else will. ” – Jack Welch.

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Conquering That Horrible Commute

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So you can’t quit your job? Public Transportation. I would do this, but Idaho’s public transportation system is woefully inadequate. The post Conquering That Horrible Commute appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. I am one of the 151.3 million Americans who commute to work.

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What’s so trendy about machine learning? Why’s everyone crazy about it?

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Machine learning has become quite the trend, you must be noticing a lot of people opting for this particular course. Transportation : Transportation is one field, where analyzing data helps in making some of the key decisions. The data analysis of machines learning can help both public and private sector transportation in many different ways. So today we will tell you what the fuss is all about.

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Women In Business History Who Should Never Be Forgotten

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When the transportation revolution hit in the early 1800’s, Lukens’ iron was at the top of the list for steamboats and railroads. More than her social contribution to the world, Addams was quite the genius at fundraising, statistical knowledge, and business management.

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The Best Paid Engineering Degrees

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Although student debt can be quite substantial, this is not the case, especially if your degree is in engineering. They supply a huge range of sectors ranging from transport to manufacturing; to construction to the distribution of power.

Highest Paying Jobs for Felons | Get a Second Chance


Swift Transportation, Shaffer Trucking, CR England, etc. Though you may have to work on a 12-hour shift, the job is quite well paid. Once you are labeled as a “felon” it can be very challenging to get back to the normal life. Moreover, getting a job is even more difficult.

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Girl Gets Date: Meet Real Career Girl Camille Virginia

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CV: Public transportation! I had never taken public transportation and I wasn’t used to people being in my circle of space. If you’re not passionate about it, you’re going to quit. The post Girl Gets Date: Meet Real Career Girl Camille Virginia appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

6 Profitable Jobs in the Public Sector

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While public jobs normally offer certain advantages such as job security, benefits, and opportunities for pay hikes and career advancement, certain public service jobs are quite lucrative in terms salary. Public transit attendants are responsible for ensuring that passengers aboard city buses, subway trains, and other public means of transport travel in relative safety and comfort. Public service attendants in large bustling cities earn quite decent wages.

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Why Being The Best On Paper Does Not Always Mean You Will Get The Job…

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We are a recruitment business specialising in finding temporary and permanent jobs for professionals within the transport and utilities sectors. We’ve had quite a colourful and exciting journey to get where we are now.

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Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee

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If you are looking to quit coffee and caffeine, there are two main ways to do so. By drinking a glass of water, you rehydrate your blood cells, allowing for them to transport oxygen and other key nutrients to your cells. Staying Awake at Work Without Coffee.

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Banish Meeting Boredom

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Meetings can also be quite expensive! Conducting meetings doesn't always have to be done in a roundtable with overhead projectors, with costs of transporting people from one place to another. The post Banish Meeting Boredom appeared first on Ms. Career Girl.

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12 Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice

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Although this excuse is difficult to use if you’re in a major metropolitan city with a good public transportation system. This number is quite astonishing and means that it can easily happen to you. 12 Excuses to Miss Work on Short Notice.

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Head to the islands of Zakynthos

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We found cheap flights to Zakynthos to be quite frequent. But the mode of transport we enjoyed the most was the boat.

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What is Machine Learning and Does It Matter?

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ML is quite integrated in our everyday lives, so much that we might not be consciously aware how frequently we are using the application.

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Become Agile to Land on Your Feet in Business

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Yet by taking careful notes and storing useful abstracts, understanding can be refreshed quite rapidly. This effectiveness can be gained quite easily by directly applying what has been learned to appropriate work tasks. How To Land A Career As An Auto Transporter.

Attention Millennials – Fix Your Financial Situation with Little Effort       

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Public transportation has improved a lot. Some of them pay quite well, and the only “work” you have to do is show up – how’s that for no effort? You may be under-employed; you may be unemployed.

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Balance Gained? The Cellulite Truth


In prepping to launch the boats and get everyone to the place we would spend the day, there was a bit of walk to the dock where transport and ferrying would take place. Getting Physical. Several years ago, I jumped into power walking.

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5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better

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Zombies Run – This app ties your phone’s GPS in with a variety of fully voice-acted missions that transport you into a world overrun by zombies. It is, quite literally, a real-world treasure hunt. The post 5 Ways GPS Technology Is Making Your Life Better appeared first on Ms.

