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Why I Just Blocked You on LinkedIn

Evil HR Lady

Not less than 10 minutes ago, I blocked someone on LinkedIn. I actually have an open door LinkedIn policy. If you want to connect with me, I’ll connect with you. The more the merrier, I say! If you want your LinkedIn account to only be people you know in real life, that’s great too and there are some advantages to that system. I support you one hundred percent in that decision. But, even I, who will connect with anyone will block you for the following reason. Begging for Help.

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From City Life to the Mountains

Career Shifters

“I felt that there was a whole world of possibilities out there.”. Rowena Phillips loved her consultancy career, but the time off she had wasn't enough to satisfy her itchy feet. Here's how she overcame her natural risk-aversion to create a fulfilling ski business – and time for the slopes she love

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Job Search News, October 20, 2017

Competitive Resumes

This is your job search news with articles and resources so enjoy! I’ve read them, and you can feel free to comment on them in any form you’d like. Leave a message on the “send voicemail” button on your right. I’ll try to keep it short, fresh, and informative.

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Got The Fall Blues? Here’s What To Do About It

Ms. Career Girl

The “fall blues” are characterized by mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy that many people experience during the fall. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the overwhelming feeling of fatigue and solutions to get yourself back to normal!

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😤 25 Ways to Breathe Life into a Painfully Long Job Search


If you're sick of looking for a job, this is for you. Photo by Alex Siale. Although most of these tips are useful for any job seeker, all of them are intended for people who’ve been job searching for much longer than they expected, possibly even a year or more. My own long job search story.

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“How Do I Overcome The Overwhelm Of Starting Out On My Own?”

Career Shifters

Monique longs to swap her soulless job for a self-employed portfolio career. But daydreaming is a world away from reality. Where do you start with the logistics of working for yourself

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How to React When an Employee Accuses the Most Powerful Person in the Office of Sexual Harassment

Evil HR Lady

You’re the HR Manager and an employee comes to you and says, “ I’d like to report sexual harassment.” ” You pull out your notepad and a pen and say, “ Sit down, and tell me what happened.” ” . Moments like these are a dime a dozen when you’re an HR manager. Some of them are silly. (“Jane asked me out on a date!”)

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I don’t want to refer my ex-girlfriend to a previous employer … but I feel guilty about it

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m trying to decide whether to refer my ex-girlfriend to my previous employer. They are looking for someone with her background and she really needs the job, but I am worried about a few things. I dated Jane for two years, and we broke up last year. There was a lot of emotional pain in the relationship, but the breakup itself was pretty amicable.

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Ms. Career Girl

Being a career girl has its many perks – but it can be busy. Every girl needs her time to relax and get away from the work, and there are plenty of ways to do it.

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What is the difference between an Investment Bank and a Retail Bank?

Imarticus Learning

This could easily be asked as an interview question and one that seemingly causes a lot of confusion for aspirants in the Finance domain. To help you understand investment banking, it’s best to differentiate it from the type of banking that you have experience with: commercial or retail banking – the banks that you see on the street. The banking sector is split into two fundamental divisions: Investment banking and retail banking. Let’s understand what Investment banking is.

Tesla Fires Hundreds of Workers for Poor Performance

Evil HR Lady

Last week, Tesla terminated hundreds of employees for performance. The actual number has not been released, but estimates range from 400 to 1200 people. Regardless of the actual number, that’s a lot. Usually, when companies terminate large numbers of people, they do so as part of a reduction in force or a layoff. Tesla is quite emphatic, according to the Mercury News that this is not a layoff.

an employer invited me to interview but never responded to my reply

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I submitted a cover letter and resume a couple weeks ago for a job. Four days ago, the hiring manager’s assistant emailed to ask if I was available for an interview with the hiring manager on a specific date and time next week. She only gave me one option, and unfortunately I had a very important conflict. So I emailed back that day expressing enthusiasm for the job and said I was glad to hear from her, but asked if it would be possible to do another day.

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Getting Your Kids To Do Homework Without You

Ms. Career Girl

It’s time to get off work and head to your second job: picking up the kids, providing dinner, and helping with homework. Relax, it can be a little easier and it doesn’t have to take forever. Whether you are a parent that is married, single or divorce, you can conquer the homework game.


Facebook: Please Create a Job Search Mobile App

Competitive Resumes

Dear Facebook , You have charmed billions. You are a daily fixture in the lives of at least hundreds of millions of people. You’ve introduced so many to the seasoning of chicken, pet adoption, polarizing politics, and fake news. Facebook is where the people are. We are obsessed with you.

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How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

Evil HR Lady

Health coverage is a difficult and expensive part of any business. You can’t attract good employees without good health care, and the evolving legal landscape means that the required coverage may change. That’s difficult for small businesses to navigate. But what happens as your business grows? Some of it’s good, some of it’s bad. Minimum Number of Employees.

my boss goes overboard for Halloween, hiring manager called me seven times in two hours, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My boss goes overboard for Halloween. I’ve worked six years for a man who goes way over the top with Halloween. Our office becomes a haunted dungeon with spooky lighting, a disturbing soundtrack, gothic pictures and dust covers, and toys that use sensors to jump out at people and make loud noises. For reasons I don’t understand, my boss loves this. I hate it. I have PTSD from a bad childhood and the whole thing increases my anxiety.

