Is Your Executive Resume Interesting?

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It happened…the call about the executive job of your dreams opening up just came through via your contact, and the HR Director wants to see your resume. You might be ready to take the next step in your career, but is your resume ready for an executive-level position?

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Experts Debate LinkedIn vs. the Executive Resume

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LinkedIn and Resume Experts Discuss the Value of Each in Executive Job Search A few months ago I posted an update to my LinkedIn stream about LinkedIn vs. the executive resume, which highlighted my blog post, Does LinkedIn Make the Executive Resume Obsolete.

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Rejuvenate Your Executive Resume Story for a 2020 Audience

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As a new decade approaches, it is a good time to assess, and if need be, rejuvenate your executive resume story. Executive resume writing is not just about tightening up your career brain dump and interjecting the right keywords like ‘strategic leader’ or ‘shareholder value.’

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How Old is Your Executive Resume?

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If it’s been a while since you looked for a new job, you likely haven’t updated your resume during that time. When writing an effective resume today, you have to take into consideration how it looks digitally as well as. Read more » The post How Old is Your Executive Resume?

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3 Resume Missteps to Avoid

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According to, the definition for resume is “a summing up; summary;” and, “a brief written account of personal, educational and professional qualifications and experiences, as that prepared by an applicant for a job.”

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10 Tips From a Texas Executive Resume Writer for 2019

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Pulling together ONLY 10 tips from my executive resume writer repertoire initially was intimidating because I have so many ideas on this topic. The post 10 Tips From a Texas Executive Resume Writer for 2019 appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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How Executive Resume Targeting Works

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You can rely on an executive resume writing service – such as Professional Resume Services – to help you craft the most effective resume. Here are some tips on how you can target your executive resume.

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4 Branding Tips for Your Executive Resume

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When writing an effective resume, demonstrating your personal brand is critical. While your brand is what it is, you can tailor the message in your resume depending on the company.

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Could Your Executive Resume Benefit from a Professional Resume Service?

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Many executives make the mistake of believing their experience and expertise speaks for itself on a resume. However, you aren’t the only one with similar experience, so writing resumes that get you hired isn’t as easy as it sounds. You Aren’t Sure What to Include in Your Resume.

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Why An Objective On A Resume Makes You Look Old

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The days of your resume starting out with “Objective: Experienced Executive Sales Manager seeking to ….” If you are still using a line like that to open up your executive resume, you may as well realize that your chance of getting selected for an interview is probably long gone as well.

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Are Resumes Withering?

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The post Are Resumes Withering? appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. Career Advice Career Advice Myth executive resumes career advice career strategy executive resume branding Is the resume dead? job search resume writing

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Executive Resume Targeting is More Important Than You Think

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What’s the first thing you think about when you start preparing or updating your resume? A common misconception today is thinking you have to craft your resume to be more general since you don’t know exactly what an employer wants to see.

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Is a Strategic Resume Path Even Necessary?

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If you have a resume that bores you to tears, then what will be the reader's reaction? The post Is a Strategic Resume Path Even Necessary? appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Dusty Resumes and Deadines

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Quality resume results are at odds with speed (and your desperate situation). The number of times each month that executives reach out to me because a private equity firm or recruiter or someone in their network requests their resume ‘now’ often is in the double digits.

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Benefits of Using Professional Resume Translation Service

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Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Building a Resume Resume Resume translationA CV is the first opportunity that you get to show companies what a perfect fit you would be for their open position.

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Perfect Resume Ideas for Freelancers

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Create a Killer Resume and Cover Letter Building a Resume FreelanceAs a freelancer, you don’t have the same experiences as someone in a big company. For a start, you can’t be promoted since you are […].

3 Tips for a Resume Recipe Revamp

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter The struggle when revamping a recipe is akin to the angst when rebuilding your resume. Recently, in a lively Facebook discussion, I learned how to make a better egg dish.

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Resolving Resume Confusion

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter While the futurists vie for the first-place ribbon in having predicted the resume’s demise, the resume heart beats strong. The post Resolving Resume Confusion appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Spark Interviews With a Distinctive Resume Voice

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Distinctions Between Voice and Tone In a recent blog conversation with an admired colleague, Debra O’Reilly, job search strategist and certified resume writer, we discussed the distinctions between voice and tone.

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Transcendent Resume :: Beyond Your Threshold of Pain

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via The Transcendent Rep While many career bloggers wring their hands about resume length, fonts and keywords, I get all ‘jazz hands’ over more enriching and meaningful details. […].

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Executive Resume Branding: Differentiate Your ROI Above-the-Fold

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The post Executive Resume Branding: Differentiate Your ROI Above-the-Fold appeared first on Executive Career Brand. Executive Resume, Biography & Cover Letter Personal Branding c-level executive resume c-suite job search

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Executive Resume Writers + Fake News

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Are you worried about hiring an executive resume writing service that is less than ethical in regards to the executive resume writing process and your job search? The post Executive Resume Writers + Fake News appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Executive Resume Story: The Process Is Long and Without a Finish Line

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An executive resume story and a picture share integral attributes. The post Executive Resume Story: The Process Is Long and Without a Finish Line appeared first on Master Executive Resume Writing Service.

