International Relations Careers In Seattle-Portland

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Portland and Seattle, two of the most culturally and economically-diverse cities in the world, offer fantastic opportunities for professionals interested in the field of International Relations. We can’t stress enough how strong the local economies are in Portland and Seattle.

Uber, Lyft, & Sidecar Drivers Vote to Form Union in Seattle


Drivers in Seattle vote to form App-Based Drivers’ Association. Seattle based drivers for transportation companies who use apps to schedule passenger pick-up have voted to form an association which will assist in them in work related discussions with companies like Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. The Seattle Times is reporting that about 200 drivers with assistance from the Teamsters union have voted to form an association called the App Based Driver Association.

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Flipside Crypto’s Balter Talks Uber, #MeToo, Cryptocurrencies

Imarticus Learning

Xconomy recently reached out to business and technology leaders from around our network to put 2017 in perspective and look ahead. The past year was a turbulent one for the tech industry.

Back from a Successful Cannexus Conference

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Because I live in Seattle, the grey weather did not scare me. skip to main | skip to sidebar The Career Key Blog Making a lifetime of smart career decisions about career options, college major and education choices, being self-employed, & the right career test. Welcome to our career blog.

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Bad Work Days in Perspective

Career Key

Tuesday, June 16, 2009 Bad Work Days in Perspective Sitting on a Seattle (see the Space Needle in the distance) beach with my family this weekend, I had the pleasure of watching lots of people soaking up the sun and BBQing in the park.

2009 130

Hard Work And Ambition Are Rewarded At Drift

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Drift is the fastest-growing technology company in Boston, but it remains committed to fostering a company culture of openness and teamwork. Drift has offices in Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, and will soon open an office in Tampa.

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5 Hot Cities for Recent College Graduates Entering the Workforce

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Seattle. The social atmosphere in Seattle is different than really anywhere else in the country; it’s very young with the highest population of 18 to 24 year-olds, has the second highest bar per capita rating and is environmentally conscious. and Seattle, except with better weather.

12 Things No One Told Me Before I Tossed My Cap

Ms. Career Girl

It will move either due to technology, time or gravity. She lives in Seattle with the guy who told her he loved her at graduation years ago. It’s Graduation Season, when mortarboards soar and new professionals take wing into the workforce.

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Why Maps (and related promising careers) Still Matter

Career Key

Then this morning I heard this fascinating public radio program (KUOW Seattle): " The History and Adventures with Maps with Ken Jennings. " (The podcast is free) It really made me think about maps' roles in history and where we are going now with Google Maps and technology.

2011 161

Career Key Invited to Attend Microsoft U.S. Workforce Readiness Forum

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I've been invited to attend in Seattle next week's Microsoft Town Hall Forum on U.S. This national forum is a part of Microsoft's Unlimited Potential – Community Technology Skills Program. technology School Counseling College Counseling CK NewsWorkforce Readiness: Building Collaborative and Innovative Partnerships on Workforce Competitiveness, featuring a keynote address by Ed Gordon, author of The 2010 Meltdown.

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Rebooting Your Career – Help Wanted on IT Help Desks

Corn on the Job

Every company needs technology to function. technology sector grew by an estimated 15,800 new positions and companies across the U.S. are experiencing a surge in IT jobs, including Austin, Raleigh, San Jose, Seattle and San Francisco. Picking a career can be tricky.

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Looking for a New Job? Check out the App Market

Resume Bear

According to TechNet, the technology trade group that analyzed the information from Flurry, “Every apps programming job hatches another position in other non-technical areas such as sales, marketing, human resources and other administrative chores.”.

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Make Liberal Arts A Successful College Major Choice

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You might also find helpful: Download this PDF to see popular myths about liberal arts majors debunked , courtesy of Seattle Pacific University’s Career Center. Forget the war on liberal arts ! Liberal arts majors can make successful college majors.

Will Amazon Go Kill Jobs? Oh, Probably


Amazon Go, currently being tested in one Seattle area grocery store and only available to Amazon employees, works like this: shoppers tap their phones at a designated checkpoint upon entering the story, fill up their baskets, and then tap it again when they leave.

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New Year's Resolutions for Your Career Choice

Career Key

At left is a photo yesterday morning from where we live in Seattle of the Olympic Mountains to the west towards the Pacific Ocean. When we have clear winter days like this in Seattle (rarely), it makes you feel fresh and new - and able to contemplate your new year's resolutions.

