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How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Job Search

Career Alley

Social media is no longer just for sharing cat photos and recipe videos; it has also become a necessary tool for employers across the globe. Find your Dream Job Social Media in Job Search

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Steak ‘N Shake Makes a $7.7 Million Error. (You’re Probably Making the Same Error.)

Evil HR Lady

Managers are always salary exempt and are not eligible for overtime pay. This is a common belief but it simply isn’t true. In fact, your job title has nothing to do with how you have to be paid–it’s all about your job responsibilities. Steak ‘N Shake found out the hard way that they had misclassified 286 store managers in the St. Louis area and owed them back overtime pay. Oh, and attorney fees and costs. Grand total? million dollars. Steak ‘N Shake’s error.

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Sklover’s Thought for the Work Week

Sklover Working Wisdom

“Ability may get you to the top, but it takes character to keep you there.” ” – Stevie Wonder. First of all, Stevie Wonder is, for me, one of the true Wonders of the World. There is something nearly beyond human in his music and lyrics. Last week I listened to a podcast about music. Someone mentioned that Stevie Wonder had agreed to appear at a charitable event for a small charity, and to do one song. The charity was more than thrilled.

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From Teacher to Entrepreneur

Career Shifters

“I was never going to be happy working for someone else.”. Fed up of bureaucracy and an ever-increasing mountain of paperwork, Richard Swan decided set out on his own.

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Interview nerves? Banish the fear and shine at the right time

Career Alley

When something you hadn't planned on occurs, don't try to control the situation. Instead, flow with it. Discover Career Opportunities interview advice

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Jobs That Suit Those Seeking Progression!

Corn on the Job

Seeking out progression within your career is just so important in our eyes. Progression means that you’re not always going to be the one at the bottom of what you do, getting put with all the jobs that you don’t really want to do.

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Why Blockchain Engineers are in Demand?

Imarticus Learning

There is a massive demand for blockchain training and talent and there is plenty of capital waiting to back it up. More than $3.7 billion has already been gathered through Initial Currency Offering (ICO) in the United States alone.

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Are You Addicted to Work?

The Undercover Recruiter

Research by TechTalk shows in the UK, 54% of employees check work emails on holiday and 6% admit to even checking them at a funeral.

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how can I get coworkers to leave me alone about a humiliating TV experience?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: Recently, I was on one of those courtroom shows. I regret it intensely. When I was contacted by the producer about a case I’d filed against someone else, he was incredibly friendly, said that I had a great case, etc., and made it seem to me that they were entirely on my side.

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What is a good Excel book for corporate financial analysts?

Imarticus Learning

Excel is considered to be the tool of opportunity, and it is often the go-to software for most finance professionals. In “Excel Modeling in Corporate Finance” by Craig W. Holden, the author presents numerous typical issues from options valuations to DCF calculations. .

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The Investment Banking Career Path

Imarticus Learning

Divyashree shares her experience, and the path that led to an investment banking job at SS&C GlobeOp.

Supercharge Your Recruiting Machine

The Undercover Recruiter

If you don’t use referrals, you’re missing out on a killer opportunity to pour some rocket fuel on your recruitment process. Yes, inbound and outbound channels yield amazing hires. But referral hires: Have the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate (40%).

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How do You Become a Business Analyst?

Imarticus Learning

Sawan Arora, a student of the online Agile Business Analyst & Scrum certification course talks about his experience at Imarticus. We caught up for a chat with Sawan Arora, a student of the online Agile Business Analyst & Scrum certification course. Here’s what he has to say about the program.

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What is the best way to learn Artificial Intelligence for a beginner?

Imarticus Learning

Over the past few years, the field of Artificial intelligence has displayed tremendous amounts of growth. AI is now driving businesses of billions of dollars across various industries and enabling enormous career opportunities.

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Building Brands People Want to Work For

The Undercover Recruiter

It’s hard work trying to manage just one brand, but imagine having to juggle and maintain and promote multiple brands. Well, this week we are learning from a company with 50,000 people which operates under 87 brands.

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update your summer work wardrobe without blowing your bank account  

Ask A Manager

And now a word from a sponsor… . If you want to refresh your work wardrobe for summer without blowing your bank account, thredUP is a great place to do it. thredUP is the largest online consignment and thrift store where you can shop high-quality items at up to 90% off estimated retail.

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my boss wants me to be her assistant, what to wear in a casual office, and more

Ask A Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Our office assistant left and now my boss wants me to do her job. I work for a small company (<8 people) founded by my boss, Cersei. I am an associate and I primarily do client-facing project management and data analysis work.

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is there a best time of day to fire someone?

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I know you’ve talked a lot about the kindest ways to fire someone. I was wondering what your opinion is on the time of day it’s done. Recently one of my coworkers was let go. At the end of the workday, another manager ushered everyone else who was around (we’re a small office) into a fake meeting so that the employee would be able to pack up his desk in peace. This is how I have seen several other firings happen, and I thought that it seemed fair.

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my recruiter is so overbearing and obnoxious that I’m thinking of withdrawing my application

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’ve started my job search. I was contacted by a recruiter about a position. I heard her out and she wanted to move me forward — great! But she’s been absolutely excessive to the point I almost don’t want to continue through the process. Some examples: – We had a phone interview, and she said she wanted to pass me along and then sent me the job description.

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