Planning A San Francisco Corporate Retreat

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She wants you to plan a corporate retreat in San Francisco. Arranging San Francisco coach and shuttle bus rentals. Fortunately, San Francisco presents many great options. Whether it’s to and from San Francisco, or local ground transportation, don’t neglect the value of the time spent commuting. Sure, everyone wants to experience the sights and sounds of San Francisco. Your boss just dropped the news on you.

Top Five: Airbnb vs San Francisco vs Good Sense


Earlier this week Airbnb launched an ad campaign aimed to sway San Francisco voters just ahead of their going to the polls over Proposition F. The issue has sharply divided San Francisco residents, some arguing that Airbnb ruins neighborhoods and reduces the availability of affordable housing — already difficult to come by in the tech-gentrified city — and others depending on Airbnb for a large part of their income.


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San Francisco CEO Calls Rural Americans Racist; Institutes Xenophobic Hiring Rule

Evil HR Lady

To keep reading, click here: San Francisco CEO Calls Rural Americans Racist; Institutes Xenophobic Hiring Rule. The post San Francisco CEO Calls Rural Americans Racist; Institutes Xenophobic Hiring Rule appeared first on Evil HR Lady Melinda Byerley, the founder of TimeShare CMO wrote an offensive tweet calling people in “middle america” [sic] stupid and that’s why there are not as many jobs there.

A First Look At Our Pokemon Go Recruiting Event in San Francisco


One of them is a creative and marketing staffing business called WunderLand Group which has an office located in San Francisco, CA. Attendees were invited to our the WunderLand Group and Advanced Clinical San Francisco, CA, offices where we served beer, wine and light appetizers for our happy hour guests. We didn’t need to have 8,000 attendees at our event which is exactly what happened at a Pokemon Go pub crawl also in San Francisco the week before.

Need a Career Boost? Get a Job in San Francisco

Corn on the Job

San Francisco is a city with a lot of diversity and starting or continuing a career there can really be a wise move. With this in mind you’ll find that getting San Francisco jobs won’t really be too hard of a task, however you’ll have to know what’s right for you. Finding the Right Career in San Francisco. Tourism is big business in San Francisco due to its famous landmarks so this is certainly a path to consider.

A First Look at Our Pokemon Go Recruiting Event in San Francisco


One of them is a creative and marketing staffing business called WunderLand Group which has an office located in San Francisco, CA. Attendees were invited to our the WunderLand Group and Advanced Clinical San Francisco, CA, offices where we served beer, wine and light appetizers for our happy hour guests. We didn’t need to have 8,000 attendees at our event which is exactly what happened at a Pokemon Go pub crawl also in San Francisco the week before.

Welcome, San Francisco Chronicle Readers | Penelope Trunk's Brazen.

Penelope Trunk

About this blog | About my company, Brazen Careerist | Penelopes guide to starting a blog Welcome, San Francisco Chronicle Readers Posted to: Self-management December 7th, 2009 Digg Reddit StumbleUpon Tweet This Facebook It looks like a lot of people are coming here from the article in the San Francisco Chronicle: Big City Blues, Could a more affordable life, away from the Bay Area, actually be better , by Rob Baedeker. Is this your first time here?

Countering the Offer :: Vivalta Inc – Denver-San Francisco-Finance-Accounting Recruiters-Recruiting Firm

Guerrilla Job Hunting

“Employment negotiations are relationship driven and can last a lifetime.”. + -Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0. Sweet success. It’s Friday and you just received that long awaited job offer you’ve been waiting for. You give it a weekend of painstaking contemplation, and decide that although it is a solid offer, the salary just isn’t in line with what the market says you are worth. Come Monday, you are ready to call and counter.

5 Wild St. Patrick's Day Cities From Coast to Coast

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San Francisco, California. Home Travel & Leisure Boston Celebration Green Beer Luck of the Irish San Francisco St. The post 5 Wild St. Patrick's Day Cities From Coast to Coast appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Every March 17 th is great day for everyone and especially those of Irish decent to celebrate what good old St Patrick did.

Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

Imarticus Learning

The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry. There was a new controversy seemingly every week, whether it was Uber’s myriad scandals ; more personal data breaches ; Russia’s use of social media and other online platforms to try and influence U.S. voters ; growing concerns over tech giants’ power; and a series of sexual misconduct allegations against male investors and company executives.

Uprooting Life. On Why I’m Leaving


Ryleigh who’s 4 is excited about things like the ocean, her new swimming pool, less mosquitos and bug bites, and San Francisco which she pronounces San-FRAN-CICSO, accent on the Francisco and emphasis on the last two syllables usually said with her eyes and arms wide open like she’s on a Broadway stage. Life dreams life risk moving moving on oklahoma city relocation san francisco

S.F. weighs protecting ex-cons seeking homes, jobs


Ex-convicts may soon become a "protected class" in San Francisco - joining African Americans, Latinos, gays, transgender people, pregnant women and the disabled. This is a very important discussion on the eve of an immense state prisoner realignment thats going to return hundreds of prisoners back to San Francisco," Mirkarimi said. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile.

Bad career advice is worse than no advice at all

Cube Rules

Home Blog Cube Rules Products Dream Job Coaching Media Contact Scot Cube Rules provides job advice and support for career-minded individuals working in corporate cubicles. Cube Rules teaches you how to build SMART Goals , how to survive a job layoff and how to write your performance review. Bad career advice is worse than no advice at all Written by Scot Herrick on February 13, 2008 in Personal Branding 9 Comments - Leave a comment!

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What Would You Do If The Lights Went Out?


Last night’s Super Bowl, between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, was one of the more fun championship games I have watched in a while. The commercials were terrible but it featured a nail-biter of an ending and … Continue reading →

How Buffer Approaches Salary Transparency (It's Kind of Cool)

The HR Capitalist

Of course, it's the cancel culture and the "how dare you" culture that's SHOCKED a company would reduce compensation for someone moving from San Francisco to Iowa. . For high cost of living areas we pay 100% of the San Francisco 50th percentile, average is 85%, and low is 75%.

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Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster

Catherines Career Corner

Download, save or read free career eBook from Monster. As you know, here at Catherine’s Career Corner, we offer you free straight forward career guidance and self-help that is critical in ensuring that we provide you, our readers with effective career support. Download a free career eBook from Monster. We take great care to ensure that [.]. The post Download, Save or Read Free Career eBook From Monster appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner.

Will You Succeed in Your New Job?

Catherines Career Corner

Just got a job, will you succeed in your new job? After, months or years of pounding the pavements, you have just landed that “dream job” and it makes you feel happy and successful. However, success and job happiness only begins when you keep the job. So, will you succeed in your new job? Find [.]. The post Will You Succeed in Your New Job? appeared first on Catherine's Career Corner. No related posts.

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Cost of Living Pay Cuts for Twitter Employees Moving from Bay Area: Valid or BS?

The HR Capitalist

To no HR pro's surprise, that means companies at some point are going to adjust the compensation of people leaving areas like San Francisco for more remote areas where a 3-bedroom home doesn't cost 2-3 million.

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How Co-Working is Transforming Cities

The Undercover Recruiter

Between 2005 and today, it grew from just 1 in San Francisco to 7,800 co-working spaces across the globe. In the last 10 years, we have experienced one of the biggest changes in the work market: the rise of co-working spaces. In a year from now, predictions forecast 37 000 co-working spaces worldwide gathering more than. View Article. How Co-Working is Transforming Cities. Undercover Recruiter - Recruitment & Career Blog.

Paid Sick Days Bill Gains Momentum


San Francisco and Washington, DC have already passed the laws and Connecticut appears to be next. Six in seven employers surveyed in San Francisco say that paid sick days have had no negative effect on profitability and two-thirds of employers support the law. The U.S. government is finally coming around to a simple concept: no employee should have to choose between their health and their income.

