Top 5 Resume Trends In 2017

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Top 5 Resume Trends In 2017. I’m hopeful that 2017 will be a year full of great opportunities for all job seekers actively searching, and for those passively open to new opportunities—which according to a new survey by JobVite happens to be 74% of us. Work It Daily.

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8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch

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The post 8 Top HR Mobile Workforce Trends to Watch appeared first on Ms. But most of the disadvantages can be whittled away with eight top HR trends to watch in this sector. Watch for this trend to take hold in 2016 and beyond. Mobile Workforce Trends To Watch.

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Labor Day Faves, Trends, And More

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The post Labor Day Faves, Trends, And More appeared first on Ms. This year, Budweiser surveyed Americans from coast to coast to see just what’s hot and what’s not. The post Labor Day Faves, Trends, And More appeared first on Ms.

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Survey Finds Digital Talent In Greatest Demand

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Company executives struggling to attract and retain top talent may find that the challenge is even greater than they fear, according to the results of a new survey. Key Findings 2012 Job Satisfaction and Salary Survey. Notes on Survey Methodology and Analysis.

Survey Shows Marginal Rise in Salary Increases in 2012

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A new survey by Aon Hewitt reveals that salaries for U.S. According to Aon Hewitt’s survey of more than 1,300 U.S. According to Aon Hewitt’s survey, workers in some U.S. Salary Trends compensation Salary salary increases salary survey

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What Are the Upcoming Recruitment Trends for 2016?

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There’s no telling for sure, however LinkedIn have revealed what some of the key focuses for recruiters are for 2016, having surveyed 4,000 talent acquisition decision makers for their Global Recruiting Trends report. What Are the Upcoming Recruitment Trends for 2016?

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Top 8 Job Search Trends For 2015

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It’s that time of year when experts and surveys report trends for the New Year. LinkedIn reports that recruiters’ use of social networking increased a phenomenal 57% over the last four years, which means passive and active job seekers simply cannot afford to ignore this trend.

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2016 Resume Trends – The New, The Now & What You Must Know

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Related: Top 7 Resume Trends For 2015. It means trends and times are changing and so should your resume. Here is my top-ten list of resume trends for 2016, which, as you’ll notice, will be largely impacted on this year’s findings. 2016 Resume Trend #2: Be A Ruthless Editor.

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Underemployment Trends: Your MBA or JD alone is not Enough

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Two weeks ago, released survey results on underemployment. I encourage you to go the site to read the survey for yourself as it breaks down the following: most common job titles of the underemployed. Two weeks ago, released survey results on underemployment.

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Employment Trends Index Increased in December

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The Conference Board Employment Trends Index™ (ETI) increased in December. “After posting a significant increase in December, following an upward revision in November, the Employment Trends Index is improving,” said Gad Levanon, Director of Macroeconomic Research at The Conference Board. The Employment Trends Index aggregates eight labor-market indicators, each of which has proven accurate in its own area. Job Trends employment employment trends job outlook

Survey Reveals Workers Are Most Afraid of Making a Mistake

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It’s not ghosts or goblins or even public speeches that scare workers the most this Halloween: In an Accountemps survey, more than one in four ( 28 percent ) respondents said making a mistake on the job is their biggest workplace fear. The survey was developed by Accountemps, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing service for temporary accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals. Career News Employment Trends Featured Articles Workplace

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New Survey Shows Americans Believe College Education is Still a Good Investment

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According to a new COUNTRY Financial Security Index ® survey, the number of adults who think college is a good investment dropped to 57 percent, down from 81 percent in 2008. For more insight on this survey and Index updates throughout the month, follow @FinanceSecure on Twitter.

Survey: Applicants Wary of Companies That Recruit on Facebook

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Using Facebook as an applicant-selection tool may be convenient for employers, but a new survey indicates the practice creates a perception among potential applicants that the company is unfair. He surveyed 170 college seniors majoring in hospitality management.

New Survey Shows Executives Need Social Media Skills

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However, BRANDfog’s 2014 survey on The Global, Social CEO indicates that C-level executives who ignore social media are losing the ability to influence brand reputation and company leadership. How The Survey Was Conducted.

A New Euro Working Trend: The Hoffice.

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Several studies, most notably a 1993 American Psychological Association survey of violinists, have found that people get more done when they work in short bursts. Stop me when you''ve had enough. . DATELINE: Stockholm. You''ve got multiple people working out of a house.

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Americans Working More, But On Their Own Schedule

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In a survey of U.S. In what points to changing attitudes to mobile work, well over half surveyed reported no arguments whatsoever from their spouse or significant other over answering email or making work calls at home.

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What Job Searchers Need to Know about Recruitment Trends in 2014

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This is a quick canter through some of the key trends for 2014. With the economy continuing to show signs of growth, 51% of firms surveyed by the CBI are anticipating recruiting in 2014. What Job Searchers Need to Know about Recruitment Trends in 2014.

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5 Trends Uncovered at HR Technology Conference #hrtechconf


Looking for more HR & Recruiting Technology trends? Many companies are tackling this problem differently from engagement software platforms like Globoforce to gamification tools and improved survey and influence mapping tools within organizations.

The Top US Staffing Trends of 2015 [STUDY]

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LinkedIn recently released a report on the US staffing trends of the last four years, which has pin-pointed three key trends to incorporate into your business strategy for 2015. The Top US Staffing Trends of 2015 [STUDY].

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4 Crazy Recruiting Tech Trends You Don’t Know Yet #hrtechconf


Because of that I look to current consumer trends to help shape and grow the next 2-10 years of recruiting innovation and recruitment technologies. While not a single technology, recruitment follows consumer trends. One trend I am most interested in is multi-screen recruitment.