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MATH: How Much Would Banning "Reply All" Save Your Company?

HR Capitalist

Reply all? It sucks, right? But does it really cost your company anything?

2012 82

Practitioner Spotlight: Joel Peterson, @joelyoh


I obtained my undergraduate degree in theater and worked in the Seattle area as an actor while simultaneously working office jobs in industries ranging from international education to bio-pharm, digital media and television. But because of modern technology, that is no longer the case.

2015 170

Amazon's Getting Ready to Crush Another Industry Near You (aka Call Center Services Killer)

HR Capitalist

More from GeekWire : "Amazon Web Services is developing a suite of cloud-based tools to sell to enterprises that would help them manage their call centers, based on technology the online commerce giant developed for its own retail call centers, according to a report from The Information. .

2017 63

3 Steps to Finding a Promising Career in High-Tech or Any Growth Industry

Career Key

My husband works for a software company (not Microsoft) here in Seattle as a senior developer. Seattle’s lunchtime streets are crowded with very well-dressed (mostly) men and women, from 20 somethings to 50+ year olds, who work in the software and technology industries. In order to compete successfully in the online world, the presentation and features of software and other content related to information technology becomes increasingly important.”

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Why You Should Become A Tradesperson

Corn on the Job

Then, despite the lack of a need for a bachelor’s degree, salaries are typically very good, paying anywhere from $42,000 for builders providing building services in Philadelphia to $50,000 for ironworkers in Seattle. You may be aware of the skilled tradesperson shortage in the USA.

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Friday Five: Over 50% of Workers Want to Quit


Temperature, noisy and messy eaters and bad workplace technology are probably driving your employees to distraction — and if the study is right, at least 22 minutes of distraction daily.

Top 5 Ways to Use Your Public Library as a Career Exploration Tool

Career Key

I feel like an expert on this topic, raised by a librarian and living as I do in the newly annointed book reading capital of America: Seattle, at least according to this New York Times article.

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We need to talk more about Melinda Gates

Penelope Trunk

And I could tell you I take at least one kid on every business trip I have, and they are sick of it, so I tried to make Seattle fun by adding Lady Gaga. Should I tell you I went to Seattle and saw Lady Gaga with my son? I took my son to a Lady Gaga concert. I could tell you that.

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Introduction Of Tableau

Imarticus Learning

According to the Fortune magazine, “Tableau as a concept of visual analytics has been pioneered by a Seattle based software firm.” Many of you frequenting the scientifically enhanced circles must have been subjected to hearing this term called ‘ Tableau ’.

2017 52

Looking For a Job Can Be Hell


He had moved to Southern California from Seattle with dreams of making it big. Rayanne Thorn, @ray_anne is the Marketing Director for online recruiting software company, Broadbean Technology. Frustration and Anger. I remember when he called me, frustrated, and angry.

2012 124

Are HR Pros A Good Fit to Start an Amazon Partner Delivery Business?

HR Capitalist

There's also three weeks of training, including a trip to Amazon headquarters in Seattle, which you'll pay for as part of the startup costs. WHAT AMAZON PROVIDES : Amazon says it will offer support to the businesses, including discounts on insurance, technology and other services.

2018 63

Remembering Career Development Pioneer Jean Haldane, 1926 - 2010

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I took the liberty of copying the Puget Sound Career Development Association announcement below, with their links to her Seattle Times obituary and the Center for Dependable Strengths. Seattle, WA 98105. n=jean-haldane& pid=143327361 Seattle Times obituary.

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The New Amazon HQ - Is the Key to Your City Winning The Competition Eliminating Non-Competes?

HR Capitalist

The workers Amazon plans to hire in its HQ2 will not arrive by trains from Seattle to their new city. In case you missed it, Amazon announced in early September that it is planning to open another headquarters called Amazon HQ2 in US city TBD.

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Tough Interview Questions

Jennifer Anthony

As Seattle Interview Coach Lewis Lin explains, you should use the moments directly following this question to summarize your career track, your previous experience, and your goals for the future.

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JPMorgan Chase Buys Washington Mutual | Cube Rules

Cube Rules

All technology systems will get converted to Chase’s systems. When I moved to Seattle-land, I never changed my bank account – Chase has superior on-line banking and bill pay.