The US Economy Added 156,000 Jobs in September


Wholesale trade, transportation and warehousing, information, financial activities, and government also changed so little as to not be worth talking about. unemployment continues to be quite low but underemployment is much higher — it’s closer to 10%.

coworker assumes we’ll give him rides, can I fire a new hire for being pregnant, and more

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He owns a car but usually takes public transportation to work since it’s cheaper and his wife can use the car. Most of us don’t even live in that direction, and I don’t think his transportation should be my responsibility. You’re right that his transportation isn’t your responsibility. If he gets upset, that’s on him — he’ll need to plan his own transportation rather than relying on coworkers to go out of their way (in rush hour!).

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Still Career Hunting? Look Into These Lucrative Part-Time Jobs!

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Some of these suggestions can be really quite lucrative – and if you play your cards right, maybe you could even turn them into a full-time job that pays you very well indeed! A lot of people are making pretty good money for a few hours of their time transporting people. Flickr.

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MEMO TO: New College Grads

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We spend “left-over money” on technology gadgets, killer apps, insurance, transportation and recreation. Finding the right employer is quite another. SUBJECT: Work responsibly.

For Writers: Old Homes With Secrets, Car Living, and Scottish Men in Kilts. How To Create Compelling Settings In Your Books.

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The setting can increase the tension and the conflict, transport the reader to paradise or to terror, and ratchet up the odds, the mystery, the romance or the thrill ride. The post For Writers: Old Homes With Secrets, Car Living, and Scottish Men in Kilts.

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Cuba: What You Need to Know Before You Go

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The National Peso (CUP) or the Convertible Peso (CUC) values do vary quite significantly. Public transportation is the best way to get around, whether in a bus that goes from major cities, or taxis that are around the cities themselves.

Occupational Health Concerns: Realistic Work Safety Career Advice

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Finding another job first, then quit your current job. The reality is that quitting a job can reduce the value of an employment claim and get your unemployment benefits denied if your safety complaint is not believed. Do you have occupational health or work safety concerns?

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“Fired after I resigned; will it affect my open job offer?”

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That said, it is quite possible that your future employer might still reach out to your former employer in the course of doing “background checks” on you. If that takes place, it is quite likely that they will come back to you wanting to know why you are no longer there. But fear is the first human instinct, and quite often people unnecessarily focus upon what might go wrong, as opposed to what might go right.

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Cow-a-Bunga at HR Tech, Dude! Surf’s Up!


As you can imagine, it is quite an undertaking and if you have ever attended a conference with a busy expo hall, you know the work organization that goes into all of the plans. It has been quite a project that I am happy to come to fruition this week.

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update: my coworkers won’t cut expenses

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She was walking five miles rather than take public transport, not submitting her overtime, refusing to eat company-ordered pizza, and even reduced her retirement contributions (matched by the company) … and was frustrated that her coworkers weren’t doing the same. I did quit the “hunger strikes,” etc. (in It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past.

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5 Must-Have Qualities Of Great Bus Drivers

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Related: 5 Step Road Map To A Career In Transportation Management. C&J Bus Lines, one of New England’s premier transportation providers is looking for passionate drivers to join their team. On Friday, I Quit Google – Here’s Why. Every passenger has a story.

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I feel unsafe in the neighborhood I work in

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The majority of the time, I need to take public transportation to work, which involves about a 10 minute walk to and from my office. I know that some people have quit without notice because of issues with people in the neighborhood, but most of my coworkers seem to feel they are overreacting. It’s the Thursday “ask the readers” question. A reader writes: I am a woman in my late 20s, and work for a nonprofit in a mid-sized city.

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10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

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I ncidents involving some means of transportation topped the causes of fatal work injuries. The TV shows that focus on some of these dangerous occupations have built quite a following over the recent years.

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#AffirmationChallenge Day 5 [Gratitude]: “I’m grateful for everything in my life.”

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The bus/train is taking so long to arrive… why is the public transport here so bad?? I often grumble (to myself) about the public transport being late, even though I’ve traveled widely and I know that the public transport system in Singapore is easily one of the best in the world.

2014 92

bad manager or deliberate saboteur?

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Some of the sabotage tips sound quite familiar from some of the reader letters. Transportation: Make train travel as inconvenient as possible for enemy personnel. A reader writes: I thought you might find this old OSS/CIA manual from 1944 as interesting examples of bad management. The purpose of the manual was to instruct employees and citizens of enemy states to sabotage the enemy from within.

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