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Follow Your Dreams to Create the Life You Want – Memoirs of Some that Did Just That

Ms. Career Girl

A San Francisco porno theater might be the last place you’d expect to plant the seed of a feminist troupe, but truth is stranger than fiction.

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Glassdoor Says I'm Worth 8K Per Year.

The HR Capitalist

Damn you, Glassdoor! . Quit toying with me. I have enough s##t going on without you cratering my expected value. A couple of years ago we were recruiting software sales pros at Kinetix and SF was a target market.

2020 100

What I Didn’t Know About Symbols and Should Have

Ms. Career Girl

Dyan resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two sons. This past week, I received a text from my husband who was working downstairs. Please bring me another t-shirt ASAP!”

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Why You Should Tailor Communication Depending on the City and Region

The Undercover Recruiter

Take Kem for example… If I had sent the following invitation request to Kem in San Francisco, California: “You’ve got skills. Talking to people in different cities and regions is different. Skills we need. Want to work on some cool stuff? Let’s connect!” He wouldn’t have replied. Instead, if I sent this: “Ok Kem, I think. View Article. Why You Should Tailor Communication Depending on the City and Region. Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

How to Pack for 3 Different Fall Getaways

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San Francisco. For those who need a classic San Francisco tourist experience, Golden Gate Bridge and Park is worth exploring. Here are a few ideas for packing bags for a San Francisco getaway: Sweater and/or light jacket. The post How to Pack for 3 Different Fall Getaways appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. Fall can be the perfect time of year to take a vacation.

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What Can Mad Men’s Joan and Peggy Teach Women About Their Career?

The Undercover Recruiter

Louis to San Francisco to Boston to Chicago for the company. When I was assistant regional manager at The Gillette Company in the early ’80s, I tried explaining to the president why I was not going to relocate across the country again when the step up position was available in my region. I had already moved from St. View Article What Can Mad Men’s Joan and Peggy Teach Women About Their Career? Undercover Recruiter - Career & Recruitment Blog.

The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

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San Francisco. With a massive financial industry, and proud of its place half way between London and Tokyo, San Francisco has a wealth of marketing jobs available. The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. There has never been a better time to get into marketing. The industry is changing and adapting with the growth of the internet, blog marketing and social media.

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Remembering Facebook vs Google+: The Value of the Rally BHAG.

The HR Capitalist

It was announced that the cafés would be open over the weekends, and a proposal was seriously floated to have the shuttles from Palo Alto and San Francisco run on the weekends, too. There's a lot of hate heading Facebook's way these days.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

This great quote was submitted to us by Michael of San Francisco. “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” ” – Charles Darwin. As in nature, so too as in humankind. This principle is so very applicable to work and career in 2017.

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Why Don't We Headhunt People With Crappy Commutes More Than We Do?

The HR Capitalist

Take a look at the "apartment" below in San Francisco, then read the description from TechCrunch : This windowless, kitchenless, 170-square-foot apartment for $1,200. It's true that San Francisco has the biggest issues of all related to affordable housing. When it comes to hard to fill positions in tough segments and industries, why don't we headhunt people with sh**ty commutes more than we do? We all know that a bad commute can ruin someone's work life balance.

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Ineffective HR Makes Sexual Harassment Thrive. Here’s How to Fix it.

Evil HR Lady

” This quote comes from Cynthia Calvert, a discrimination lawyer and senior adviser to the Center for WorkLife Law in San Francisco, in an email to the New York Times. Is your HR department effective at stopping sexual harassment , or are they like many of the companies described by The New York Times, “ineffective”?

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10 Spring and Summer Thriller and Mystery Must-Reads

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In the second book of the Nikki Griffin series, Nikki is enlisted by a matriarch of a wealthy San Francisco family to find the con-man who robbed them of their money. Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to search for the perfect poolside book.

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Is Your Organization Resilient Enough to Survive The Next Disruption?

Ms. Career Girl

Diana earned a BS in biological sciences from UC Irvine and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from UC San Francisco. Eventually, a major crisis will impact your company. It’s not a matter of “if” but of “when.” And while COVID-19 is the most obvious disruptor, it’s certainly not the last.