Better Mom Because of My Job


Work this week takes me to both coasts: Washington DC where I’m keynote speaking at the Social Matters Conference and then Las Vegas for the HR Technology Conference and HR Evolution.

2011 136

Careers In Data Science

Career Realism

Sometimes referred to as “predictive policing,” it’s making a difference in cities like Seattle, where property crimes have dropped by as much as 19 percent in the past year. It’s the “sexiest job of the 21st century,” according to the Harvard Business Review.

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Secrets from an Executive Recruiter


He also has up-to-the minute tips on how best to use technological tools. He also has up-to-the minute tips on how best to use technological tools. Press Room Dream Big Coaching Services selected "top career coach" by Seattle Metropolitan magazine!

2008 130

Does college pay?

Career Key

I've recently seen in the Seattle Times an article questioning whether college pays, citing CollegeBoard. Shortages of highly skilled workers in fields like health care and technology have been predicted as baby boomers retire. The key is to keep people not destined for college from becoming " techno-peasants " as one expert calls them - left behind by the need for technology skills.

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What Season of Transition Are You In?


When we realize that despiteall of our scientific understanding and all of our technology we arestill subject to Earth's laws of nature, we are better equipped tonavigate our transitions. Press Room Dream Big Coaching Services selected "top career coach" by Seattle Metropolitan magazine!

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15 Generation Y Stereotypes To Overcome on Your Job Search


I recruit in the technology sector, which is generally much more in “tune” with the younger workforce. Kristen Fife is a recruiter, resume consultant, and employment expert based in the greater Seattle area. Gen Yer? Stand out in your job search by bucking the stereotypes about you.

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HireCentrix Forum :: Topic: Boeing Complaint Fact Sheet (1/1)


A hearing has been set for June 14, 2011 in Seattle before an administrative law judge. Be our Friend. Keyword Search HCX for your Favorite Author / Content. Local. Blogs. About HireCentrix. Advertise. Contact Us. My Profile. Share Your Experience. Submit an Article. Login / Register. Support Us. HCX Jobs. Search. Explore Articles. Category Info. Business/Client Dev & Marketing. Career / Personal Dev. Compensaton and Benefits. Compliance / Legal. Consulting / Outsourcing.

How to Network for Senior Job | Hiring Technical People

Hiring Technical People

For example in Seattle, there is a startup directory ( and mailing lists with like-minded people. Hiring Technical People Hiring technical people and being hired can be difficult, no matter what the economy is doing. Use the tips here to hire better, or find a new job.

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Top 50 LinkedIn Subgroups for Job Seekers and Recruiters


West (Western US): Los Angeles LA Phoenix Seattle San Diego San Francisco San Jose Portland – 4,164 members – a subgroup of JOBS 2.0: Information Technology (IT) ~ Job & Career Network – 8,981 members – a subgroup of Job & Career Network ~ Professions and Industries. Networking HR Human Resources Recruiter Staffing Headhunter Employment Agency Star Alumni Executive Executives Manager Project Managers Consultant Information Technology Marketing Sales….

2011 83

INFOGRAPHIC: How To Ace the Google Hiring and Interview Process

The Undercover Recruiter

Anyway, Google has been amed one of the best companies to work for (more than once) according to Forbes, there are definitely a lot of perks working for the technology giant. How much should you charge to wash all the windows in Seattle? • Remember Google?

Why Your Recruiter Can’t Find Good Talent

The Undercover Recruiter

There are however a few like Scott Ruthfield who do seem to get it, "Any success we've had recruiting in Seattle has come from building long-term relationships with candidates and companies, doing deep technical and culture-fit dives, and listening closely, not just talking."

2011 98

Getting The Degree or Certificate

Career Key

A couple of weeks ago I attended an interesting forum, “ From the Work Station to Graduation: paths to college success for Washington’s working adults &# sponsored by the Seattle King County Workforce Education Collaborative and Port Jobs.

2009 130

The hidden job market. - Job Stalker

Job Stalker

For me, I moved from Seattle to San Francisco with five days notice to clinch a promotion. on Ed Or Alive | 2 comments I just finished up "Enterprise Social Technology", a great book by Scott Klososky (@sklososky), which covers concepts and best practices.

2011 101