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Every now and then we come upon outstanding resources for those of us who appreciate the wisdom and necessity of taking an active role in “Standing Up for Yourself at Work™.”. Benefits, Pensions and Perq''s Monthly Newsletter Library Pensions and Retirement Recommended Resources

6 Great Resume Resources

Career Alley

every hiring manager is different and may have different preferences in terms of resume formats and their review process. Resumes Careers

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6 Great Resume Resources

Career Alley

Luckily, tons of resources (free as well as paid) are available on the internet to help you with this. Resume to Referral – This site offers great resources to help you create the best resume.

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Will Human Resources Become Robot Resources?


That is, what will human resources be like when robots are a ubiquitous part of the workplace, or when the robots are people too? Not a transition from human resources to robot resources, exactly, but a transition to workforce resources.

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Recommended Resources.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Every now and then we come upon an outstanding resource for those of us who appreciate the wisdom and necessity of taking an active role in “Standing Up for Yourself at Work™.”. Recommended Resources

What is Human Resources (HR)?


Human resources is probably the best kept secret at your company. What human resources is really depends on what your organization makes of it. So What is Human Resources? Human resources is often divided into two categories.

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Untapped Resources

The Job Quest

Here I had this cooking resource right under my nose that kept overlooking time and again for years! Resources that are well within our grasp go untapped because we don’t realize their true potential. Maybe it is a networking contact who could be a great resource, if only she knew that you were looking for a new job. Career Job Search Analogy Opportunity Untapped ResourcesOne of my favorite kitchen appliances is my Nesco Roaster Oven.

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The Agile HR Guide for Human Resources and Recruiting


In this post, we’ll dig deeper into the basics of Agile principles, how they align to Lean philosophies, and how Agile’s Scrum can help a human resources team manage fundamental shifts in their organizations, teams and technologies—especially when it comes to HR technology adoption.

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Recommended Resources.

Sklover Working Wisdom

Blog » Recommended Resources. Recommended Resources. Published on October 3rd, 2010 by Alan Sklover Every now and then we come upon outstanding resources for those of us who appreciate the wisdom and necessity of taking an active role in “Standing Up for Yourself at Work™.”

The Latest Resource For Supercharging Your Resume

Ms. Career Girl

The post The Latest Resource For Supercharging Your Resume appeared first on Ms. There’s also other resources, inspiration, and advice that’s been artfully assembled. This amazing resource is going live July 18 at 9 a.m.

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What will replace Human Resources?


I absolutely love Human Resources. Human Resources Meaning requires perspective. Traditionally, the term Human Resources has denoted the perspective of the employer rather than the employee. Human Resources realigned. HR change human resources

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5 Resources for Visual Resumes

Career Alley

The job hunting world is continually changing, driven primarily by advancements in technology and leveraging the Internet. We’ve seen the world of snail mail and “pounding the pavement” replaced by emails, job boards and hundreds of job posting sites.

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80 Job Search Resources for Your Job Hunt

Career Alley

It’s difficult to say which are the “best” job search resources for any given topic. Career advice Job Resources Smart Job SearchThere are so many categories and so many sites. Much of what makes a site one of the “best” is personal choice, need, content and popularity. Who knows, the best sites might yet still be undiscovered by the masses. Today’s […].

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Legacy Thinking in Human Resources


HR human resources legacy thinking Legacy, have you ever thought about that word? It means a couple of different things. There are two definitions that are relevant to my meaning in this post. The first is a noun and it is anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.

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Career Profile: Human Resources Manager

Careers Done Write

Have you considered a career as a human resource manager? Human resource managers oversee activities involving the selection, training, and retention of qualified employees. The outlook for human resource managers is good according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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5 Powerful Human Resource Trends in 2016


This simple fact, is the reason that human resources and recruiting are forever linked in that HR is responsible for the entire employee life cycle and not just focused on recruiting or hiring new employees. 1 – Focus on Holistic Human Resources.

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10 Resources for Intelligent Job Search

Career Alley

Spin Strategy provides a number of resources for job seekers. “I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing.” – Socrates. You know what they say – “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well” The same is true with job search.

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#SHRM13 Resource Guide


This weeks Top 5 Blogs is transforming into a Resource Guide that shows the important blogs to read in order to get the most out of your time in Chicago. Text ‘SHRM’ to 55678 to receive conference party reminders, announcements and other happenings sent via text.

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14 Job Search Resources for 2015

Career Alley

There are four basic categories of job search resources – Recruiters, Job Search Sites, Social Networks and Company Career Sites. You should be allocating your the time you spend on job search across these resource types.

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80 Job Search Resources for Your Job Hunt

Career Alley

It’s difficult to say which are the “best” job search resources for any given topic. Resources and tips for doing research on both private and public companies. Salary and Compensation Resources. 5 Resources for Finding the Right College Internship.

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5 Resources for Executive Job Search

Career Alley

So, if there are fewer senior jobs it stands to reason that there are fewer resources available to executives. Today’s post focuses on job search resources for executives. Several great job search resources are listed below.

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Top Human Resources Pros Turned Bloggers


Part of it must be due to the current, monumental social media buzz on human resources in general. Tom Bolt , Make HR Happen Who would have thought that a former engineer would excel at putting the “human” back in human resources?

