July, 2017

Are We Biased? Kristen Pressner Says Yes She Is

Competitive Resumes

Today, I am sharing with my conversation with Kristen Pressner. This show is a slight departure from straight job search advice and this show may not apply directly to your job search. You’ll glean a few things, but this is to self-examine and become more self-aware of your own biases.

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How to Network Into the Goldmine of Hidden Executive Jobs

Executive Career Brand

If you’re in any way involved in executive job search, I’m sure you’ve often heard and read that networking – face-to-face, on LinkedIn and elsewhere online – plays a key role in landing a good-fit gig. Most of my executive job-seeking clients understand the value of networking.

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How To Improve Your Productivity As A Manager

Ms. Career Girl

As a manager, you may often find things going downhill as you struggle to balance your productivity along with that of your team. There are numerous factors that can hinder your productivity levels and efficiency and can hit you and your business really hard.

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Executive: Tips for Reclaiming Career Joy

Career Trend

Whether you are an executive actively exploring a career transition or you passively are seeing what’s out there, the desire to jump ship likely is motivated by one thing: “finding career joy.” ” This may sound a bit squishy to some.

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Is This Time Theft?

Evil HR Lady

I have a question which hopefully you can answer this before I make a mistake and argue my point. I work as a paramedic which I work on an ambulance and with a partner. We just received a memo stating if for any reason our partner didn’t show up to work we would not be paid until we had a partner to work with. They are calling it “Theft of Time” and state it is the same as stealing money from the company.

2017 59

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Be Confident: Smile and Say Thank You!

Ms. Career Girl

Lucinda is an excellent marketer, confident in her abilities. She knows her products, her market, her customers and her competition incredibly well. She’s creative and energetic, with a passion for her products that shows in everything she does. Lucinda is quite successful.

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HR PROBLEM: When LinkedIn Recruiter Doesn't Work For Your Team.

HR Capitalist

Here's a new world take on an old-world saying: "No one ever got fired for buying recruiting services from LinkedIn". That's a spin off on what our boomer fathers/mothers/grandparents used to say back in the day: "No one ever got fired for buying IBM". New world. Same type of saying.

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The Key to Managing People You Don’t Like

Evil HR Lady

When you get promoted to a managerial position, you don’t automatically gain managerial skills that allow you to easily treat people fairly. You’re still the same person you were the day before, and let’s face that—that probably means you don’t like everyone equally. In fact, you may have direct reports that you really can’t stand. How are you supposed to treat those people fairly when everything they do makes you cringe?

2017 57

3 Career Change Questions You’re Taught To Ask That Are Keeping You Stuck (And What To Ask Instead)

Career Shifters

Where do you start on your career change? Much of the 'advice' that's commonly given out (including key questions to ask yourself) is ineffective – and, as Natasha explains, can leave you feeling as frustrated and unclear as when you started. Here's why, and what to do instead

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The One Reason I Have Deleted Your Connection Request and Employers Won’t Hire You

Competitive Resumes

I understand why employers won’t hire you. Lots of connection requests. So little tolerance for ignorance. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m not a superstar, but I love to write, hack, reimagine, help, consult, and “let my freak flag fly.”

2017 64

Employee Engagement: Better Than Great, Good

David Zinger

Employee engagement needs more good work. My eight word definition is: good work done well with others every day. I was watching a Sherlock Holmes TV show when Sherlock’s brother said, “Sherlock is better than great, he is good.”

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The Non-Hippy’s Guide to Workplace Mindfulness

Ms. Career Girl

Say the word “mindfulness” and many people will picture chakra beads and tie-dye, alongside an Instagram account filled with Mahatma Gandhi quotes and yoga poses in front of waterfalls.

2017 34

Best Predictors of Higher Income Attainment in 12 Year Old Kids? Rule Breaking/Defiance of Parental Authority Of Course.

HR Capitalist

Ready for some science today? Of course you are. You want to be taken back to the college days where you'd figure out how to game the Dewey Decimal System to find the right cites for that lame research paper you had to write.

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5 Ways to Approach Open Enrollment Correctly

Evil HR Lady

Your employees can only change their health insurance once a year during the open enrollment period, unless they have a qualifying life event, according to The Balance. With this in mind, it’s important that they get it right when they make changes. What can you do to help your employees make the right decisions? Here are five tasks to consider: 1. Have an Insurance Broker Present Options.

2017 40

What skills are needed for a successful job interview

Cube Rules

A lot of articles about doing a job interview talk about how to prepare for an interview. I do as well. But most articles don’t talk about the skills you need to have successful job interviews. This one does. Skills are a bit different than a list of things to do to prepare for a […].

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3 Ways Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make The Most Of Online Collaboration

Career Realism

3 Ways Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make The Most Of Online Collaboration. Work It Daily. Being a successful leader today requires a much higher level of ‘people skills’ than ever before.

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???? The One Resume Writing Method You’re Probably Not Using


A simple, 5-step formula for an effective resume that gets interviews. Photo by Matt Palmer. This is a guest post by Andrew Rondeau. What is the aim of a resume? To get an invite for an interview. That’s it. Simple. So how do you get that invite? By ensuring that your resume sells you.