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Frazzled by All the Resume Advice?

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You rush to an all-purpose […] The post Frazzled by All the Resume Advice? appeared first on Executive Resume Writing Service. By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter RATTLED BY CAREER CRISIS?

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Tips On Successful Resume Writing

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Resume Writing Tips Successful resume writing is a skill that can be developed. The post Tips On Successful Resume Writing appeared first on Boomers Next Step Helping Baby Boomers Reinvent Their Lives Through Online Lifestyle Business Education and Career Advice.

The 7 sections of a resume explained

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Let’s get resume building back to the beginning for a bit. Let’s start with the basics and go through what sections every resume should include. Even though many, if not most, resumes don’t include all these sections. Job Search Resume Tips Resume1

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Avoid These Executive Resume Clichés!

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Writing a professional resume requires avoiding common cliches. Writing a professional resume is often more difficult than you could imagine. This is why many people turn to a professional resume writing service.

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How to Write a Strategic Resume

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter Many articles focus job seekers in on specific aspects of their resume such as spelling, punctuation and keywords. While these three elements are important, if they become the central focus, your resume efforts could be derailed.

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Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords

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Job seekers often ask me, “How do I identify resume keywords?” The post Awesome New Tool for Resume Keywords appeared first on AvidCareerist. Resumes Uncategorized Resume Keywords (3 More Posts

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Executive Resume Story: Building the case for complexity in a keep-it-simple world

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Career communications; aka, executive resumes, are not immune from this weathered recommendation. Whether crafting a resume, creating a cover letter, penning an elevator pitch or preparing interview responses, so many […]. executive resumes executive resume

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What Does an Expert Executive Resume Writer Offer?

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Anyone can write a resume with basic components in it. The keys to writing an effective resume today are different than they were several years ago. Read more » The post What Does an Expert Executive Resume Writer Offer? appeared first on Executive Resume Services.

2019 157

Should Your Resume Be Mobile Friendly?

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A mobile-optimized resume may be the best executive resume format! You may be under the impression that executive resumes are outdated thanks to the rise of networking and social media. However, a well-crafted resume can be just as effective.

2017 191

Why Legislating Resume Writing Is Wrong

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter While I write resumes for a living, I realize (and prefer) that it isn’t “my way or the highway.” ” How bland of a career marketing world would it be if every resume was written by some formulaic approach?

Why Writing Resumes for Short Attention Spans Devalues Your Experience

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By Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter With all the hubbub about short and sweet writing in this attention-deficit disordered culture, shorter isn’t always better when it comes to resumes.

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Edit Your Resume Like a Pro

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Editing is part of writing an effective resume. Writing an effective resume is about more than just creating a resume once and distributing it to prospective employers. An executive resume writer will tell you how important it is to review your resume and edit it often.

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How to Modernize Your Executive Resume

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The best executive resume format has gotten a modern upgrade. Just like how the search engine algorithms are constantly changing, methods of writing an effective resume are also prone to the latest trends. Incorporate these into your resume for the best results.

2015 252

The Top Two Executive Resume Writing Tips

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When it comes to writing an effective resume, there aren’t any magic secrets to get you the perfect resume that will get you hired to any job you want. Here are two resume writing tips to consider to take your resume to the next level in terms of making an impact.

Executive Resume Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

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Executives can work diligently and do extensive amounts of research to know what to put on a resume, only to struggle with landing a job. A Good Resume Guarantees A Job. There are no guarantees in life, and writing an effective resume won’t guarantee you a job either.

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Refresh Your Resume

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When was the last time you really looked at your resume? With today’s technology, you have the advantage of being able to take your basic facts and refresh your resume with each new application. Your resume should include non-paid activity because it is a part of your overall package.

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Exceptions to Resume Rules

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Resume standards are based on what has proven to be effective in the job market over recent years. However, there are exceptions to many of the resume rules. The following are the top five resume rules with exceptions. Omit articles on resumes. Keep your resume short.

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Does Your Resume Match the Job Description?

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When you first sit down to write your resume from scratch, it’s normal to sit there for several minutes before you write your first word. Where to begin writing an effective resume is difficult, especially in today’s competitive world.

2018 158

4 Reasons Why a Professional Executive Resume Writer is Worth the Investment

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A resume today is perceived differently than it was several years ago. Your resume should not only highlight your past achievements. This means the days of writing one general resume and sending it out to multiple employers are over. Polish Your Resume For Your Lifetime.

2019 189

Executive Resume Experts Weigh in on Best Resume Writing Practices

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25 years ago when I was a newly minted resume writer, I included in my clients’ executive resumes the trite phrases most of us shun today, like “results-oriented” and “experienced professional”.

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