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Dilemma of the Month: Bias in Human Resources

Evil HR Lady

I am the chief financial officer for a 90-plus person firm and the head of human resources reports to me. To read my answer, click here: Dilemma of the Month: Bias in Human Resources. The post Dilemma of the Month: Bias in Human Resources appeared first on Evil HR Lady Several employees have told me they feel uncomfortable going to the HR manager with complaints or concerns, because she’s really good friends with some of the people here and they’re afraid she’ll be biased.

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Government Career Resources

Professional Resume Services

It is a good resource to use when you are not sure about work-related information or your employer has not given you enough information on any of these topics. The Occupational Outlook Handbook is one resource to use to find keywords to write a more effective professional resume.

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5 Resources for Executive Job Search

Career Alley

While executive recruiters should be a key part of our job search, remember to leverage other job search resources as well. Many executive recruiters prefer to find candidates that are not currently job hunting, so keeping your professional network and social media up to date are key. Career advice Executive Search

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Invaluable Resources for Job Search Success - life@work


You need resources to help you navigate a course and stay energized and motivated. Here are the kinds of resources that are invaluable for your job search success: Supporters Rare is the person who can land the job they want with no supporters.

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6 Resources for Creating Multiple Resumes

Career Alley

Multiple resumes are the way to go. Resumes

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Human Resources in the Zombie Apocalypse


But this is bad leadership, as anyone with a background in management or human resources should be able to quickly recognize, and zombies are no excuse. Well, that’s where human resources needs to step in. So it’s the apocalypse.

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When to go to Human Resources?

Career Makeover Coach

There’s loads to remember and lots of people to get to know – and one of the most important people you’ll be meeting is your Human Resources manager, because their main aim is your welfare. To help you out, below are five situations when it’s always relevant to go to Human Resources.

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Work Engagement: How to Overcome Resource Myopia and Feel Like a Million Bucks

David Zinger

The ability to marshall our resources for work has a huge impact on work engagement and managing stress. Yet many of us struggle to mobilize the wide variety of resources we have available to us. It seemed to me that resource myopia was similar to being unaware of our breathing.

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LinkedIn’s Free Executive Job Search Resources

Executive Career Brand

We all can benefit from regularly reviewing their continually updated resources. Are you new to LinkedIn and having a hard time figuring out what to do with it? The folks at LinkedIn have put together several excellent tools to help you.

Why Startups Desperately Need to Hire Human Resources


Join the resource revolution. HR Human Resources small business startup startupsIn light of the recent scandals at high-growth startups like Uber and Thinx, we need HR in our organizations from small startups to large corporations. However, HR isn’t just there to be the fashion. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment.

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Executive Job Search Recommended Resources

Position Ignition

Some seek one-to-one advice and others simply want to be directed to resources that will aid their thinking, boost their job search and move them closer to landing their next senior role. We often get executives asking us for help with their job search.

Employment Resources for Military Veterans

Resume Bear provides comprehensive transition and employment resources for veterans, service members, and their families. serves as a virtual employment resource center where veterans can browse job listings, post resumes and apply for positions online.

5 Resources for Job Interview Thank You Letters

Career Alley

Thank you letters are another important part of your Marketing Toolkit. The main purpose (besides the obvious thanks) is to ensure that the interviewer knows that, not only are you are a good match for the job, but that you heard everything that was discussed during the interview. Thank You Letters

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10 Great Job Search Resources for College Grads

Career Alley

Your first job marks the beginning of your 10,000 day career (do the math) and, while you are probably just hoping you get a job, you should prepare for the long haul (working that is, not job search) and try to pick a job that suites you best. Finding a job right out of school is difficult these days. College Grads Entry level jobs Resumes

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The Biggest Challenges in Human Resources


The Human Resources profession has seen many shifts in how work is conducted and how companies interact with potential candidates. Far from perfection, the Human Resources profession has a long way to go to increase productivity and increase the quality of their department.

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Stress Management Resources

Position Ignition

If you are finding it hard to handle stress at work, here are some resources that we hope will help: Stress ManagementHere at Position Ignition we often deal with issues of stress, anxiety and sometimes burn-out from work and a demanding career. It is possible however to find a fulfilling and purposeful career which lets you remain in control of your world and which enables you to find a healthy balance between your professional and personal lives.

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Human Resources Taxi Cab Confessionals


In the field of human resources we experience and encounter stories, situations, and events that are often personal, unbelievable, and just plain out of the ordinary. HR employee engagement HR confessions HR strategy human resource human resource leadership leadership style strategic H

9 Resources to Help Your Find a New Job

Career Alley

From career goals to an occupation profile, there is lots of great advice and links to resources to get you started. “ Fortune favors the prepared mind.

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5 Local Resources You Need for the Sake of Your Business

Ms. Career Girl

Use these five local small business resources to empower your business and for the sake of sustainable growth — and your sanity. Everyone, from tourists to new residents, first visit the chamber of commerce in their area for resources on the city and its surroundings.

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Putting the Human in Human Resources


Admit it. We’ve all been there. By “there” I mean a situation where we, as HR, are asked to treat people in a way we never would if we were thinking of them as human beings first.

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5 Interview Resources for Your Job Search Marketing Toolkit

Career Alley

interviewing is not just talking about yourself, it's asking the right questions, giving the right answers and expressing yourself in the right way. Interviews Interview Tips Job Search Toolkit

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