2017 29

Landing the Career You Want and Deserve

Ms. Career Girl

When it comes to switching career fields, everything involved is exciting – until you start looking at job postings, and are repeatedly met with pesky iterations of “experience in a similar position preferred” under every heading.

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“I'm Scared To Quit Completely. Is A Portfolio Career The Answer?”

Career Shifters

Lauren's doing less and less of what she enjoys at work. It's time for a shift, but a big leap feels too daring. When you don't have the confidence to cut ties completely, is a mix of options a realistic solution

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NASHVILLE - What Happens When An Employment Market Becomes Too Cool For School.

HR Capitalist

If you know anything about the Southeast US where I live, there's a couple of big realities from a lifestyle/work perspective: --Atlanta is the capital. --The The Southeast is booming in general. There's no hotter market than Nashville, or as I like to call it, #Nashvegas.

Infuse Your Career and Life with Empowering Options

Competitive Resumes

The first fundamental step to infuse your career with a surge of career options is good work. Taking control of your career not only requires strategic branding but also means making your work visible. Without good work, it’s hard to frame success to any employer, recruiter, or network.

2017 28

5 Things to Look for in a Great Resume Template

The Undercover Recruiter

When they apply for a job, the majority of applicants use a template to design their resume, rather than building one from scratch. Some templates are good enough to land an excellent job because they expertly showcase your skills.

2017 27

Employee Engagement: A Pause from Work

David Zinger

If you laugh at work, you last at work. Enjoy John Junson’s 546th cartoon on work for the Employee Engagement Network. Employee Engagement cartoon David Zinger Employee Engagement Speaker Humor John Junson

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Making a Good Decision with Limited Information

Water Cooler Wisdom

Leaders do not always have the luxury of time when making a critical business decision, yet research shows that quick decisions are often remarkably solid despite time pressures. Here are six strategies for coming to the best conclusion in a non-ideal situation. Strategy 1: Define Your Result. Consider why you must make a prompt decision now. What is the most pressing problem, and what do you need to have happen as a result of the decision?

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Managing Seasonal Overtime: Rallying Your Staff for the Busy Season

Evil HR Lady

Organizations that have busy seasons can have significant seasonal overtime challenges. Those challenges can include time management, filling shifts and compensating employees. When gearing up for a busy season, organizations are wise to anticipate obstacles and address them before they ramp up. Who Is Eligible for Overtime? In most states, employers only have to pay overtime when an employee works more than 40 hours in a week.

5 Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Landing A Knockout Punch

Corn on the Job

Image source. Writing a good resume is one of the most soul-destroying and sleep depriving tasks anyone will ever encounter. It’s horrible. However, without a one, your chances of landing a job are even slimmer than Conor McGregor’s chances of landing a punch (we know, right; topical).

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Is a Portfolio Career a Good Choice for You with Mac Pritchard

Competitive Resumes

Perhaps by the end of this show, you’ll consider creating a portfolio career. Welcome back to the last show of the Summer season, and boy is this an informative one!

2017 23

35 Ideas to Jazz Up Your Candidate Experience

The Undercover Recruiter

John’s flight arrives on-time at Regan National Airport in Washington, D.C. The only problem is, his luggage doesn’t.

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Impacting the Culture - Part 3

Learning Voyager

While there is no silver bullet, no one magic answer for improving the culture of your organization, in this series ( part 1 , part 2 ), I have offered a number of ideas for getting started. There are ways that have been tried and tested. It is possible to undertake the journey toward impacting your organization's culture in a meaningful way. "If If you want to change the culture, you will have to start by changing yourself." To sum up, here is a little "magic" Mirror - Look into the mirror.

2017 22

Choosing A Career Based On Helping Others

Ms. Career Girl

Are you a people person? Do you want to spend your life helping others and making a difference in the world? If that’s the case, it sounds like you need to look for a career where you can spend your day working with people to improve their lives and help them get back on track.

2017 21

Why Are Some Companies Turning Away From Remote Work?


Earlier this year IBM rescinded its generous work from home policy. The company had been a leader in flexible and remote work arrangements, going back to the 80s, with more than 40% of its workforce. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR flexible work IBM productivity remote work tech

2017 30

How To Manage Millennials (When YOU’RE A Millennial)

Career Realism

How To Manage Millennials (When YOU’RE A Millennial). Work It Daily. Last year, millennials surpassed Gen Xers as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce.

2017 19

Have a Great Startup Idea? Don’t Move to Idaho. Here’s Why.

Evil HR Lady

In a free market, the company with the most to offer an employee gets the best employees. That’s fair. Idaho just made it one of the hardest places to attract new talent. Non-compete agreements. A non-compete agreement limits what someone can do after they leave a job. Traditionally used only for executives, some companies have branched out and used them for everything from fast food cashier to salesperson to CEO.

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The Unusual Team-Building Methods of Famous Bosses

The Undercover Recruiter

For many of us, the phrase ‘team building’ will conjure up ideas of building straw structures to resemble bridges, thinking up an ‘interesting’ fact about ourselves or performing trust falls.

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