5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us

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The post 5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us appeared first on Ms. Here is my rant about how the internet is killing us. The post 5 Ways The Internet Is Killing Us appeared first on Ms. Career Girl. The internet is the enemy.

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5 Simple Things the US Should Adopt from Europe

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But, if the US could adopt these 5 things, they would make your hearts sing. To keep reading, click here: 5 Simple Things the US Should Adopt from Europe. The post 5 Simple Things the US Should Adopt from Europe appeared first on Evil HR Lady. I’m an American who lives in Europe — Switzerland to be exact , and I’m home for a visit. I love Europe and I love America, but both could use a bit of infusion from the other to make things better off.

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Is Being Normal Making Us Mediocre?

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Many parents hope for their children to grow up ‘normal’, and most of us have done our best to make our parents happy in this regard! Bodies are great at reminding us when we are trying to be normal. The post Is Being Normal Making Us Mediocre? Have you ever tried to be normal?

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What the Walmart VP Termination Over a Resume Teaches Us

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Yes, it teaches us not to lie on our resume, not to leave a misimpression or omission about our credentials. But why did Walmart’s former Vice President of Communications David Tovar feel the need to demonstrate he graduated from college?

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What neurologists tell us about goal setting

Penelope Trunk

This is because a goal gives us structure and purpose, but also once you set a goal, your brain feels like you have already attained that goal. When we are not meeting our goals it’s a big sign that they are not the right goals for us.

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5 Lessons Olympic Athletes Can Teach us About Mentoring

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It was about U.S. I love watching the Olympics- so many amazing stories and so inspiring. I read a great article the other day in the Wall Street Journal by Jason Gay, entitled Cycling’s Luke Finds Her Obi-Wan. Olympic cyclist, Evelyn Stevens, and her mentor, Connie Carpenter (1984 gold medalist in cycling). There were a lot of great lessons [.]. Career Development career developement how to choose a mentor mentor mentoring

College Classes for the Rest of Us


But for many of us, that just never happened. When you think of college students, you may imagine a group of high school graduates fresh out of school who spend their nights partying and their days sleeping through professorial lectures. And in a lot of cases, that's an accurate image.

What Back to the Future Can Teach Us About Success


DeLorians, hoverboards, incestuous crushes (really, Mom McFly, really?) and Buddy Holly aside, Back to the Future is about ethics, hard work and the power of personal brands. Stay with me, now. It’s Back to the Future Day , after all, so I was bound to tie it in to the world of work.

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5 Things #TheApprentice Teaches Us About Job Interviews

The Undercover Recruiter

5 Things #TheApprentice Teaches Us About Job Interviews.

Job Hunting Outside the US

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I find this so hard to believe because it’s so completely contrary to the way we’re coached here in the U.S. My husband has, obviously, and it was very much like a US job interview process. So, tell me what you know about job hunting outside the US.

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Robots Won’t Replace Us, They’ll Work With Us


The fears of workers being replace en masse by robots has been well documented in the press (and here on B4J). Rather than replace them however, how about if technology allowed companies to retain workers by melding them with machinery to make them much more efficient and productive? Worker and Robot Co-Existing. One possible solution to replacing workers with robots is having workers cooperate with robots, a concept called HRC or human robotic cooperation.

The surprisingly advice many of us need to hear

Penelope Trunk

If you ever worry what it will look like when your kids take over your life, this is it: lunch at my investor’s favorite restaurant to discuss my son’s cello lessons.

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Recruiters, Love Us or Hate Us – It’s Really Up to You!

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Personally, I expect that some clients will like us, and some won’t. A great recruiter will help you do this, and then you will love us again! Recruiters, Love Us or Hate Us – It’s Really Up to You!

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The Top US Staffing Trends of 2015 [STUDY]

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LinkedIn recently released a report on the US staffing trends of the last four years, which has pin-pointed three key trends to incorporate into your business strategy for 2015. The Top US Staffing Trends of 2015 [STUDY].