Tech Candidate Sentiment in 2015 [SURVEY] #TechTuesday

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Our friends at Dice recently presented the results of the Tech Candidate Sentiment Survey 2015 to help government officials get up to date with developing trends in recruiting. Survey takeaways: Sourcing. Tech Candidate Sentiment in 2015 [SURVEY] #TechTuesday.

It’s the Same Old Message, Or Is It?

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As the leaves fall and the 2016 calendars arrive in the mail, it’s also the season for survey reports, predictions and general crystal ball gazing about the world of work. Employer Recruiting candidate Hiring Recruitment survey trends‘Tis the season. Well, almost.

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Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Part 2 – The Rise of Social Media and Mobile


Trend #4. A recent CareerBuilder survey of healthcare staffing agencies and their clients found that 37% of jobseekers in healthcare use their mobile device to look for job opportunities. Read: Trend #5 Capitalizing on Technology.

Salary Trends for Project Managers and the Like

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PMI’s 2015 Earning Power survey reveals that current project management compensation varies widely. The Project Management Institute’s 2015 Earning Power report, which is based on a survey of more than 26,000 respondents in 34 countries, detailed 12-month salary trends among 15 demographic variables and shares important insights on roles ranging from entry-level project managers to senior executives.

Sustainability Careers: Five Career Tips from GreenBiz Sustainability Salary Survey

Green Career Central just published their second annual “GreenBiz Salary Survey 2011.” The trend over the last three years has been a shift from talking about environmental, corporate social responsibility (CSR), environmental, health, and safety (EHS) to talking about sustainability. Time will tell if this trend continues.

Employee Surveys Now Uncovering Horrible Bosses at the FBI.

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Some of you that are seasoned HR Pros know the cautionary tale when it comes to employee surveys. Comey is using the surveys to help determine who should be running the most important jobs at the bureau. If your survey results are in the toilet, you have to get it fixed.

“Exploring the Mobile Frontier” – Hot Trend #1 in Recruiting Technology


In our continuing effort to streamline the recruiting process, this blog series has been released to help HR Professionals, Recruiters, and Staffing Agencies & Search Firms in recognizing the current trends as well as new, but sustainable ideas. Trend 1: Exploring the Mobile Frontier.

Say Goodbye to the Nine to Five Worker

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For survey information visit: On average across the countries surveyed, 37% allow employees to take longer lunch breaks. Employment Trends employment Job Market technology time keeping trends worker trends

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Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Part 5 – Refining Quality-ofHire


In our continuing effort to assist healthcare recruiting processes, this 6-part blog series has been released to assist Healthcare HR Professionals, Recruiters, and Healthcare-Specific Staffing Agencies and search firms in recognizing the current trends as well as new, but sustainable ideas. .

3 Thriving Education Tech Trends

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The post 3 Thriving Education Tech Trends appeared first on Ms. Here are a few thriving technology trends happening in today’s classrooms and some benefits you may want to consider. Interactive Surveys for Better In-Class Engagement. Education Productivity Education Tech Trends

Hot Healthcare Recruiting Trends: Part 4 – Increasingly Sophisticated Retention Efforts


Trend #2. With respect to physician recruitment, the hottest trend is actually what happens after you recruit them, said Jennifer Metivier, executive director of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters. Read Also: Part 3 – Trend #3 The Job Mix is Shifting!

What Women Want from Employers

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Just over half of women surveyed, 51 percent, reported these skill-sets as one of the top two most important, followed by knowledge of technology (selected by 37 percent) and teamwork (selected by 35 percent), respectively. Other Findings From What Women Want From Employers Survey.

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The Advantages Of BYOD For Employees And Job Seekers

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The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is seen by employees and employers alike as adding a significant amount of convenience to many jobs. However, as a survey by Egnyte has revealed, there are some concerns a well. In the survey, 46.3%

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Reference Checks Remove One in Five Job Candidates From.

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Jun, 2010 16 Comments A strong resume and interview may place job seekers in the running for a position, but a new survey from OfficeTeam finds the results of a reference check can be the real deal maker — or breaker.

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Employers plan to hire 21 percent more recent college grads this year

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The market for recent college graduates is rapidly improving, according to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

Employee Benefits Examined: What’s Important Across the Country?


The fourth annual Aon Hewitt Benefits and Trends Survey asked a range of professionals in HR across all sectors a number of questions relating to employee benefits. The four key areas of the survey were defined-contribution pensions, health and risk benefits, flexible benefits and communications. It seems that the key finding of the survey when it comes to pensions is the auto-enrolment of employees, with preparation for this the key objective for most employers.

New Job Preparedness Study Emphasizes the Importance of Integrity and Adaptability

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The Career Advisory Board that I established by DeVry University  recently released the fifth annual Job Preparedness Indicator survey. Our annual research surveys 500 hiring managers in the U.S. The top concerns cited in the survey about career changing candidates included a lack of industry experience and an inability to assimilate into the organizational culture.

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Are You Wondering What Employees Are Really Thinking?

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The survey respondents cited flextime , which allows employees to have some choice in the time of day they work, as the sole differentiating benefit. According to the survey, the majority of US employees show up at their job every day without the guidance, incentives and support needed to perform at their best. For more from the Gallup survey, head over to the QuickBase Fast Track blog.

Want to Advance? Who You Know Tops Job Performance

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Who you know tops job performance when it comes to moving up in an organization, according to a survey of 516 workers in the U.S. Career News advance your career Career Advice contacts job performance Job Trends networking personal contact who you know

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Easiest Way to Get a Raise and Promotion

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Accenture surveyed 3,400 professionals at medium and large-sized companies in 29 countries. According to the survey, only 43% of people are satisfied with their jobs. That’s not completely shocking, given that the survey also found that in the U.S., By Kimberly Weisul.

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