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5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

Career Alley

has the second highest average cost of renting a two-bedroom apartment, only behind San Francisco at $2,700 a month. Rent is on the high side, at $1,645 for a two bedroom apartment, but not worse than New York City or San Francisco. Graduating college used to nearly guarantee a key to the American middle class, and all of the bills and responsibilities that come with it. But thanks to The Great Recession, that dream is no longer the reality.

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Let's Hangout and Talk - Getting Ready to Staff Up at the Start of 2018.

The HR Capitalist

It started with the Recruiter Nation Live Conference in San Francisco last June, and continued with the Recruiter Nation Live Roadshow that brought real recruiter talk to 9 cities in North America over the last three months. The feedback was great – you loved it, so we’re back with the latest in the series – the Recruiter Nation Live Hangout Series, hosted by Fistful of Talent and me. If you’re a client or follower of Jobvite, you know the Recruiter Nation Live series.

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How to Prepare For Your New Job In Los Angeles


While Los Angeles isn’t as expensive as San Francisco, it is expensive. We’re going to assume you’re one of the smart ones who got a job in Los Angeles before planning on moving here.

7 Books That Celebrate the Successes of Women

Ms. Career Girl

When the tech industry took off, Anna Wiener left her publishing job in New York to move to San Francisco and begin a new career at a big-data startup. It’s no secret that women do remarkable things every day.

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The Most Overused Recruiter Clichés Ever [Video]

The Undercover Recruiter

Here’s a great compilation of recruiter jargon, clichés and B-S from Betts Recruiting in San Francisco. How many times have you heard a recruiter ask “so can I accept the job on your behalf”, “an hour and half commute isn’t really that long” and “it’s a small step back for a giant leap forward”? See what you think! Related: How IKEA Recruits People Using Flat Packs in Australia [Video].

What Do You Know About White People?

Evil HR Lady

San Francisco? We talk a lot about diversity , in HR, and we have all sorts of programs and measurements in place. Many businesses are even subject to Affirmative Action Reporting, where you have to declare to the federal government the racial and gender makeup of your staff. As a result, many businesses proudly proclaim that not only are they Equal Opportunity Employers but that they are sensitive to all different cultures.

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HEY HR FOODIES: Stop Dreaming About Opening a Restaurant - Here's Why.

The HR Capitalist

In San Francisco’s much smaller labor force, pay was about the same for a head chef, $31,120 for a cook and $32,040 for a server. San Francisco will increase its minimum wage from the current $13 in July 2018, but Los Angeles will not reach $15 an hour until 2020 or 2021, depending on staff size. Some San Francisco landlords offer promising but unproven tenants a bit of help known as a percentage deal.

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Who are the 10 Most Connected People on LinkedIn?

Resume Bear

San Francisco Bay Area. San Francisco Bay Area. Greater San Diego Area. San Diego, CA, United States. In honor of LinkedIn passing the 100 Million member mark this week, I thought I’d introduce you to the 10 most connected people on LinkedIn. Each of these members has at least 30,000 first-level connections. Ron’s got the most with more than 43K! Ron Bates. Managing Principal, Executive Advantage Group, Inc. Staffing and Recruiting.

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Eat Like A Local: The Five Greatest Not-So-Famous Local Cuisine

Ms. Career Girl

This means that you should seek out not only the obvious choices, like cheesesteaks in Philadelphia or chowder in San Francisco, but also find the fare which the locals love and appreciate. San Francisco. Because you can’t live by chowder and bread bowls alone (though you’re welcome to try), San Fran has a blossoming ice cream scene, offering up desserts that go far beyond your normal 31 flavors.

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Working Anywhere Means Elite Cities Are Being Shorted.

The HR Capitalist

More from : San Francisco-based online personal styling service Stitch Fix is laying off 1,400 stylists in California between now and the end of September, affecting 18% of its workforce, per a statement released on Monday. How's COVID going for you?

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