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Procrastination | The “Splinter&# that Holds Us Back

The Job Quest

Burrowing in under the skin — too small to simply pluck out with our fingers, yet big enough to cause a significant distraction to us. It becomes bigger and bigger as the deadline for the particular job gets ever nearer, or as the guilt of missed opportunities weighs on us.

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Who Are the Most In Demand Employers in the US?

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Who Are the Most In Demand Employers in the US? Employer Attractive employers companies North America organisation USPeople are attracted to a company for a variety of reasons and there are many different things that people look for in their ideal workplace.

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Lessons that the Most Famous Failures Can Teach Us #MondayMotivation

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Lessons that the Most Famous Failures Can Teach Us #MondayMotivation. Failure is part of life – and definitely part of success. Most of the incredibly successful people we know have all had their fair share of failures – some small, some monumental.

7 Things Fairy Tales Taught Us About Recruitment Success

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7 Things Fairy Tales Taught Us About Recruitment Success. Albert Einstein once said that “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”

There's a Little Bit of Kevin Durant In All Of Us.

HR Capitalist

At issue is whether Durant is running from a challenge (getting OKC to its first title) or simply exercising his collectively bargained right to take his talents elsewhere - something the rest of us take for granted. In fact, Durant's a lot like us.

The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US

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The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. The post The Top Cities for Marketing Jobs in the US appeared first on Ms. Job Search marketing degree best cities for marketing career Marketing Jobs in the US

5 Things that Homer Simpson Taught Us About Working Life

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5 Things that Homer Simpson Taught Us About Working Life. If you’re an avid Simpsons watcher, you’ll know that Homer Simpson has been working at the power plant for as long as you can remember.

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Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Here’s reality.

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The post Audi’s ridiculous Super Bowl ad gives us only myths about pay. Women earn $0.79 for every $1.00 men earn, but Snapchat co-founder Even Spiegel earned $2 for every $1 his co-founder Bobby Murphy made. Where is the pay inequity ? What if I said, nowhere?

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Launch of Google Hire Tells Us We’re All in the HR Industry


Over the last six months, I have written about one emerging HR technology company the most, and it’s one that you wouldn’t expect. That is Google. And since their last two announcements of Google for Jobs and Google Cloud API, prior to the most recent launch of Google Hire I didn’t want to write about […] Source. HR Tech applicant tracking system ATS ATS System Google for Job google hire google jobs api

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The History Which Defines Us


I say attempt because she failed, often – but raised three sons in the process, lost four husbands, sold pot, grew pot, did jail time, was shot in the head, and showed us a future of clear smart phones, Starbucks selling pot, and her own empty nest. Played Out on the Big Screen.

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10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US

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In light of the most recent Winter Storm that hit the deep South and the Eastern Coast, we decided to explore and see what the most dangerous jobs in the US were. The post 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the US appeared first on Resumebear Online Resume.

What is the State of Employment in the US in 2015?

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Unemployment in the US has reached it’s lowest since the beginning of the Great Recession in 2008, so are things looking up for the US workforce and economy? Jobvite have put together this infographic outlining the state of employment across the US in 2015.

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U.S. News hosts New Grad Night on #JobHuntChat

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We’re proud to announce that U.S. Make sure to look out for tweets coming from our friends from US News! Job Search Social Media #JobHuntChat US NewsNews will be guest hosting our New Grad night on #JobHuntChat. As always, #JobHuntChat will start at 10PM EST and run through 11PM EST tonight (June 6th). Joining the #JobHuntChat team ( @blogging4jobs , @girlmeetsgeek , and yours truly) for the night will be twitter handles @USNewsEducation or @USNewsCareers.