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4 Different Tools to Help Your Business Grow

Ms. Career Girl

Today, when businesses talk about tools, they usually refer to conceptual tools; in other words, software. This is because these tools can make a huge difference in helping a small business grow.

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Me Too & What Human Resources Can Do About It


Like many of you on social media, I posted and tweet and a status update with the words “Me too” this week. I scrolled through and was disheartened by the number of updates I saw just. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR me too sexual assault sexual harassment

Engage in Monthly Health Plan Monitoring to Improve Engagement, Costs

Evil HR Lady

When you change your health plan, make sure to engage in health plan monitoring so you learn what works and what doesn’t. That way, if need be, you can change for the following year. Why start in November instead of January? Because most health plans run January to January, your employees will sign up at the end of the year. Here’s a calendar of things to look for every month so you’re on top of your health care plans at all times: November.

I do regular happy hours with only one of my staff members, asking a new hire to go by her last name, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. I have regular happy hours with only one of my staff members. I manage a specialty niche team of four within a larger department that otherwise doesn’t have specific teams. My direct reports are the only ones in the department who only report to one manager (me). Last year, I hired someone I knew from a previous job, let’s call her Mary, where we were at the same level, but now she reports to me.

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7 Books Every Feminist Is Reading This Fall 

Ms. Career Girl

Whether she’s your friend, sister, or mother, make sure the feminist in your life does not go without these titles this fall. With everything from historical fiction to captivating memoir, this list is sure to keep you busy before the holiday season. You Can’t Buy Love Like That by Carol E.

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5 Ways A Knowledge Base Can Cut Employee Training Time


Training new employees to tap their highest potential is essential for business success. As success of any organization is directly tied to employee skill and performance, gaps in training can prove. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR millennials onboarding small business hr training

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How Not To Behave at The Office Halloween Party!


The office Halloween party can be a great time to have some fun at the workplace. It gives you a chance to interact with your colleagues and can be a great staff morale booster.

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my former boss wants a log of all my work, “tell us in 140 characters why you’re perfect for the job,” and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My former boss wants a detailed log of all my work. I was recently hired into a small retail company, and after two weeks I resigned. I’ve never quit a job in my life; my last one was six years long, I had the best performance rating one could receive, and only left because my division was closed down nationwide. As soon as I began my new role, I knew it was not right.

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Ms Career Girl Fall Reading Buffet: Something For Everyone

Ms. Career Girl

There’s always a flood of new books coming out. At Ms Career Girl, we have enough review pitches come our way to fill a small library. So, we try to review those we think most interesting to you, our readers.

2017 11

Why Startups Desperately Need to Hire Human Resources


In light of the recent scandals at high-growth startups like Uber and Thinx, we need HR in our organizations from small startups to large corporations. However, HR isn’t just there to be the fashion. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution. HR Human Resources small business startup startups

How to Build an Edge: Develop Your Talent Stack

Personal Excellence Blog

(Image: Beatriz Pérez Moya ). Note from Celes: Are you facing a problem and need quick advice? Or do you want to pick my brain on a project you are working on?

my employee isn’t performing well — but is getting a ton of public praise

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a direct report who is not performing as well as expected after a year in his role. He is on a development plan and has clear objectives to work towards. He receives monthly feedback (positive and developmental) and we discuss ways I can help him to achieve his objectives.

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New Job? Do these 5 things first!

Ms. Career Girl

New Job, New Start! The first week in a new job sets the tone for your entire time in the role. Whether in a new company or a new department, building a strong foundation right from the start means more success later. Take the time to get these 5 things right at the beginning.

Are You a Workplace Zombie? 12 Ways You Demonstrate Disengagement at Work (Infographic)

Catherines Career Corner

Explore these 12 ways you demonstrate disengagement at work. Are you a workplace Zombie? Find out by exploring this article. If you think you have nothing to do with your level of engagement at work, it’s time to think again. By Catherine Adenle. Recognise any of the 12 ways you demonstrate disengagement at work? Check the Infographic [.]. Author information. Catherine Adenle. Founder at Catherine's Career Corner. Founder, Catherine's Career Corner.


7 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated

The Undercover Recruiter

When you are recruiting new staff, it is important not to forget to nurture your existing team. New staff will quickly pick up the habits and points-of-view of their colleagues – good and bad – so it is important to keep the office atmosphere as happy and productive as possible. Here are 7 tips for. View Article. 7 Tips for Keeping Your Employees Motivated. Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

how to say no to coworkers who ask me to take on work I don’t have time for

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I have a question about interacting with colleagues. I work in a client-facing organisation. For the past six months, we have been understaffed and I have been managing projects pretty much on my own (client management and the delivery). I’ve been with the organisation around five years and it’s my first job out of college. As I’ve moved up the ladder, I’ve taken on more and bigger projects but it’s only recently that we have taken on some more staff to help with the workload.

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#GIRLBOSS Inspiration For National Boss Day

Ms. Career Girl

National Boss Day is October 16th , and it’s the perfect moment to highlight female bosses. But how about a #girlboss who made a career change from courtroom to catwalk?

Shift-M Podcast Posted About Hiring

Hiring Technical People

Yegor Bugayenko asked me to be a guest on his podcast to talk about Hiring Geeks That Fit. I gladly accepted and the podcast is now up: Shift-M/10. We spoke about many issues in hiring: Laundry list/shopping list problem in job descriptions.