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Ms. Career Girl

A recent survey by Bankrate revealed that 44 million Americans currently have a side hustle to bring in some extra cash in addition to their 9 to 5 job. Thinking of joining that side gig revolution and creating a profitable side hustle? We don’t blame you!

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From Teaching to Portfolio Career

Career Shifters

“The pressure was crushing me.”. David Preston had been in the same profession for most of his working life, but a stressful new role left him no choice but to quit without a back-up plan.

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Why team goals drag your performance review rating down

Cube Rules

We're heading into performance review season and it's time when we all do our self-reviews. The ones where we write the review for the manager and provide fodder for our manager to defend our rating in the calibration sessions.

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How to Show Your Soft Skills During an Interview

Professional Resume Services

Many professionals get caught up in trying to make their hard skills and expertise sound good, and forget to highlight the soft skills they have. When you’re talking about high-level executive positions, every candidate will have similar hard skills on their resumes and cover letters.

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Chipotle Gives Us a Lesson in Rash Decision Making

Evil HR Lady

A Chipotle Manager in Minnesota lost her job after refusing to serve a group of black men. Clear cut firing, right? You don’t refuse any paying customer! And, if you’re Starbucks, you don’t refuse any non-paying people as well.) But, the problem was, Chipotle reacted to a viral video without understanding that there is, always, more to the story. Here’s the video: Can a group of young well established African American get a bite to eat after a long workout session.

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7 Reasons To Go Self-Employed

Corn on the Job

Image Source. Tired of working for an employer? Fewer people are taking the plunge and becoming self-employed. Whilst self-employment can have its downsides such as less financial security and more responsibility, it can also have many perks. Here are just 7 reasons to go self-employed. .

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Why Global Fintech Startups like DXC, Cardlytics and SOSA are Flocking to Vizag

Imarticus Learning

The financial capital of Andhra Pradesh, Vizag, has been in the spotlight of late. With news of global fintech (Financial Technology) start-ups flocking to the city, the city has been in the papers quite a bit. This is of course not an overnight phenomenon.


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Andhra Pradesh Government’s Initiatives to Promote Fintech in Vizag

Imarticus Learning

Known as the city of destiny, Vizag recently made its presence felt in the global fintech scene. We witnessed global financial technology start-ups like SOSA, DXC, and Cardlytics announcing their launch in the city. How was this possible? Let’s consider some of the enabling factors in this article.


employer said I didn’t have enough “passion” when I couldn’t interview on a Saturday

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I recently applied for a job and was excited to receive an invitation to interview. They were looking to fill the position fast and wanted to know if I could interview two days later on Friday. That was tight, but I moved forward since the job seemed like a great fit for my experience. The next day (Thursday) I was told that Friday would no longer work and was asked if I could instead interview on Saturday (???).

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What Business Analysts Do

Imarticus Learning

Most of us have heard the term “business analyst”, but seldom people know what their expertise or roles are.


The Internet’s Career Therapist

Career Realism

The Internet’s Career Therapist Work It Daily. It’s been a while since I wrote an actual article on Work It Daily. These days, I do most of my career advice writing for Inc Magazine and all my videos are being created for Youtube.) But today, I wanted to share something more personal as it relates to my work – and this seemed like the perfect place.

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Section 7: Why The Government Took This Step Against the RBI

Imarticus Learning

Recently national media of India reported a somewhat unusual occurrence – the central government, for the very first time in history used Section 7 of the RBI act. This unprecedented move has scholars and analysts are expressing their concerns over its repercussions.


Why You Probably Need More Training, Not Less

Water Cooler Wisdom

In my work as a business and workforce consultant, I’ve observed that in times of change and uncertainty, some organizations stop spending money – and especially money that goes to employee training and development. However, given the future work trends of cross-functional teaming, workforce-wide digital fluency, and an emphasis on uniquely human skills, this may be a short-sighted approach. Let’s look at these one by one. Cross-Functional Teaming.

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Unravelling The Reasons For The Current Liquidity Crunch for the NBFCs

Imarticus Learning

Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS), a leading blue-chip infrastructure lender recently made a default on their short-term debt payment. This incident has produced a ripple effect and resulted in a rough patch for the Indian Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs).


my coworker is constantly out of the office — and I’m annoyed

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I’m at the end of my rope with a coworker who is constantly out of the office. In any given month, “Jane” will take at least two sick days, leave mid-day several times for some “emergency,” and dramatically leave work while crying at least once.

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DHFL Shares Crash by 42%, Raises Concerns It Could Default on Bond Repayments

Imarticus Learning

Dewan Housing Finance Corporation (DHFL) share price took a significant plunge to 42% as of September 21, 2018. This raised fears over whether the company would default on its bond payments.


I’m bored in my first job out of college — but everything except the work is great

Ask A Manager

A reader writes: I am a recent college grad (May ’18) and I have been working at a company since July. The benefits here are great, the pay is good for the industry, I get three weeks off per year and can roll over even more than I can accrue in one year, my commute is less than 15 minutes, and my coworkers are all very kind. However, the work that I do is extremely tedious and boring.

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Rising Gold Prices: The Key Factors

Imarticus Learning

India, as a country, has always considered gold as a metal that denotes wealth and success. We have always been one of the largest consumers of this precious metal. Typically, wedding season and festive events are when gold prices see a significant surge in their demand.


Artificial Intelligence Provides Operational Solutions for the Food Industry

Imarticus Learning

Though Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have supported industries in multiple ways, the key is to identify areas specific to each industry where AI solutions are the most relevant.

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Big Data for Big Banks – You Should Know

Imarticus Learning

The growth of Big Data. Data is not just the new oil, but the new land too. In short, data is perhaps the most important resource to have in this century. With billions of data points and information being collected across the world every second through the internet and other avenues, the data size is increasing manifold. The upcoming technology is focusing on how to organize and sort this huge amount of data to derive insights and read patterns.