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our intern told us our ideas were boring and stupid

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The details aren’t super important, but it involved us creating puzzles that would be fun for small groups of coworkers to solve. We invited everyone who was interested in organizing this to join our team, and various people took us up on it. One of the coworkers who joined the project was Bob, the only intern among us. our intern told us our ideas were boring and stupid was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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4 Best Cities In The U.S. To Focus Your Job Search

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The post 4 Best Cities In The U.S. Whether you’re ready to make a move for personal reasons, or you’re simply on the lookout for a new opportunity, moving for a job can be overwhelming, to say the least. It can be particularly difficult if you haven’t definitively decided on a region to focus on. The job market in America has been steadily improving, but some areas show more signs of improvement than others. Related: Moving?

Relentless reminders render us unproductive

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Relentless reminders — about our calendar, appointments, tasks — will overwhelm our productivity. Not just in our jobs but in our life. I have a great dentist. I’m going pay him and his firm a lot of money for work that really needs doing.

Trump’s election tells us that we’re all a bunch of liars

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We lie to ourselves when we think we know how the US thinks and votes. And city people lie when they pretend they can represent the US in the media. Which tells us that the Republicans think it’s fine to be racist.

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What Healthcare Providers Can Teach us about Business Leadership


With this in mind, there is a lot doctors, nurses, and health administration professionals could teach us about leading a successful company. Healthcare professionals have a lot to teach us about business leadership. Healthcare doesn’t have much to do with business leadership.

Best Online Resources for Learning about College Majors in the U.S.

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For students who want to learn about college majors and training programs, we’ve chosen the best online resources with advice on how to use them. Each site has certain advantages depending on what kind of information you are looking for.

Eugenie Bouchard: What a 19 Year Old Rising Tennis Star Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

David Zinger

Her engaged and engaging play, landing her a spot in the semifinals, offers us lessons in engagement. 7 Lessons on Employee Engagement from a Teenage Tennis Player. Reading time 1 minute 20 seconds). Eugenie Bouchard (source Wikipedia – Edwin Martinez.

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my coworker over-delivers and it’s causing us major problems

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I have never cared about him burning the candle at both ends, except that it today has really gotten us into a pickle. He did an eight-hour project and turned it in the next morning, and the VP loved it so much he wants us to do it for six additional regions and have it done by 1 p.m.

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Hiring Temporary Workers Boosts Employment Rates as U.S. Jobless Rate Changes Little in January

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In a new report from ManpowerGroup, temporary workers, a significant component of a company’s needed flexible work model, remain key to jolting and sustaining business growth, as the U.S. The U.S. According to ManpowerGroup’s 2012 Talent Shortage Survey results, 49% of U.S. The post Hiring Temporary Workers Boosts Employment Rates as U.S.

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What Can the Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales Teach Us About Business?

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What Can the Grimm Brothers’ Fairytales Teach Us About Business? We all grew up reading fairy tales, hearing bedtime stories and even watching movies from the Grimm Brothers. We learned about cautionary tales, great adventures, true love, friendship…and even some business lessons. Think back to stories like “The Shoemaker and the Elves,” “Rapunzel” and even “Cinderella.” There were clear examples of poor leadership, lack of. View Article.

US Social Media by the Numbers – May 2012


How US Time is Spent on Social Media. All the numbers in the colored bubbles are listed in minutes: Facebook users in the US average 393 minutes a month. Keep in mind the useage numbers are US based while the user numbers are global.

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The New Overtime Rule May Still Be Upon Us: Are You (and Your Employees Ready)?

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Today was supposed to be the day the Fair Labor Standards Act’s new overtime rule went into effect. But a judge’s injunction issued last week means no change for the tens of thousands of businesses and millions of employees that would have been affected.   To catch you up, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime rule determines whether employees are eligible or exempt for overtime pay. Exempt

Forecast for 2013 U.S. Base Salary Increases Remain Stable

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“With the economy continuing to grow slowly, it is not surprising that salary increases have followed suit,” said Jeff Blair, Hay Group’s U.S. ” Hay Group’s forecast results are based on data provided by small- to large-size U.S.

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